SuperLast is an Altenative Rock band from Detroit which sounds like a modern cross between the Doors, The Who & The Beatles but somehow manages to stay completely original sounding.


In a classic example of life mimicking art. Five experienced Detroit musicians came together to record a studio project. During this process they began to put so much heart and soul into the tracks they were cutting, that the record became very personal to each one of them.
The project became a CD release “American Lunatic” (Audiostone Records 2009) and the musicians became a band,SuperLast.
With special guest performances by Pete Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) & Mike Smith (HowlingDiablos,Face,KEG), American Lunatic is overflowing with instant classics. Strong, hook-laden melodies and inventive music with a deep, dark edge are the band’s calling card.
Frontman and vocalist Mike Azuri explains, “What we have tried to achieve is a natural bridge between Modern and Classic rock.” Legendary music promoter Tom Gelardi had this to say after listening to his advance copy of American Lunatic, “Great songs and a wonderful performance by the singer and the band. This group definitely needs to be seen in a live performance !”


MIKE AZURI - Lead Vocals

RICH PYLE - Drums & Percussion

JOHNNY Q. - Guitar, Backing vocals

TIM REAMER - Guitar & Keyboards,Backing vocals

TIM DOWNS - Bass Guitar,Backing vocals

The members of SuperLast have performed at such venues as, DTE Music Theatre,Phoenix Ampitheatre, St. Andrews Hall, Whiskey a Go Go etc. They have opened shows for many top international stars such as Kid Rock, Beastie Boys, Ted Nugent, Eddie Money, Clutch etc.
SuperLast has set out to bring their music to the world.
SuperLast is a sensation waiting to happen. BE THERE !!!


American Lunatic 2009