Astoria, New York, USA

Supermajor is a melodic rock band from New York City that loves big choruses, vocal harmony, and laser sounds. Fusing elements of old-school alternative music, the indie rock the kids are all talking about these days, and powerpop, they will melt your face AND your heart.


Supermajor formed in late 2008 with the goal of producing big, anthemic music with lots of vocal harmony and the occasional laser sound. and almost immediately established themselves as one of the tallest bands around. Their first show was played to an enthusiastic audience at New York City's sadly departed Ace of Clubs in March of 2009, and they've been building momentum, an audience and a secret underground fortress ever since. Their debut, eponymous EP, was the product of a young band, but demonstrated the maturity of a fine wine, or a really big tree. 

Since its release, they've been touching music fans (not literally) on the east coast and beyond, establishing themselves as a must-see live experience. Tours have taken them to Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Louisville, and points in between. In 2013, a second EP appeared: LIJE, which ran the gamut from get-you-up-and-dancing grooves like "Cemetery Eyes" to the sprawling grandeur of "A Little Piece of the Sun."

Supermajor can't stop, and they won't stop. They've seen a lot, played a lot, and loved a lot...and that love - of music, of performing, of reaching out and connecting with an audience through song - carries them forward like a comet barreling through the inky blackness of space toward the next bright star.


Cemetery Eyes

Written By: Adam Swiderski

Listen, I've been thinking. I'm told this town is sinking.
I built a blind to bide us, I saw the shape behind the shade.

Here's how the firmament falls. You looked so monumental.
There was no blade to bury. No fate for ordinary girls.

I couldn't wait to say you were so beautiful, so beautiful a frame.
These habits melt away. You were so beautiful, so beautiful.

But I know I was carried home,
And I, oh, I will bed with bones.
And I know I have sleep to spare,
But I won't lie in your cemetery eyes.

Listen, I've been setting. My memory's made for shedding.
Just raise a stone that marks me, clothed in a dimming's darker drain.

And it starts, the same, old swerving. In the end, no one's deserving.
Flickers in the film come slowly. Milled measures run from what we owed.

I couldn't weather well. You were so beautiful, so beautiful a shell.
These levees never held. You were so beautiful, so beautiful.

But I know I am heavy still.
And I, oh, I was lost and willing.
I know I left something there,
But I won't lie in your cemetery eyes.

I know I am wearing thin,
And I, oh, I've been drunk on cinders.
I know I have breaks to bear,
But I won't lie in your Cemetery Eyes.

I'm a Receiver

Written By: Adam Swiderski

Wake up! The sky is falling but your sister's calling on the landlocked line.
Tell her you missed the magic with your lids still sagging over bloodshot eyes.

So, go on! The clock's been ticking. There's no point in sticking to your pretty plan.
Turn in your telepathic trip and let the status slip right through your hands.

Cessation remains unswayed.
The signal could not be saved.
But everything comes in waves,
And I'm a receiver.

The days have all greyed and gone.
But still, stationary, strong,
You're letting your light grow long.
And I'm a receiver

Come through! The system's shaking to the beat you're breaking open in your head.
Shake off this real reflection. Practice makes projection, so the siren said.

If static has run astray,
Direction is worth its weight,
But the edges are unafraid,
And I"m a receiver.

Conclusions fall in foregone,
But the pattern is still undrawn,
Now they're selling it for a song,
And I'm a receiver.


Set List

Original songs and the occasional cover plucked from various sources ('80s New Wave, musical theater, today's pop and indie rock). Set can run up to 3 hours. Song titles:

Sound the Alarm
Kids Will Have a Blast Probing the Heavens
I'm a Receiver
Message From Zero
In the Weeds
No Sun
Your Drift Is a Drug
What I'm Sorry For
Cemetery Eyes
A Little Piece of the Sun
The Last Great Lie
Memo 93
Signs of Life
Shake Shake

Current Covers:

"Under Pressure" - David Bowie/Queen
"Fake Plastic Trees" - Radiohead
"Major Tom/Coming Home" - Pete Schilling
"It's End of the World As We Know It" - REM
"Never Been Any Reason" - Head East
"Wake Up" - The Arcade Fire