Super Extreme Laser Light Show

Super Extreme Laser Light Show


Great music. Great guys. Great times.


The members of S.E.L.L.S. have known each other for a few years. Guitarist Matt Yeakley and Marty "Keys" Cowles had been playing together in San Diego for a short time and were slowly building up a fan base there. Similarly, drummer RJ Odom and bassist Joe Kriz had been playing together for a few years in the Minneapolis area. Having played in a few bands they were looking for something new to bring to the Minneapolis music scene. Coincidentally, RJ knew of the talents of Marty Cowles from playing with him in their high school band, Heywood.
In December of 2006 Marty made a trip to the Twin Cities to visit friends and family. While there RJ, Marty, and Joe decided to play a show with good friend Ben Salley. Needless to say after the show Marty, RJ, and Joe couldn't help but notice the energy between them and the audience. It only took a few days for Marty to make the life changing decision to move up to Minneapolis and begin the adventure that is the Super Extreme Laser Light Show. Marty however had only one request, and that was to be able to bring his favorite guitar player Matt Yeakley to the collaboration. And so the adventure begins....



Written By: RJ Odom

Shine your light onto tomorrow
Let if be fast, let it be known
He needs to lam, lam, lam, lam

Running fast, moving past the people in the crowd
Running away, losing day, seeing your breath in the air
You will be hear with me, as time will pass above the clouds

Floating by a ship nearby on the shores of yesterday
I'm weightless now, sitting down and I drift away
Floating by a ship nearby on the shores of yesterday
I'm weightless now, my eyes are closed and I drift away

Set List

Currently S.E.L.L.S. has 19 originals and 6 covers. Set lists will vary from night to night depending on the venue and the vibe of the audience.