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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Hip Hop Alternative




"superHero – begyndelsen"

Atlanta duo superHero makes their debut on our pages with their single “begyndelsen.” The song is an uplifting heater that samples “Andres Haender” by Boom Clap Bachelors. Take a listen above. - Music On The Dot

"Watch: superHero Drop Powerful “Miles Morales”"

Through their mutual appreciation and love for the technical aspects of music, Atlanta artists dJ Ghost and Apollo came together to form superHero. Their latest cut and the first to follow their debut album, The Middle, is the lyrically heavy Miles Morales. For the unaware, Miles Morales is the new African American boy that takes on Spider-Man’s identity after Peter Parker’s death. Inspired by the racism that followed the outcry of Marvel’s decision, the duo shares experiences with racism and implore those around them to rise with confidence with their evocative and inspiring words. Watch the powerful video below and look out for superHero’s new forthcoming project.

For a stream, check out dJ Ghost’s soundcloud. - ohestee

"Temperature’s Rising: superHERO"

I don’t care what anyone says…the pop singers of the 90’s were far superior to whatever the hell the kids are listening to today. A greatest hits album of The Backstreet Boys shits all over anything that One Direction, Selena Gomez, or The Jonas Brothers have released. I’ll admit, if God put me in a cave and gave me 24 hours to think of the name of a song by either of these artists, I wouldn’t be able to. (I do remember that One Direction had a song a while back that was all over the radio, but I can’t even remember the name of it at the moment, honest to God). Why don’t I just Google it right now, you ask? Because my mother taught me not to waste time looking for waste. Whatever it was, I’m 100% sure it couldn’t hold “I Want It That Way’s” metaphorical jockstrap. Which, if you think about it, is the ultimate diss. Not a lot of people would want to hold another person’s jockstrap even if they really could carry it, but not being able to hold something that doesn’t really exist is the lowest of the low.

Honestly, the previous paragraph (or rant) is 1 degree away from being a non sequitur, or maybe less, as it doesn’t have all that much to do with superHero. But unlike a lot of 90’s babies, superHero definitely don’t take themselves too seriously, and their debut album, entitled The Middle, is reminiscent of Kidz In The Hall combined with Madvillian MF DOOM and a splash of Madlib during the Quasimoto days. I won’t lie, when I first saw the video of “Lifted,” I missed the dope music being played because I was so distracted by the outfits. However, these dudes, hailing from Hotlanta (the birthplace of some of the most unique acts of the genre) have skill. Stripped down lyricism with a few flashy frills, superHero has, appropriately enough, a superhero theme, with the duo never hesitating to sample from classic superhero movies and share their love of the genre. It makes for cinematic listening a la early Wu-Tang records, and adds a further degree of pizzazz to the duo’s arrangements.

Beyond the pizzazz effect (after all, what really is pizzazz?) superHero are brashly pushing the boundaries on what hip hop can be by ushering in an extra level of aggression to make their beats all the more engaging, and furthermore, inspiring. With The Middle, essentially, superHero have optimized their lyrical content and implementation of hooks to put together a package the world has yet to witness. There is something strangely gravitational about what superHero do on The Middle, making for some of the most enjoyable hip hop I’ve heard this year.

You can stream The Middle below: - AllHipHop

"superHero Looks To Change Hip Hop"

Now that the scorching temperatures are here, it is safe to continue my unofficial annual summer recommendations. Atlanta-based Hip Hop duo, superHero, which consists of dJ Ghost and Apollo, has just released they’re eccentric album entitled The Middle. It definitely strays from the contemporary flashy approach that the genre more commonly follows. It’s a fun, half-hour tour de force that’s worth blasting as loud as possible, without looking to criticize it every minute or so.

In my opinion, a good sound and a powerful performance can easily make you get away with using the same patterns. superHero delivers each song with excitement and personality, bringing out a unique and infectious blend of hooks and lyrical content. While it is out of the ordinary, their raw power make the entire listen worthwhile. With a solid LP, I have faith in superHero as I am sure they will surpass expectations with future output by bringing that true, original sound that gave birth to the dynamic duo. - The Source

"Review: superHero – “The Middle”"

Comic book lore has been a part of Hip Hop culture since its inception. Jean Grae, DOOM, and Tony Starks are just a few of the (slightly) re-worked aliases used by some of the top emcees in the game to express their love and appreciation for the genre. Even 80’s rap icon, DMC, has entered the mix by lending a super-powered version of his likeness to a series of graphic novels. Up and coming Atlanta duo, superHero (DJ Ghost & Apollo), are also the kind of artists who would be at home in a televised debate over the merits of Marvel Vs DC…but to say they take things to an extreme would be an understatement. First off, the group is known for performing in full costumed garb as their favorite characters & their debut album “The Middle” is chock full of superhero movie samples guaranteed to keep comic book geeks in sonic paradise for months to come.

We begin our adventure with “In Medias Res,” a mellow track that serves as an introduction to a loopy, humorous spirit that imbues & enriches the entire project. As the song draws to a close the duo scan through hundreds of emails about saving the day before launching into the aptly titled “Saving The Day Pt. 2.” Acrobatic flows are on full display over an undeniably catchy groove with a Pop vibe. It’s refreshing to hear a rap group create their own unique lane instead of following the hardcore path most artists cling to in today’s musical climate. Next up is “The Mask,” another decidedly upbeat cut with comic book references galore that provides the perfect lead in to the crown jewel of the collection – the irresistible “Lifted.” A smooth southern flow combined with an infectious chorus and head nodding beat turn this album cut into something extraordinary. After getting lifted the next step is to get “Higher,” which is exactly what the super team do on the spacey cut. Off-kilter bars are spit over a dream-like track before “Ghost’s Interlude” shakes us out of our reverie with its triumphant soundscape.

“808’s & Hoes” is superHero’s attempt to appease black kids who might feel the group’s music is too mainstream. It’s a strong track that certifies that they’ll soon have fans of ALL ethnic backgrounds on a global scale. “Audio Dope” wins with a fantastic rhythm guitar sample while “Video Games” slows down the pace to cover the topics of bullying, depression, and the day-to-day struggle. When things get tough the group can always play video games. It’s the only time they can be in complete control. “Playstation” continues the “gaming” theme as Apollo mentions being part of a “generation of glitches”…Very clever line. Beats and sound effects bounce around the speakers as the group wonder how they can truly fulfill their destiny as superheroes, when in actuality, they’re mere mortals. “Apollo’s Outro” kicks in with a funky, minimalistic groove that drips with pure soul while “For You” wraps up the proceedings with a zany, go for broke styled cut that informs listeners exactly who they’re making music for, before descending into an ominous outro from The Joker, who declares them too much fun to kill.

superHero is the kind of group Hip Hop needs right now! They aren’t perfect(sometimes the faster beats get the better of ’em & the costume gimmick threatens to overshadow the fact they’re truly talented), but they are extremely gifted artists I for one, hope to see…and especially HEAR more from. Long live superHero! If you want a fun, exciting album to check out, “The Middle” should be at the top of your list!

– Kevin Keith - Insomniac Magazine

"superHero – “The Middle” [EP]"

In this era where it’s unnecessary to subscribe to a genre in music, superHero is a stand out hip hop duo with a very original sound. Meshing rap, rock, electro, and more, they are creating their own lane. Their newest project, “The Middle” provides Audio Dope for the masses, showcasing a bunch of new sounds. The duo is inspired by superheroes, and it reflects in their music, making for a more cinematic listening experience. Check out the new tape and be on the look out for more. - Mechanical Dummy

"Review: superHero Release The Middle – Now the true battle begins"

I dig concept albums. It’s like a good audio book, only more exciting.

You’ll definitely want to check our interview with superHero. Today it’s all about their album The Middle.

The Middle represents the beginning of the true battle.

Can superHero remain true to self or will they give into the pressures to conform to the mainstream?

You will be relieved to know the knights and their armor are built to last. Holding up against the pressures, The Middle is a refreshing journey through modern Hip Hop frequencies…thankfully, far from what you hear in mainstream rap.

Very engaging production, an array of stylistic pleasantries, some ill flows and conceptual lyrics come together to form a solid album from the young superHero duo; which consists of DJ Ghost and Apollo of Round Table Music.

This a great record to just jam to. Let loose and grove to. Turn up loud and nod your head to. My personal favorites are “Lifted”, “Higher”, and “Apollo’s Outro” but there is plenty of goodness in these 12 tracks for everyone.

I’ve been listening to this one on and off for weeks and still hasn’t gotten old. A few of the songs will even get stuck in your head so beware.

If you want to know more about the creative process behind this music, be sure to check out our interview. After listening to the album, how they made it becomes even more impressive.

Go support superHero. - Middle Tennessee Music

"Saving The Day: Interview With Hip-Hop Duo DJ Ghost & Apollo"

1) What inspired you to be a part of the music industry?

Apollo: I just got addicted to the process of music creation. I started to have so much fun with it that I decided to share it with other people. And then I realized the power behind music, so I wanted make something transcendent and generational.

dJ Ghost: I just wanted to make beats like Kanye and J Dilla. At one point I almost quit, but I didn’t because people actually started liking my beats and wanted to rap over them. So I kept at it.

2) Talk to me about the making of your latest project – The Middle. What was the inspiration behind it?

dJ Ghost: The main inspiration behind the album and the concept in general is Madvillain. If there is a mad villain in hip-hop, shouldn’t there be a superHero? Superhero films of today and interestingly enough Quentin Tarantino films also inspire it.

Apollo: That’s a Ghost question. I was just there.

3) What was the process behind making the project?

Apollo: So Ghost presented me with the idea of album, full tracklist and everything. I was immediately on board. It really kicked off when we produced the beat for “Lifted”. After that we realized we could pull this off. So we worked our asses off to finish it and present it to the masses.

dJ Ghost: It took us a 14 months to write, produce, and engineer the entire album by ourselves (most of it was completed 2 weeks before the album was released). We produced every beat on the album except for “In Medias Res”, which was produced by my friend Stephanie Jordan (she also designed the cover art for the album). And while we were creating this project, we were still mixing and engineering other artists’s songs and albums.

4) What are your thoughts on the hip-hop industry at the moment?

Apollo: I feel like the music industry is in the middle of a major overhaul. With the dawn of the Internet, we have access to all of this data and information. So now artists are getting to create what they want to make instead of what they’re expected to make. I just want to be a part of it, you feel me?

dJ Ghost: I think this is the closest hip-hop has been to a ‘Golden Age’ since the early 90s because of the variety of sounds and voices in the game right now. However, two problems exist:

The over saturation of the genre, which has allowed anyone to be a star, even if they’re not talented.
The mainstream still sounds the same. There are all of these different voices and takes in the genre now, but the radio still sounds like the same song.
5) Do you enjoy grinding it out independently or would you prefer to be signed to a major label?

dJ Ghost: Right now, I like being independent because of the creative freedom. But I’m not going to lie it’s definitely harder to reach millions of people because you have to do it by yourself and you have limited resources, especially compared to the artists signed to a major label. Maybe my opinion will change in a year or two, I don’t know. We’ll see.

Apollo: I’m staying independent. Fuck your label. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have those resources, but I am going to compromise my art for it? Hell no.

6) What do you think goes into building a loyal fanbase?

dJ Ghost: Creating good music, reaching out to the fans whenever possible and touring. Lots of touring. You got to meet them face to face.

Apollo: Good music and loving what you do. Show them that you’re just like them because you are.

7) What sort of online promo and marketing are you doing to reach your fanbase?

dJ Ghost: Just conversing on Twitter and getting in touch with blogs and magazines to review and promote our music.

Apollo: That’s also a Ghost question.

8) As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Apollo: I brand myself as a people’s man. I don’t write about anything people don’t understand or can’t relate to. I don’t want to be flashy; I just want to be myself.

dJ Ghost: I just share the music and let it do the talking. The music is the brand. The music is all that matters.

9) Where do you distribute and promote your music and why do you think this channel works best for you?

Apollo: I distribute and promote my music on Soundcloud and Twitter. It’s mainly because I’m broke, but also because it allows easy access to the music for everybody. (égé-apollo &

dJ Ghost: Right now superHero will be distributed on The Round Table’s Soundcloud ( Shout out to the collective!

Also any beats I made that I think are cool or produced for other rappers get posted on my Soundcloud. ( & As of right now, Soundcloud is our best option because it’s the fastest and easiest way to get our music out. - Stop The Breaks

"superHero - The Middle"

The Round Table is a label based out of Atlanta, Georgia, founded in 2012 by five black Georgia Tech students. The label defines itself as a ‘hip-hop collective,’ one that brings together young artists who have dedicated themselves to honing their craft and their music. The artist in question for this review is superHero. His new record is ‘The Middle.’

‘The Middle’ seems to be a continuation of a project that superHero has already put out. It continues the story of the character superHero and his ‘internal struggle to remain genuine.’ He’s pressured by mainstream media to conform his sound but he’s fighting these pressures to maintain his artistic integrity. Right off of the bat, ‘The Middle’ essentially introduces itself as a hip-hop concept record.

The most redeemable part of ‘The Middle’ is its production. The songs are inventive and refreshing. The beats don’t feel stereotypical or recycled like many projects and the fine use of samples, back-up vocals, and extra instruments define the album as quite a good contemporary hip-hop project. Take ‘Audio Dope,’ for example. Bongos accent the already powerful beats and a stellar electric guitar riff drives the whole tune. There’s even a ‘Dark Knight’ sample on ‘Video Games.’

Lyrically, the record is very interesting as it follows an outline of the adventures of superHero. ‘Higher’ is a stand-out with its poignant lyrics about education and society. He rhymes and raps his way through pieces excellently. I love ‘808’s & Hoes;’ the production of that song is absolutely cinematic. (I also love the reference to the Roland TR-808 – a reference that Kanye West popularized a while ago.)

I love hearing genuinely good independent rap and hip-hop. I’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating: the indie rap genre has a strong tendency to be cringeworthy. ‘The Middle’ is a fantastic collection of songs that defy that stigma at every turn. The production is probably more noteworthy than the performances, but both can stand on their own as strong entities. It’s one of the better hip-hop records of this season. - Indiemunity

"superHero Debut Album: The Middle"

Atlanta based rappers Apollo and DJ Ghost have teamed up to form superHero. They’re a hip hop duo that tips its hat toward the comic-book-themed backpack-rap side of the genre. Think: Del The Funky Homosapien or MF doom. Not an easy genre to successfully break into, but it seems like superHero is well on their way to doing just that.

Their debut album “The Middle” is like an album in comic book form. The mood of the record takes you on a journey from amped up tracks like “Audio Dope” to more soulful joints like “Lifted” or “Playstation.” Samples from movies like Batman and Spiderman fill in the interludes along with some very tastefully placed cuts from Lana Del Rey and Kendrick Lamar. It’s a story of a super hero who is questioning the difference between good and evil. It’s the story of a super hero who has lost his way.

But talking about the album doesn’t do it justice. You need to hear it. Stream the album for free on the superHero Soundcloud page or download the it on their record label’s website: The Round Table. - The New Lo-Fi

"Interview with The Round Table – soulful Hip Hop, mixing on guitar amps and more"

The Round Table is a Hip Hop collective of creative talents that came together at Georgia Tech several years ago. Self-taught and self-motivated, this dedicated group started out in the dorms mixing on guitar amps and have since moved onto a plane of greater knowledge, better equipment, and more focus than ever before.

Below, Apollo and DJ Ghost talk about the history and the present of the group. Be sure to follow the links to show your support.

Who / what is The Round Table? How long have you been creating together?

Apollo: The Round Table is a collective. More specifically, it is a hip-hop collective composed of me (Zaccheus), Kevin (dJ Ghost), Kwaku (Sakima), Aaron (AJ Bank$y) and Xavier. We all met our freshmen year at Georgia Tech and at the time we were the only ones rapping and making music, so we kind of just stayed together.

dJ Ghost: We’ve been making music together for 3 years now.

How did this collective come about? Was it a natural evolution or did you plan this?

dJ Ghost: It originally started with Kwaku, when he asked Zac to mix his first mixtape Summer 2012. Zach mixed the mixtape on his guitar amp in his dorm. This is way before we could afford studio monitors. So, after the mixtape dropped, Zac introduced me to Kwaku and Kwaku pitched me his idea for The Round Table (at the time Zac was the only one that knew I produced beats). And the rest is history.

Apollo: It was definitely a natural evolution. It was a freak occurrence, like it wasn’t suppose to happen but it did. Like Kevin said, I first starting mixing on my guitar amps and Kevin didn’t know how to mix at all. But we taught ourselves how-to mix and with time and experience (and better equipment) we have been able to produce near-professional CD quality audio. And as we were getting better at audio engineering, the rest of the group continued to improve as rappers and as artists. So yeah, it definitely has been a natural progression.

Who or what inspires your music? What pushes you to keep making it?

dJ Ghost: As far as superHero is concerned, the inspiration behind the music and concept can be traced back to three artists: Madvillain, J Dilla, and Kanye West. Honestly, just becoming better as an artist and inspiring people with my music is what pushes me to keep making it.

Apollo: Everything inspires me, just the world and all of the people in it because at the end of the day, that’s who we make music for. There’s a kid out in the world afraid to do something or think a certain way and if I can make a track to tell that kid that he’s not alone, even if it’s just one person, then it was worth it.

What was the last song you listened to?

Apollo: The last two songs I listened to were “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu and “Mothership Connection” by Parliament-Funkadelic.

dJ Ghost: The last two songs I listened to were “Rebound” by Asha and “Potholderz” by MF Doom and Count Bas D.

What should listeners expect when they click play on the new single “Lifted”?

dJ Ghost: Listeners should expect a soulful sound to vibe to.

Apollo: Expect to hear something that you’ve never heard before, but something that you immediately connect with. And don’t take it at face value, it’s not a regular song.

Do you perform live or tour? Where can people catch you in the physical?

Apollo: We just performed at our 3rd Annual Georgia Tech Concert on April 17th. We also opened for Hoodie Allen at Georgia Tech’s Homecoming Concert last October.

dJ Ghost: Right now, we’re just working on expanding our fan base, but a tour is in the works. Otherwise, the only place to catch us in the physical is on campus.

Where can we connect with you online? Check out the music?

Apollo: You can follow me on Twitter @Protege_AoS and on Soundcloud at @protegeapollo.

dJ Ghost: You can follow me on Twitter @blckkevin and on Soundcloud @djghost63. But more importantly go follow The Round Table on Soundcloud!!! (And like us on Facebook)

Any last thoughts? Words of wisdom? Shout outs?

dJ Ghost: Shout-out to Burblife Crew, Rica G., Kamryn, Kyle and all of our fans that support us! We love you guys!

Apollo: We’re always working. Always expect new music. I’m currently working on my solo album, so you’ll be hearing that soon. I don’t believe in complacency. Don’t wait, go make the future. And thank you Middle Tennessee Music for the opportunity. - Middle Tennessee Music

"superHero: The Middle"

So there's this music collective that is generally comprised of Georgia Tech students. The Round Table. There's a sub-group though, superHero, the mysterious duo.

From watching The Round Table I always wondered who this "super hero" was, often seeing the name credited for engineering most of the collective's tracks.

This morning I found out who the superHero is.

The duo of Apollo & Ghost make up superHero and they released their debut early this morning. The Middle. Listen, I'm really digging this. Always skeptical when hearing that a rapper or group is from Atlanta because sound is typically the same, but superHero is far from the same. This album is pretty good.

Comparable to Odd Future's Mellowhype, superHero released their 12-track debut album via Soundcloud early this morning. An album that took months to construct, and the effort is very noticeable. Each track is presented in a form of a breaking news broadcast that is often shown in superhero comics and shows with many snippets from popular movies adapted from superhero comics, such as Batman and Spider-man, superHero mixes amazing production with playful, yet witty lyrics. Many tracks establishing them as the stoner duo, and others establishing them as the more fun and lively duo, superHero proves a lot to offer, and from the start all the way until the finish, superHero keeps the attention. Well, they kept my attention.

Lifted was the initial single released and then followed Audio Dope. Two of the most popular tracks off of the album, but my personal favorites are The Mask, because it's reminds me of Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y's Huey Newton collab, mixed with vintage Mac Miller, and For You, because of it's personal feel to it. For you has the perfect position on the album, I believe, because it's something to be heard when it is all said and done. It's the proper goodbye, but I'll let you check it out below. - Dead, Inc.


"superHero Saturdays" Collection by superHero (2016)

"Secret Identity" - Single by superHero (2016)

Morales" - Single by superHero (2016)

"The Middle" by superHero (2015)



Kevin Jones (aka dJ Ghost) and Zaccheus Stewart (aka Apollo) first met their freshmen year at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). Both realized the others deep appreciation and love for the technical aspects of music (production, mixing, etc.) and instantly became friends. Soon thereafter, they formed a music production/mixing duo called superHero. For the first two years, they produced, mixed and mastered hundreds of songs for artists at Georgia Tech and in the Metro-Atlanta area. In 2015, they decided to step from behind the boards and into the recording booth and released their first album The Middle to great critical response, which allowed them to perform at the 2015 A3C Conference & Festival. Recently they have put their resources together to create a new blog/platform, Universe458, and are set to release their next album, The Beginning on December 30th, 2016.

Band Members