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Arlington, Massachusetts, United States

Arlington, Massachusetts, United States
Band EDM Rock


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Arlington, MA

By: Kathryn Vercillo

Normally, it is preferable for a review of a band to describe the band based upon the reviewer’s perception of the music, rather than the band’s explanation of what the music is supposed to be all about. However, Superfiction is one of those bands with such a unique sound that it is absolutely impossible to craft a complete description of what they sound like in any sort of succinct manner. In the end, it turns out that the band’s bio says it best:

“The music is a carefully crafted schizophrenic composition of chocolate, peanut butter and jam transitions floating between grinding diesel powered rock and bittersweet serene reflections of the self.”

The description really doesn’t make a lot of sense when you first read it, but upon listening to the band’s interesting mixture of musical sounds, you’ll find that you can read back upon that description and think, “yes, that suits them perfectly.” Superfiction has a sound which blends a whole range of different sounds, from modern rock to DJ-based techno to an edgy ambient sound with flickers of alternative music pulsating through it. The sounds are blended in such a way that they all kind of go together, something like peanut butter and jam, or compliment the best qualities in each other like peanut butter and chocolate do, or provide enough contrast to enervate your senses.

Ultimately, the experience of listening to the music of Superfiction is a complete sensory experience. This isn’t music you sing along with or nod your head to; it’s music that you feel with every fiber of your body and soul. At the end of each song, you may be at a loss for words as to how to describe it but you have no doubt that you were completely enveloped in the music through its infiltration of each of your five senses. - Indie In-Tune

"Superfiction Show"

It is not very often today that we find bands that truly produce a unique sound unlike any other, whether it's in the local scene or not. It just seems that so many bands seem to enjoy pigeon-holing themself into simple genre descriptions. You get your "east coast hardcore", your "rockabilly", your hardcore punk, etc etc...Just seems as though there's nobody out there that is either willing or knows how to produce a sound that seems to defy categorization and can only be stamped under the label of "art".

Well, the band Superfiction does this with class..
Superfiction is an intense blend of rock, metal, electronica, psychadelic and a bunch of other things thrown into the mix...The vocals? Clean and smooth as can be. The guitarwork? Only a compliment to the mix of the instruments playing. It neither dominates nor is underscored in the whole sound in general. The interchanging rhythms that the bass and the drumline punch out all help to add to the experience.
These guys are good, to say the least. Especially live. No, if you go to see them, don't expect the energy of a punk show or the intensity of a metal concert, just expect something unique and interesting. Mellow to say the least. - The Crimson Eye


Still working on that hot first release.



A long time ago, Superfiction was a real rock and roll band. They played through loud guitar amps, their music was filled with charming vocals, and they even had a real live drummer.

When their drummer left the group, he was replaced by a computing machine. The machine was told to only play the drums, but it did not listen. It began to create other sounds as well. At first the sounds were harmless, blips and bleeps that nobody seemed to notice. But the computing machine did not stop there. Its simple tones have mutated into something very different.

There is little left of what Superfiction used to be. The remaining human members no longer have any control over the machine. They know that they are no longer necessary.