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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Austin, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
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"Pan Caliente: Superfónicos – El Miedo (Track Premiere)"

Today we head to Austin, Texas, because there is always so much music going on there, even outside of those crazy weeks in March for SXSW. We focus on the fast-rising, eight-piece band who mesh Cumbia, Afrobeat and Funk called Superfónicos.

Bassist Nico Sanchez and guitarist Erick Bohorquez teamed up with guitarist Andres Villegas and percussionist Daniel Sanchez to form a band whose sound revolves around Afro-Colombian rhythms. But it wasn’t until Jaime Ospina, a vocalist and gaitero (Gaita is a Colombian flute), transplanted from Colombia to Austin and serendipitously joined Superfónicos that their sound really congealed.

Their latest EP, Suelta, is slated for release on October 5th and was recorded between Adrian Quesada’s Electric Deluxe Studio (Brownout, Black Pumas, Money Chicha) and Beto Martinez’s Leche House Studio (Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Money Chicha). Beto also engineered the sessions. To add some extra funky star power, it was then mixed by Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya, who has worked with Missy Elliot, Beyonce and Chocquibtown.

Today we Premiere their track “El Miedo” with this bonus video.

“El Miedo” is based on the Colombian Merengue (not to be confused with the Dominican Merengue). Jaime Ospina’s Gaita and Raymond Johnson’s Tenor sax share a mid-song duel. The lyrics touch on the dangers of letting fear drive your decisions. “No tengas miedo no, el miedo mata si” (Translation: Don’t be afraid, because fear kills.)

If you’re headed out to Austin City Limits this fall, don’t be afraid to catch Superfónicos live on Weekend Two (Oct 14th). They are one funky band. - KCRW - Pan Caliente


With this year flying by faster than my Spotify can handle, all kinds of new sounds are creeping in on my walks to work – and the latest is Austin-based-band Superfónicos.

They are the fork in the road between Colombia, Africa and the US (must be one hell of a road, I know), and they ooze originality.

Their debut E.P. Suelta, which is due to drop on October 5th, is more than a hand-picked fusion of the band’s emotions played to a perfectly-tuned track; it is a political statement. A title that means “let go”, they build a bridge in place of governmental walls (ahem, here’s looking at you, Mr. Whitehouse) and help all across.

The bassist of the band, Nico Sanchez has articulated this DIY-project, he says this E.P targets “xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, classism, all of which are driven and propagated by people’s fear.

“We are at a turning point politically, where the few in power are trying to maintain their grip on these outdated mindsets, but the overwhelming majority are no longer buying into the divisiveness of the previous generations and are ready for a change. Only by letting go of our fear can we break down these walls.”

Join the statement and check their amalgamation of afrobeat, funk, cumbia on October 14th at Austin City Limits. Find out more - Track Rambler


Austin, Texas, based band Superfónicos is the musical meeting point between Colombia, Africa and the United States. Their debut EP, “Suelta, which is set for release on the 5th of October, pays homage to all three locales with a foundation in cumbia, sprinkled with healthy doses of Afrobeat and marinated in the school of funk. Superfónicos is Colombian Funk. Better yet, it is Caríbe Soul…fed by the Indigenous and African roots of the band’s Colombian heritage. Check out their recent performance of “Merecumbe” for BalconyTV below. - Sounds and Colours

"AOTM Interview: Superfónicos"

Our September Artist of the Month, Superfónicos, is making some major moves this fall! The band is keeping busy with an EP release (Suelta coming October 5) right before their debut at ACL fest on October 14. What we love most is their constant message of unity, peace and love… and the desire to get the world dancing.

We caught up with guitarist Erick Bohorquez to learn more about Superfónicos!

We’re so excited to feature you guys as our Artist of the Month. How did you first get involved with AMF?

EB: Our first involvement with AMF was back in 2017 at the 3TEN ACL Live show for Wine Down. The following year we played a MOOD: Live Series session and the rest is history.

How did you guys meet? What made you want to start playing music together?

A few of us had been playing music together for many years prior to forming Superfónicos. I think the one thing we all have in common is our pride of Colombian culture and heritage. The core of the group is Colombian and the idea was to create a band with Afro-Colombian rhythms.

Where did the band name come from?

I think it literally took us over a year and a half to come up with the name. What we wanted was a name to identify with our sound. What came out of that was (Super)fónicos. Fónicos translates to sound in English.

What do you think is the best thing about the Austin Music Community?

The level of talent in this town is inspiring. We’ve also been fortunate enough to be surrounded and supported by so many well established acts like Grupo Fantasma, and Hard Proof.

Tell us about the coolest show you’ve ever played.

That’s a tough one! One show that really stood out was Blues on the Green. It was super cool playing in front such a massive crowd. We also recently played Emo’s for Beto O’ Rourke’s campaign. The energy from the crowd was amazing.

We know the band is playing ACL, which means artist wristbands. Who are you going to try and meet backstage?

If I have any luck I’d like to chat with Residente, Paul McCartney, David Byrne, and Metallica.

If the band could collaborate with any artist (living or dead), who would it be?

I’m speaking personally but I’d love to collaborate with Carlos Almoar (guitarist for David Bowie, James Brown).

We’re excited to hear the new EP! Tell us a little about the recording process.

We’re excited for the release ourselves. When it comes to recording we prefer cutting to tape. We love the raw sound of everyone playing in one room all together.

Last, but not least! – How can we support your band? Where can we buy your music, and where can we see you next?

Great question. Our debut EP release ‘Suelta’ will be available on just about every digital platform out there starting on October 5th. - Austin Music Foundation

"Formula 1 will be off to the races with Erika Wennerstrom, Nakia, more local acts"

Bruno Mars and Britney Spears are the big draws at Circuit of the Americas for this year’s Formula 1 race next month, but the event also always includes performances by quite a few local and regional acts on stages across the grounds. COTA announced many of those performers Thursday, including Austin luminaries Erika Wennerstrom, Nakia & the Blues Grifters and Tomar & the FCs.

Other locals in the lineup include Kalu & the Electric Joint, Blackillac, Jane Ellen Bryant, Western Youth, Superfonicos, Texas KGB, Queue Queue, Megafauna, Otis the Destroyer, KP & the Boom Boom, Mayeux & Broussard, Big Wy’s Brass Band,, Midcentury and Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad. Several DJs are also on board, including DJ Mel, DJ Chorizo Funk, DJ Manolo Black and DJ King Louie. - Austin 360


Their highly anticipated debut EP, Suelta, which means, “let go” is an inspiring message in today’s political climate where governments want to build walls instead of bridges. Nico elaborates, “the theme of ‘letting go’ pertains to xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, classism, all of which are driven and propagated by people’s fear. - Vents Magazine

"Superfonicos Announce Debut Release, Suelta"

Austin, TX based band Superfónicos is the musical meeting point between Colombia, Africa and the U.S. Their debut E.P. Suelta, which is set for release on October 5th, pays homage to all three locales with a foundation in Cumbia, sprinkled with healthy doses of Afrobeat and marinated in the school of funk. The fast rising eight piece act has also been confirmed to play the Austin City Limits Music Festival (Weekend Two) on Sunday, October 14th. - BWW Music World


Austin, TX based band Superfónicos is the musical meeting point between Colombia, Africa and the U.S. Their debut E.P. Suelta, which is set for release on October 5th, pays homage to all three locales with a foundation in Cumbia, sprinkled with healthy doses of Afrobeat and marinated in the school of funk. The fast rising eight piece act has also been confirmed to play the Austin City Limits Music Festival (Weekend Two) on Sunday, October 14th. - Skope Magazine

"Stanley Clarke, Superfonicos, Max Moran + Others: Five for the Road"

SUPERFONICOS – SUELTA (2018): Austin-based Superfonicos brings a rich Afro-Colombian mix to the table on this new EP. Engineered by Adrian Quesda and Beto Martinez of the irrepressible Brownout, and led by bassist Nico Sanchez and guitarist Erick Bohorquez, Superfonicos provides lively, infectious grooves with memorable hooks and top-notch vocals. Check out “Rio Negro” and “Suelta” to see what I mean. Superfonico’s Suelta EP is set for release on October 5, 2018. - Something Else!

"KGSR's Blues on the Green 2018 Artist Spotlight: Bob Schneider and Superfónicos"

Austin-based Colombian Funk band Superfónicos takes you to another, sunnier, more stress-free world with their tropical and energetic sound rooted in Afro-Colombian and Caribbean influences – you’ll catch a tan just listening to them play. Formed in 2014 by bassist Nico Sanchez and guitarist Erick Bohorquez, the group built its foundation on the inspirations of its multi-cultural backgrounds and gained momentum as other members Andres Villegas, Daniel Sanchez and Colombian-born Jaime Ospina later joined. Their music has since evolved into something refreshing, colorful and 70’s-level groovy. We’ll be showing up to Blues on the Green next week fully prepared to dance in the grass as the sun goes down while Superfónicos opens the show. - Samantha Dunn


A vibrant ensemble of musicians led by singer Jaime Ospina, this outfit creates afro-Colombian funk that’s impossible not to move your body to. Although many of the members hail from Colombia, some of its members call Austin home, and the band now resides in our fair city. Their next show will be the Brownout album release on June 2 at Mohawk. - Austin Monthly

"Tiny Desk Contest: The Latinx Artists We Loved"

Another tradition that has come from this call out is the annual Alt.Latino sampling of Latinx musicians who submit videos.

This year, I called in some help to work through all the contestants. Stefanie Fernández, Cyrena Touros and Joshua Bote were NPR Music interns during the contest and watched thousands of submissions. The variety of styles and approaches they witnessed was impressive, especially the way young musicians are expanding, even tearing down the notion of what "Latin Music" is supposed to sound like. - NPR Alt.Latino

"Levitation Review: Imarhan, Superfónicos Lifting off from an international tidal pool"

That wasn’t yet the full moon hanging coyly behind a hazy scrim last night, but Friday did bring Arbor Day. By 6pm outside at Cheer Up Charlies, the weather felt downright Mediterranean. An Algerian blues squad and Afro-Colombian funkateers fueled the rapturous night on Red River like a sea breeze.

As all of Austin choked in nearby rush hour traffic, Superfónicos soundchecked on the outside stage of the self-sustaining club footprint that is CUC, a dozen or so onlookers nodding to the Latin septet based here. Its dual lead reeds, tenor saxist Raymond Johnson and gaita fluatest/singer Jaime Ospina, drowned out any downtown urban blare. Imarhan, five pair of jeans, t-shirts, and phones, huddled at a table close by.

The transformation of both acts over the next two hours turned the capital of Texas into an international tidal pool of true root music.

Superfónicos, whose engine room stoked a drummer, conguero, two guitarists, and a bandleadering bassist vibrating faultlines on four strings, opened while fiddling with Babatunde Olatunji’s “Jingo” riff and immediately revved nearly every single engine in the house. Not a soul in front of the stage wasn’t moving at least one body part to the group’s liquid fusion of Afro-beat, cumbia, merengue. Bandanas, doo-rags, and tie-dye danced in the charged air. “Sigue Pa Lante” and “Sueltate” dropped universal hooks stoking the ample crowd to super funky nirvana. - Austin Chronicle

"Who We Found In Austin during SXSW"

What we found was a variety of sounds that challenge the notion of any stark delineations between artists working in what we call Latin music. But, leaving that for a deeper conversation for another time, here are a few of the bands that made an impression. Stay tuned to this space — we'll be hearing from some of these folks again. - NPR Alt.Latino

"12 Breakthrough Austin Bands at SXSW"

Superfónicos tinkers with a progressive mix of funk, Afro-beat, cumbia, merengue y más in a mash-up reminiscent of Chico Mann and the Adrian Quesada-led Ocote Soul Sounds. Ospina plays the gaita, a traditional Colombian flute that juxtaposes with saxophone and swirling guitar licks. The group's recorded a handful of tracks each with Quesada and Beto Martinez, veterans of local Latin powerhouses Grupo Fantasma and Brownout. The music connects disparate dots of diasporic music across the Americas. - Austin Chronicle


With a strong fusion of Afro-Colombian soul and funk, Superfónicos will turn up the heat in any venue. Expect to see a true “world music” experience with this band, as they bounce around from cumbia, to reggae, to Caribbean styles with ease. - Visit Austin

"Taco Libre 2018"

Tacos, music, and luchadores came together Saturday at Republic Square Park for Austin’s second annual Taco Libre Fest. Attendees sampled wares from nearly two dozen taquerias along with live music by Jenny & the Mexicats, Los Skarnales, and Superfónics, plus Lucha Libre matchups featuring Aski the Mayan Warrior, Thunder Rosa, Kyra Maya, Doctor Muerte, and more.... - Austin Chronicle

"Live Series: Superfónicos at Opal Divine’s"

n Tuesday, April 3rd, our Austin team gathered at our new neighborhood spot, Opal Divine’s Austin Grill, to launch the second season of our monthly concert series! Presented by Mood Media and Austin Music Foundation, Mood Live is an intimate showcase that enables us to support local talent and give greater exposure to the Austin music community. Participating artists are given the opportunity to perform for an audience that includes Mood’s Licensing and Music Design teams, who are then inspired to license and program their music for our local, national, and international brand playlists.

Our first performance was from Superfónicos, an eight-piece band that was both the largest and liveliest we’ve featured to date..... - Mood Media

"The Austinot Weekend Concert Picks"

Those hanging out at Mohawk this Saturday are in for a fantastic evening of hot, sultry, and scorching world music. Leading the way is Afro-funk act Superfónicos. By blending traditional Latin jazz and fusion with the serve and slide of funky wah-wah pedals, this local eight-piece is the real deal. - The Austinot

"KUTX "Song Of The Day""

Fusing Colombian funk and Caribe soul, Superfónicos is a fruitful source of lush and local latin licks. Bound together by an advocacy for peace and unity through therapeutic dance, Superfónicos was founded in 2014 between Nico Sanchez (bass) and Erick Bohorquez (guitar) over their shared passion for Afro-Colombian rhythms. Joined by Andres Villegas (guitar), Daniel Sanchez (percussion) and eventually Jaime Ospina (vocals), Superfónicos’ pairing with famed Austin producer Adrian Quesada gave birth to the group’s infectious Latin sound riddled with Caribbean textures.

Superfónicos debut album is set for release later on this year, but listeners can tide themselves over with “Rio Negro”, a track that showcases the group’s rich timbres and their firm belief in unity across cultures.

Catch the heat with Superfónicos for Wine Down at 3Ten on Wednesday, June 28th!

–Jack Anderson (Host Monday-Wednesday 8-11pm, Saturday 6-10am) - Jack Anderson

"From The Vault"

When it comes to making groovy, Colombian funk Superfónicos are proving that seven heads are better than one. Initially formed in 2014 following founding members Nico Sanchez and Erick Bohorquez have since added another five members to the fold. The collective really defined their sound in 2016 when they met and recorded with legendary Austin producer Adrian Quesada. Having already released two singles this year, the band is anticipating the launch of their full length studio album this fall. Tracks like “Rio Negro” are thick with energetic brass and Caribbean beats; it is music that will get your hips swinging and your feet moving. Superfónicos dropped past Studio 1A ahead of their no-doubt groovy Wine Down show at 3Ten. Check it out their session below!

– Georgina Cook - KUTX 98.9

"Mood Media: Concert Recap SXSW 2017"

It's probably no surprise that our employees love music...and that many of them are in bands of their own. Music Design's Mark Shapiro was out and about during SXSW, capturing photos of his colleagues in action! - Mood Media


Still working on that hot first release.



Superfónicos is Colombian Funk. Better yet, it is Caríbe Soul…fed by the Indigenous and African roots of the band’s Colombian heritage, telegraphing a politics of peace and unity from the stage to your ears. They only ask that you dance toward a place in your mind beyond struggle and strife.

Inspired by their experience at 2014's LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) in New York, Superfónicos was formed when bassist Nico Sanchez and guitarist Erick Bohorquez began discussions about creating a group with a foundation in Afro-Colombian rhythms. They soon teamed up with guitarist Andres Villegas and percussionist Daniel Sanchez, and started rehearsing together during time away from their other bands. That core group developed the band’s unique sound, laying the foundation of what was to come. In 2016, gaitero and vocalist Jaime Ospina—who has recorded with the likes of Pacha Massive—relocated from Colombia to Austin, where he met and instantly connected with the group. It was also during this time that the band met with famed local producer and Grammy winner Adrian Quesada at Level One Sound. Their recording session resulted in a sound that not only encapsulates a moment in time but helped to define Superfónicos as a collective. It is a musical mestizo that is ever-changing but deeply rooted in Caribbean flavors. 

Band Members