Supercity is an eight man strong band based in Amsterdam. It is currently one of the hottest, most sought after bands of the Dutch capital. On stage it explores various musical flavours ranging from son, surf, mariachi, blues, afro-funk to gypsy-swing, and pulls the audience into a dancing frenzy.


# Featured in ABC's hitseries 'Brothers and Sisters' -episode 506 (2010)

# Featured in Nadine Kuipers documentary 'Ex-Mother' (2010)

# Featured in Ester Gould's documentary 'SHOUT!' (2010)

# Featured in Nadine Kuipers film 'De man die alles kan' (Human, kids and docs, 2011).

On stage Supercity opens a Pandora's jack-in-the-box of musical tickle and trickery. Flowing seamlessly between genres, these noble savages channel everything from son, surf, mariachi, blues, afro-funk to gypsy-swing. Every gig will explore different musical flavours of the globe, and pull the audience into a dancing frenzy. Underneath it all resounds Yvo Sprey's sub-tonal, mesmerizing voice - broaching barrels of gravel-throated chutzpah and multilingual conjuration. Supercity's metropolistas make world freakin' music, with a rock 'n roll sound.

On a fated night in 2008, at the small but legendary Winston Club in Amsterdam, two people experienced an instant musical click. Building on this chemistry, Yvo and Vincente started to play together on long nights of guitar-induced trance in a rackety Amsterdam attic in de Pijp quarter. They got busy re-arranging Yvo's older pieces and writing a set of simple but heartfelt songs that would marry the howling blue-note to the upbeat Mariachi rumba. Adding a dash of poetry and a sprinkling of duende to their concoction, they knew they were onto something special and tasty.

Things took a decisive turn when two new cats appeared on the scene: organ and Wurli player Mickey Smid and master percussionist Maarten Vinkenoog. The first brought in the blessings and teachings of the great songwriters, whereas the latter added the deep rythmical mystique he learned during his travels through West-Africa and Brazil.

The result of this intimate musical friendship and fever is Supercity's first album, Atico, recorded in only two days with the smallest budget imaginable in Mickey's basement. It's a pretty straightforward album with a dark vibe on the one hand and a lighter South American and reggae feel on the other.

A few of the songs have already been used for radio and TV projects, such as the song “El Analuz”, which features in Nadine Kuipers? documentary "Ex-mother".

After recording Atico the magic continues as the band starts to play gigs in The Netherlands and Belgium: on house boats, the smallest café in Amsterdam, garages, basements and even, why not, ping pong tournaments! During the following two years they run into trumpet player Milan Mes,, another percussionist Fabio (Italy), bass player Diego (Colombia) and drummer Joost, who also has his own band, the Souldiers.

With the lineup expanding and this new setup bringing a new depth to their sound Supercity starts to attract a passionate group of fans who accompanies the group everywhere they play knowing they will be guaranteed a vibrant, helluva night but soon realising that no two concerts are ever the same.. The band starts jamming out the songs of Atico, but changing rhythms on the spot, adding breaks and improvising lyrics and harmonies time and again.

The 2nd album: Souvenir (2011)
Souvenir features some explicit political moments, especially the Spanish songs Presidente and 6/8 which are clearly anti-dictator songs. They are not pointing at anyone in particular but you might visualize, if you must, the president of a one-party dictatorship with a wooden leg and no teeth standing in a TV studio telling lies. Yet, for all their poignancy in today?s political climate, these songs remain upbeat and capable somehow of raising us to our feet at the same time as they remind us what we?re standing for.

The second album was recorded over a period of a year, and, like the first album, was produced in the Smusic studio in Amsterdam by Mickey Smid. Half the songs (like Mikisecondi and Presidente) are largely acoustic, and have a close, intimate feel. Others feature a bit more production, like Mickey?s newly treasured Hammond m3 organ which he used to lay a sonorous blanket over some of the songs.

La Resonance is a song about the Swiss font designer Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger designed fonts we avenir and univers. The song has an African feel, with Pino's lead guitar chiming halfway through into an ode to Ali Farka Touré, one of his heroes. The band made it for a project for Type Radio, who degined a cover and brought the song out on a vinyl 45??, 350 copies only!

The laidback track Mikisecondi came from a statue to the African voodoo God which Yvo stumbled on in New York last summer. The statue has a hole in it?s belly, and therefore „he?s always hungry?.

Souvenir was mastered by Bob Ohlsson (who used to work for Motown records in the 60ies). The good man has a great quote on his website:

The care that the Dead organization [The Grateful Dead] takes with their fans should be a template for every aspiring performer. The whole thing grew out of house parties. In fact the whole San Francisco rock scene gre


Shake it

Written By: Yvo Sprey

i'm gonna shake it, i'm gonna take it apart,
i'm gonna put it back together, and take it from the start
this ain't no diamond, it's just a nickle ring
i've got to turn in for a dime, 'cos my time is tickling
so take your minute, and if you are with it,
it can last a century if you admit it
Be a little buddha / be a little pasha
sitting on your mountain / filling up your fountain
counting all your wishes / swimming in the riches
your life is so delicious...


1st Album: Atico (2009)

La Resonance (2010, Type Radio: vinyl 45""")

2nd album: Souvenir (2011)