Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Superdarling sprang like spring from the imagination of Australian songstress (& queen of the patio frock) Tanya-Lee Davies. In-love with a good melody & lyrics that make you double take, Superdarling lures you toward 11 lush songs, dreamy sounds, hypnotic beats & the words of a romantic. Submerge yourself. In her past life TLD's Perfect Moment & Bloom cd's took you to equally sweet places.


When I was in 1st grade at school someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up and I said I want to be a singer. They laughed.
Perhaps I should've become a comedienne??
I knew this was my calling from watching people on tele dance and sing and shimmy or be very serious, all manifestations appealed to me and my fate was sealed.
My Mother bought me a guitar when I was 9 (as a band aid to my pleas for a larger black and white monster of an instrument) and my Father succumbed to constant whining when I was 11 with the delivery of a piano.
I suppose I was 14 when I wrote my first song, from memory it was some teenage angst affair, best forgotten.
The Soft Ones was the first band I was in with my brother, my boyfriend and my best friends when I still lived in Perth. Most of us had been at Art school together and I was very strung out on being a serious artist.
My brother (a drummer) and I moved to Melbourne to touch the rock and roll sky.
I continued to write and perform my girlie pop songs and rehearsed with various combos that never went anywhere and some that did I have lots of rehearsal recordings where I sound way different than I do now
My most recent album is Superdarling. The title came from a term of endearment that I was particularly fond of and thought reflected the sound I was making. She has been well loved and Ive had the joy of seeing her inspire dance moves, sing-a-longs and even break hearts in a good way.
Pat Quinn joined me on bass and we often perform duo style. We have lured drummers and pianists to help us fill out the songs when we're in the mood.
We could speak more of my past and my sonic history, all the clever people I've worked with and creations that have been launched into the world but lets leave that for another time.
I'm currently recording my latest offering of songs in a similar vein to Superdarling but this time I'm playing guitar and keyboards, my lack of brilliant execution in these departments will hopefully add some quirk to the mix.



Written By: Tany-Lee Davies

I've been travelling many miles, following a sound
Moving to a rhythm, a beat my heart has found, it pulls me on
It lifts me up it spins me round
Now it seems I've found...

I'm on your wavelength are you receiving me
I'm on your wavelength are you receiving me
I'm sending love vibrations, I'm tuned in to your station
I"m watching

In my travels I've seen many places I've been
Travelled near and far and now I've got you on my radar
I've got you in my sights,
You are the wish I wish, the hope I hope,
the dream I dream at night

I'm on your wavelength you receiving me
I'm on your wavelength are you receiving me
I'm sending love vibrations, I'm tuned in to your station
I'm watching

Ba da da da
I got you on my wavelength baby
Ba da da da
You can't keep me at arms length baby
I'm tuned in to your station
I'm sending you my love vibrations
Feel me



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