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The best kept secret in music


"Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship"

The description "computer-obsessed one-man band" conjures images of an onanistic mouse-clicking stage show that's much more entertaining for the artists than for the audience. But Corey Goodman, also known as Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, simply pushes play and spazzes out, leading to sloppily compelling performances. Goodman puts his technological knowledge to smart use, decorating "Restart My Heart" with PC start-up sounds and mocking/celebrating the MySpace world with "Image Comment." A prolific perfectionist, Goodman inundates fans with new tracks while constantly tinkering with his existing material. - Riverfront Times

"Blastoff: Shock musician Corey Goodman is stirring audiences and creating a buzz with his take on popular music"

A crowd encircled the Morris University Center Goshen Lounge Monday afternoon, with reactions varying from smiles and laughs to grimaces and groans. Their eyes shifted from left to right, right to left, trying to keep a bead on the brightly-colored musician jumping and dancing in the center. And on the furniture. And in the audience. All the while, techno music was pumping through the Goshen's temporary sound system.

Some couldn't make sense of it.

"Who is that?" a passerby asked.

"I don't know," another answered while laughing.

The headband and sweatpants-clad musician skipped into the audience and touched a student's face in the midst of a song.

"He's hysterical," the student said.

Once billed by colleagues as "Richard Simmons from hell," the center of attention was Corey Goodman, a member - the only member - of the musical project "Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship."

Goodman's act consists of four primary ingredients: a computer-generated mix of beats and rhythms, irreverent lyrics, brightly colored costume and action. Lots and lots of action.

"One time, I slid into a wall," Goodman said. "There was a nail, and it cut my leg a bit, but nothing major."

When he isn't performing, Goodman jumps less and for the most part, is not as brightly decorated. By day, he attends class to complete his bachelor's in mass communications and works behind the scenes in the MUC Center Court. By night, he composes music on a computer program and writes lyrics in close proximity to figurines of MC Hammer and Wolverine. He does this while being sheet music illiterate, but said that's a detail few seem to notice.

"I decided I didn't want to take any music lessons, because I wanted to create my own style," Goodman said. "It was terrible (in the beginning). More so than it is now."

One item in Superfun's lineup, "Baby, Baby," concerns teen pregnancy and includes the lyrics "I'm much too young to have a child of my own, I don't have the money to get a home."

Goodman created the song in response to attitudes he has witnessed in his hometown and in his family.

"People will have kids at such a young age. I don't want to do that," Goodman said. "My brother and sister did and I think it's terrible."

Goodman said some people misunderstood the message behind the song and disgruntled audience members have on more than one occasion confronted him about it.

"A lot of the people take it the wrong way and think that I hate children," Goodman said.

In contrast to "Baby, Baby," most songs randomly come into being.

"I have a song about people on MySpace wanting picture comments all the time," Goodman said. "I don't really care. It's just something I thought about one day."

Underneath the absurdity of Goodman's songs is a rejection of popular music and popular culture.

"I don't like to watch bands that are boring or full of themselves," Goodman said. "There are a ton of bands that act like they are so good and they're not."

Goodman makes a point of satirizing bands he feels are pretentious.

"I pretend I'm real amazing when I'm playing," Goodman said.

This attitude was demonstrated at Monday's concert when he said, "try to be as good as me," and took a swig out of a water-filled gasoline can. Goodman sometimes refers to the can as containing "crunk juice." Other props include a cardboard cutout of Steven Colbert holding a sign with "Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship," and a sign with Goodman's head superimposed on a muscular cartoon body.

The word "eclectic" is not merely descriptive of Superfun's props. When rummaging through Goodman's costume wardrobe, one can find items ranging from fuzzy tails to vinyl pants. A headband has become the signature mark of Goodman's performances.

"I find stuff that's really colorful and fun-looking," Goodman said. "My drawers are getting full."

Goodman's wardrobe includes several '80s vests to attract a great deal of attention.

"I like pink vests. I can zip them down, let my chest hair hang out," Goodman said. "It attracts the women."

While Goodman may joke about the attention he grabs, he has piqued the interest of the St. Louis music scene since his debut. He is the recipient of the 2006 KDHX 88.1FM award for "best uncategorizable act," and was nominated for the 2006 Riverfront Times award for "best electronic artist."

Goodman said he is pleased with the recognition also coming from the other side of the globe.

"It makes me really happy that people care," Goodman said. "People from Australia will buy (band merchandise) from me. It's really nice."

It is not all praise and complements, however. Although it's not the norm for Goodman, he said he's suffered the wrath of a surly crowd on several occasions.

"People are usually really into it, but I've played sometimes and people totally hated me." Goodman said.

Touching, smelling, partaking of people's food as they watch, and singing face-to-face with listeners - crowd interaction - The Alestle


Independently released album "Chest Hair" available for free online in March 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship was formed in October 2005 after it's lone member, Corey Goodman, grew tired of watching boring, unoriginal music and decided to create something energetic and fun.

Here is what a few people have said about my live performances:

"incomprable to anything else you will hear in mainstream music today"

"Robin Williams/Richard Simmons on coke"

"Let's just say you'll never be the same"

I won the 2006 KDHX St. Louis Music Award for best Eclectic/Uncategorizable Artist.

I was nominated for Best Electronic Artist in the 2006 Riverfront Times Awards.

I've played with many national touring acts including: MC Chris, Man Man, Captured! by Robots, Tub Ring, New London Fire, The Robot Ate Me, VCR, Attractive and Popular, Hello Stranger, Peachcake, Math the Band, Totally Michael, this song is a mess but so am i, Mika Miko, The Mathematicians, Hyperbubble, GirlsRISEwithHEAT, Mystechs, The Lord of the Yum Yum, Pleaseeasaur, Bomb The Music Industry!, and We Versus The Shark