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Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF | AFM

Atlanta, GA | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Lucky Lady"

December 19, 2016
‘Lucky Lady’ has a strong sense of storytelling about it that immediately shows listeners there’s something to be said, as opposed to this just being music to grab your attention. The overall vibe of the sound is fairly laid back, and this works well – the vocal performances have a mid-level amount of energy to them, slightly more upbeat than the music itself, but only lightly energetic so as not to contrast too heavily and make things less effective. Everything in fact seems to work well with everything else surrounding it.

The structure of the track is noticeable, and well crafted – the varying sections lean upon each other and really compliment everything around them. The melody section has the emotion, gives listeners something to sing along to, something to get caught in their minds. Then the verses have the two characters about them, two different voices, two different performance styles, and this all works well too – there’s enough that changes within the walls of the track to keep it interesting and appealing at all times. The melody or hook section also keeps everything together, so it is genuinely effective, structurally and otherwise.

The performances all have the right amount of confidence and realness to them, lyrically and also in terms of the passion and the enjoyment for performing. Every section comes across as believable, and the effect of this on the whole is that the track itself leaves a lasting impression – you believe it, you listen intently, you get it caught in your mind, and most of all; you remember it. It would be good to hear more music from those involved to see where this collaboration of styles and sounds could take them in terms of alternative themes and feelings. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come.

By Rebecca Cullen - Exposed Vocals


Still working on that hot first release.



SUPER DIGITAL has a particular heart for music and a drive to Live Free while doing it. Born in Atlanta, Ga (Grady Baby) Dig would soon in his youth transplant to the streets of westside Chicago *TriggaTown* where he would spend most of his years growing up when not back in the native Georgia roots he has. Ever since Dig was young he loved to draw, dance, perform, and use his imagination and creativity to allow him a gateway from the reality of the hood he resided in. It wasnt until 2005 when Dig would enviably emerge as an EMCEE from the very day that he decided to rap looking at it as a new art form and both outlet for his creativity. Reconnecting his roots Dig ventured back to Atlanta after creating demos with a rap group by the name of "Faculty". Since he's developed a clear head and conscious business mind of where he sees his music out here in the world for the powers that may be.

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