BandHip Hop

An innovative sound combining HIP HOP with pure lyricism to create a unique sound enjoyable by all!


I am bringing REAL HIP HOP back to the days of the lyricist! For over a decade I have been perfecting my style and standing out above rest. My influences are unlimited because I indulge in anything flavorful including R&B, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz, Country, Alternative Rock, and of course REAL HIP HOP!

Born in Detroit byway of Poughkeepsie, NY, byway of San Antonio, Texas. SA Town is home but I am currently in Atlanta pursuing my goals within the industry that I will call REAL HIP HOP.


Ridin Around the Square Dime, Vol. 1 (Mix tape)
Featured original tracks- Identity Crisis & 210

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Also previously released tracks- Texasology & Tradin Places

Set List

Identity Crisis
Tradin Places

20 minute sets