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"Bands Battle"

The favourite of the night was evident in part by the crowd assembled at the stage when Supermarine entered. Clearly enjoying the final slot of the night, Supermarine also had the added bonus of playing a crowd that had been drinking for most of the night.

Supermarine radiated with that special confidence that a band gains from having been around the block a few times. It’s rather obvious that they are heavily influenced by the big southern rock acts of the 70s and 80s and, furthermore, that this genre fits perfectly for a bar.

When they started jumping in unison, I even cracked a smile feeling the energy of a band just enjoying the moment. In hindsight it seems hilariously tacky, but I guess it fit the moment. I believe that any band can basically win over a crowd with two things: stage presence and a tight set. Supermarine had both, and it paid off.

Supermarine was a shoo-in for the win they finally pulled off. They had the markings of a real band, not a spur-of-the-moment pastime or last-minute musical adventure. Is Supermarine original? No, but they at least have taken something musically and made it theirs.

Were they the deserving winner of the evening? I feel that they were, and now they will have the chance to compete for even greater rewards in March when they go to the finals. Upon taking the stage for an encore, Supermarine finished off another fun, but still underwhelming Last Band Standing. - The Cord (WLU)


The Horizons EP (2005):
I Can't Understand
Come On Home
The Time that we Think
Waiting For You

I've Got Tomorrow (2007):

Hold onto The Dream
On My Way
Thank You All
Let It Go
Come Around
I'm Ready
I've Got Tomorrow
It's Alright Now
Hey Man!
The Connection
A Dream

Horizons sees radio play on campus radio including CKMS and CJIQ. Now I've Got Tomorrow is being played in Kitchener Waterloo. Hey Man was played on Hamilton's y108.



Nathan Wettlaufer on lead vocals, Stephane Coutu on drums, John Heil on lead guitar, Winston Churchill on bass guitar, and Scott James Mitchell on guitar comprise Supermarine. As each member plays an important role in the direction of the music, the sound of Supermarine is not easily defined. However, it's safe to say that these guys are ready to show everyone what rock n roll is all about!

Given the collaborative nature of Supermarine's creative process there is a breadth and depth of influence that is far beyond what could be mentioned here. However, the influences most apparent in the music range from classic rock influences such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and the Who, to more recent influences like: Sloan, Oasis, and Matthew Good Band.

In December of 2005 the HORIZONS EP emerged after only month of recording. Six tracks represent the burgeoning sound of four indie rockers with a flair for the jam. For twelve months the band supported the release and discovered the art of performance. It is a fact that although the recording sound is solid, they are absolutely magnetic on stage. With the debut release outdated Supermarine had returned to the studio with I'VE GOT TOMORROW. This new album explores the themes of the HORIZONS EP but points in several new directions.