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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Supermarionation and Otaku live at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow"

First of these were Supermarionation who, it turned out, were from Edinburgh. Being decent chaps, this threesome extended their set to fill the gap left by the missing bands. I've noticed before that the standard of musicianship tends to get better the further east you go in this country and Supermarionation proved no exception. A neat and tidy little pop rock band, they nailed their songs to the wall in a melodic, good natured and almost damnably polite way. - Bluesbunny Music Reviews

"Kowalskiy (Belated) Belated Review #5"

Supermarionation - On The Fly EP

Was I the only one who heard the name Supermarionation and expected some geeky kid who'd locked himself in his bedroom, hooked his old SNES up to his laptop and set about recreating the Super Mario World soundtrack? No, just me? Well anyway, that couldn't be further from the truth here. They're a 3-piece from Edinburgh who tow the fine line between pop-punk and hard-hitting, ballsy rock. Their debut On The Fly EP is most certainly a grower. At first, maybe because of my wrong preconception or my general indifference to the rock genre, I was a bit underwhelmed. Now I've had a month or so to digest it, and taking 'belated' to new extremes in the process, I'm glad to say I appreciate it for what it is... a damn fine debut and I'd even go as far as to say, in places, its ter-riff-ic! Those places are, more often than not, heard on the opening two tracks - the standout, rollicking opener Those Home Girls which (sticking with the computer game theme) could easily be a bonus stage on that heroic guitar-based game, and The Rising Tide. With a combination of the great intro, pounding bassline, and the contrasting Nick Cave-esque vocals, the latter works a treat. The punky The Ashes Of Love has its moments too and shows this trio have a few more strings to their bow. A promising start from "Scotland's hottest up-and-coming new band" (The Metro). - Kowalskiy


On the Fly - Five track EP
Amongst the Northern Lochs - Five track EP



Supermarionation were formed in early 2008 in Edinburgh as a way for friends to test their musical skills on secondary instruments at other people's songs. Following positive responses, the goals were expanded to writing and performing original material culminating in the release of On the Fly in December 2010. The band are now looking to move further afield and bring the Supermariosound to a whole wave of new recipients. A second EP, Amongst the Northern Lochs, showing a gentler side to the band's sound was released in October 2011.