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Super Duper

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The sound of the creative. The music of the future. It's a blend of electro and hip-hop; or what we call "Hip Pop". Fun and light-hearted, the music gives the listener a reason to dance. Never being accused of going over someone's head, it'll still blow the listener's mind.


Friends since childhood, Rod B. Moda (Rod) and Fresh in 83 (Demetrious) have grown up together to become men. Drawing influence from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie and countless others not afraid to do their own thing, Super Duper was formed to offer something a little different. Its a sound called "Hip Pop" and combines electronic dance music and hip hop. Rod and Demetrious have always been the creative guys growing up. Talented musicians, both have played in bands in church and school. Creative enough to win film-making awards, while also playing varsity sports, both guys have always been seen as "different" and "cool" by people who come into their lives. Tired of musical offerings given to them, the pair decided to make their own sound. With two other friends, they formed the production group The Blackheads and began a career creating music for other artists. Starting in June 2007, Rod and Demetrious decided that they were going to pursue their own careers as artists and formed Super Duper. Since that time, the two have spent the year honing their skills and fine-tuning their sound. What you hear now is the product they've come up with.


Singles include: "Sneaker Freak" "Tokyo Dreams" and "Synthasia" with another dozen songs and mixtapes in the works.

The first mixtape, "Super Duper in: Back From the Future" will be released June 7th

Set List

Set list includes the following songs:
"Sneaker Freak"
"Lights, Camera, Action"
"Tokyo Dreams"
"Taking Pictures For Girls"
"Gorilla in the Bathtub"
"Politicians (REMIX)"
"Sneaker Freak (REMIX)"
Sets usually last 45min to an hour, depending on time allowed. Sets can be as short as 10-15min if needed.