Super Fast Girlie Show

Super Fast Girlie Show


Straight from the trailer park to the stage. A Rock'n'Roll straightener that'll rattle your brain.


Super Fast Girlie Show are a heavenly blunt instrument, here to preach the short sharp Garage Gospels, indirectly translated from Super-Fast Girls, Black and White Horror Movies, Relentless Thumping Drums and Filthy Bass Reverberances. They've long journeyed through The Vegas Years and Travelled the Medicine Shows with their Over-Elaborate Pitches to bring these words to you... So, Come one, come all, revel in the healing waters, and take a sip of the life elixer that is SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW

Set List

A 35 minute, one round bare knuckle fight.

Doley Boy
Roller Derby Stole My Baby
Kick It To The Kerb
Mind Control
Oh Well
Legend of the Girlie Show
We Just Wanna Fight