Austin, Texas, USA

“…good music is good music. The songs are all fully realized with sonic guitar work and percussion providing the backdrop for the creeping lyrics of Patrick Husband. The entire outfit gives a Talking Heads-meets-Spoon-meets-Ghostland Observatory vibe.” – Sean Claes, Notes from the Cubicle

“Bouncy, groovy and eclectic, they offer plenty of evidence that rock can be intriguingly experimental and accessible at the same time.” – Patrick Caldwell,

“…their debut release balances ea


“A whimsical mode of transportation to tour the realms of rock, indie and experimental music.”

As self-proclaimed southern gentlemen, the members of Austin-based band SuperLiteBike put their all into making sure anyone that hears their music – on a recording and especially live – has an unquestionably rockin’ time. As a band, playing live is always one of their favorite things to do, and they believe the magnitude of their audience’s live concert experience is directly related to the fun outwardly displayed on stage. Good times are always contagious – and that’s what they are all about. And their hefty following of fans would undoubtedly agree as they have experienced the electricity generated during a SuperLiteBike show. Containing that energy to record their debut release, Away We Go, has proven to be quite the ride. Released May 2010, the album is meant to be heard in its entirety and as a result promises to take the listener on a galactic voyage.

Band members include Patrick Husband on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys and trumpet, Jackson Ellis III on bass & back up vocals, Travis Larrew on lead guitar, and Rob Edmiston on drums.

The band co-produced the album with Nick Jay, sound engineer and bass player for Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. It was recorded at The Bubble in Austin with the guidance and expertise of owner Chris “Frenchie” Smith and co-owner Alex Lyon. The band is managed by Christee Albino who also works for the Texas Chapter of The Recording Academy (The GRAMMY Association). The band not only has high hopes and aspirations, but has some great folks on their support team who will collectively bring them to the next level of success.

The quartet's previous band, A Pocketful of Deng, took off playing show after show, winning Battle of the Bands and even touring together. Even with all the success they were experiencing, it just never felt “right.” They had arrived at the creative cusp of evolving musically from what they collectively represented in that band. It was time to move forward from these parameters so they mutually decided to form a “new sound and new attitude” which would become, SuperLiteBike.

Their individual musical interests soar across the spectrum of styles varying from metal, classic, country, jazz, electro and even opera. The only band that without question can be found in all of their collections is Radiohead, but they do share common goals when it comes to making and performing music. That is to let the music “stem from spontaneity” and allow it to “write itself through the emotions of the musicians” according to lead singer Patrick, whose vast background includes studying operatic techniques and becoming a two-time National Association for Teachers of Singing (N.A.T.S.) finalist.

He adds, “We try to be different than ourselves and allow the music to just be. We are not afraid to make music that is outside our own genre.” They prefer not to be classified so adamantly that they scrap a song the moment it sounds recognizable but will admit “melodic rock” sums up their musical style well. Jackson comments, “Sometimes we can be melodic and still rock. It’s a whirlwind.”


Lets see a Jet Plane

Written By: Patrick Husband

And I dream a lot about you
Wonder where you are too
I was fine before I saw you
Now I am a poor fool
And you know about it
Do you know about it
If there was one thing that I could do
Its touch your beautiful face

And I dream a lot about you
Terribly want to tell you
That I want you for my love
Try you forever
Tryin' not to fall out
Of your open door

Talk on the mike
Step forward
Dont give a damn
Who is out there
Go ahead and pass a law
I'll live in walls with bars
But I'll say it loud

And I want to tell you
Like never ever before
And I feel you, feel you
Like never ever before

And I dream a lot about you

Unbelievable Party! Cool.

Written By: Patrick Husband

It's not that you want 'em,
It's just we see that you got 'em,
And now we cant live without 'em,
Because we've done that before.

Travel all over the world,
In search of the causes of love,
Talk to the specialists there,
But nobody knows.

You want one too,
But try not to bite off more than you can chew,
You take one and if it don't cost a ton,
You take another one,
Just for fun.

It's not that you want 'em,
It's just we see that you got 'em,
And now we cant live without 'em,
Because we've done that before.

Dig to the bottom,
And as we take one and pass 'em around,
From person to person,
Just like a hot potato.

One for the money,
Two for the truth,
Three to get ready to burn my hand.

Open your mind for free,
And as you watch that temperature risin' baby,
Feel my soul reach out for you.

I say its a beatiful day,
Can you please come my way,
Can you please come now,

Unbelievable particle...

Hey kid!
Head on straight
Head on straight

Hey kid keep your head on straight!
Head on straight
Levitate! Yeah.

Raise the Colors

Written By: Patrick Husband

Freedom comes when you don't really care what they say,
So come on everybody move in a free-like way,
Come on and get your body in gear,
Let your body imitate what you hear,

We are the free world!
Move like you're free,
Three four one.

Move like you're free cuz you're already there you just have to believe,
If peace is a state of mind, freedom is a galaxy.

Yeah yeah we're on the move...
Yeah yeah we're already there...

You get the funny feelin',
You know you've had it all along,
The free world risin'.

On to the Next

Written By: Patrick Husband

Do you believe in me?
Can you believe what you can't see?
Do you know what's in store?
Like you've been there before?
Can you tap into a sort of hidden resource?

I wanna save you from my world,
I want to take you into space,
as we turn to watch it all disintegrate.

I wanna tell you how I feel,
but the words never seem to come out the way that I really want them to.
But that's ok.

Millions of molecules are searching for new homes.

I wanna save you from my world
why can't I tell you how I'm really feeling?
I wanna take you up real high
maybe my insecurities are showing
but that's ok.

I wanna save. I wanna save you from my world. I wanna take you up into space. I wanna tell you. tell you how I'm feeling. maybe my insecurities are...

The Rescue

Written By: Patrick Husband

Deep Water,
Tell me...
Where does your power come from?

Lay me down in
Deep Water
Lay me...
Was it the same when you were young?

Run as fast as the hero runs.
Run to helicopter.
To the rescue scene.
Courageous being.
Will you follow?


"Away We Go" LP
Debut Album Released May 2010
Available on iTunes, CD Baby and at

1. That’s a Lot of Adhesive: A slightly melancholic celebration of the valleys of life.

2. Raise the Colors: Encourages living outside of parameters imposed by society – living free from the judgment of others.

3. The Great Erie: A song about transition.

4. Something with Spectrum: A song about the common thread of humanity – “we are all the same on the inside.”

5. On to the Next: An old Pocketful of Deng song about life experience.

6. The Rescue: The beautiful, lazy guitar lead invokes a sense of happiness.

7. Home: Based on the idea of stepping into the role of an astronaut and beholding the greatness of our planet from space.

8. Unbelievable Party!!! Cool: A song about “keeping up with the Jones’ dance moves.

9. See Change: A song expressing the realization that your time is not your own.

10. Let’s See a Jet Plane: Dream, but don’t lose yourself while trying to achieve it.

Set List

That's A Lot of Adhesive
Raise the Colors
See Changes
Unbelievable Party! Cool.
The Rescue
Let's See a Jet Plane
Such Magic Potion

All songs written by SuperLiteBike