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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Rock u' till da' break of..."

"positively smokes unapologetically...this band flat out rocks, and rocks you till the break of dawn,or your bones whichever comes first..."
Keith Prichards, Slow Roll Magazine
- Slow Roll Magazine

"...faster than a speeding concerto"

..."faster than a speeding concerto, more powerful than a local symphony orchestra, able to leap small orchestra pits in a single bound... look up in the sky... it's a nerd, it's my brains no,'s SuperGroove. If ever there were a need for a musical superhero to appear out on the horizon, in contrast to all the "come latelys" in this burned out, turned out, industry we call "the music..." we can all breathe a sigh of relief enter... the super saturated, soulfully sophisticated, super saxy sounds of SuperGroove..."

Review by Xavier P. Longfellow, entertainment editor for K A D Y/AM

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- Xavier P. Longfellow/entertainment editor for KADY/AM

"super saxy superfluous sounds..."

...the super saxy superfluous sounds of Super Grooove. I found myself warmly entertained, and on occassion or two hotly stoked, as to the smoke-fest that took place on stage in front of me, the brass master, blew that tenor as if serving up a fine bowl of grandpa's seasoned succotash and hotwater cornbread, smothered in homemade butter, and Mr. Davenports hand made syrup...suffice it to say the fried chicken pickin' from the Jazz Rock Star guitar god, was a real mouthful as well... - The Jazz Pazazz Gazette


"Got Groove" on Big Toe Musiq Label/ for Gigfoot Ent.
L.A. Cal. 90260 310.291.3481/fax 310.219.1053


Feeling a bit camera shy


The group itself has been established for going on two years now and has recorded it's first CD to date...Got Groove, with the soon to recognized smash hit "Red Koolaid" on "Big Toe Musiq label" The band has performed for numerous venues, clubs, private functions, too many and too boring to have to list here, besides that it's all past tents anyway. The band will be returning to the studio this spring to record their second CD, which promises much more of the same...Super-soothin', Super- smovin', Super-groovin' Nu-Jazz (or for the sake of those of limited imaginations Smooth Jazz musiq.