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February 2008:
- Winner of Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann): Popband of the Year.

October 2007:
- Alarm Awarded: best live act 2007
- Alarm Awarded: song of the year ("The Radio..." - the most played song on Norwegian radio in 2007)


From the impaled sheep heads of black-metal legends Mayhem to the slightly less theatrical antics of the mighty Turbonegro, there's no debating that bands from Norway know how to put on a live show: Superfamily hail from the town Moss, just outside of Oslo and are no different from their fellow countrymen in their commitment to spectacular live performances. Musically however, they offer something entirely different.

Superfamily's lead vocals are man-handled by Steven Wilson, Kim Granholt is on keyboards; Martin Steffensen does guitar & backing vocals, Tommy Christensen - drums, Hasse Rosbach - bass, Anders Nielsen - backing vocals & dancing, Terje Krumins - backing vocals & dancing and Håkon Moe - backing vocals & dancing.

The title of their second and current album 'Warszawa' was previously a song name of David Bowie's from which Joy Division's original incarnation Warsaw took their name. The icy cold synths of opening track 'In the Night' hint at Bowie's 'Low' or JD's 'Closer', yet the chorus is worthy of the rather less cool bands Simple Minds or Ultravox. Whilst instant credibility and perhaps common sense would dictate that we focus on the innovative production rather than the poppier elements throughout 'Warszawa', there's still no denying that 'I Could Be a Winner' sounds like it belongs on the closing credits of an 80s John Hughes movie, where the popular guy dumps the beauty queen for the screwed-up girl who he then takes to the prom.

The first singe from 'Warszawa' in Norway was 'The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night', where it is practically an anthem. If there's any justice left in this cold cruel world it will be everywhere. The song's use of atmospheric piano, synth and rock thunder recalls Brian Eno's rockier solo works or proto-nu-romantics Japan but is still defiantly original somehow.

Propeller Recordings signed Superfamily in the men’s bathroom at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo, one cold winter day in February 2004. The same year they delivered the 4 track 'Champagne EP'. The lead song 'Back in Style' recalled prime time Rocket to the Crypt, 'Sulfur Heart' mirrored the slacker-rock of Dinosaur Jnr; 'Ugly Bugly' comes on like the organ heavy psychedelia of 13th Floor Elevators, whereas 'Shitfuck' must be one of the most radio un-friendly songs ever recorded.

The debut album 2005's 'Back in Paris' was no less ambitious. Tracks like 'I Don't Remember a Thing' come with heavy acid rock riffs straight from a 'Nuggets' compilation whilst elsewhere on 'Windows' and 'Taxi Dancing' you'll find traces of Echo & the Bunnymen and The Cure, which point to the future direction of 'Warszawa'.

Their debut bares all the hallmarks of a cult band in the making, whilst 'Warszawa' is the ultimate proof of their inevitable global supremacy, as reviews and sales in Norway will already testify.

'Warszawa' is currently available everywhere from iTunes.

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Champagne EP - 2004 / Back In Paris - 2005 / Warszawa - 2007

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Set List

- Bitches On the Scene
- Taxi Dancing
- Warszawa
- I Could Be A Real Winner
- Time Travelling
- Teens
- I Want My Money Back
- It`s A Lie
- In The Night
- Suffering
- Plac
- The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You
Did Last Night