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Superdry genre is definitely indie. Rock enough not to be pop, too pop to be rock. A meagre ep as for quantity but really vigorous as for quality: just four tracks that cuold be doubled as for strenght and wealth of ideas.
Level Rebel is much more than a sample, more than a will of showing off, it’s a declaration of independence, it’s a taking office in the genre.
The track listening slides without any hitch, united both in the sound and in the emotional message which leaves you the right sentimental dimension. Four overbearing, independent tracks, able to stand up with pride.
Grunge sonorities and noise atmospheres create the form of an indie, full of acid and sweet marzipan, radio setting you will feel
like singing leisurely.
- Alex Urso


A really good sound and since the very second of listening you can at once understand what kind of essence this Superdry Ep, Level Rebel, is made of.

With a britpop/indie weighed down by the thick and violent guitar distortion, some synthetic sound scattered here and there, you easily let yourself ravish by fast sounds and by Davide Cirillo’s scratched voice, which resembles Liam Gallagher’s voice (Oasis), a little bit more imperfections and a little bit less polishing, but on a par as for grit, worthy of being listened to.

There are four tracks and the listening becomes with New York City Cult, brought in by a synthetic, acdi bass that hums the rythm of the rest of the track.
Miss Wonder follows; here the rythm stays high, the voice is a little bit more relaxed compared to the previous track anche the structure has got some more overall modifications created by drums rythm changes. In Level Rebel, rythm slows up to let the listener to breath again and passing then to Star, the EP closing track. Its intro is composed by a light pad, the voice is in the background and guitars have got really precise extents for scratched, acid sound solos.

Good production, polished and pleasant to listening to. The style is a little bit exploited but well played.
- Alessio Deidda


Level Rebel, EP - 2007
Super Funky Mind, Single - 2008



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