A Colosial force of Rock entertainment! Featuring Matt Mercado from past famous acts and New comer Killa Kat, who “Souls” up the flava. Debut “Scary Baby” Hit stores Nation Wide on March 7th, Darkstar/Synergy European release to debut April 24th, Cargo International.


CHICAGO – The brashly eclectic rock Chicago rock band $UPERMER¢ADO will release its debut, “Scary Baby,” on Dark Star Records this fall.

“We are proud of the CD and can’t wait for people to be able to finally get the music on a disc,” said vocalist Matt Mercado. “The record release show at the Logan Square Auditorium will be great not only because we have never played that stage, but also because we will showcase the entire album, plus more, LIVE on stage.”

Led by the proverbial $UPERMER¢ADO mastermind Matt Mercado, the core of the band has played together for years through the course of a couple bands – Pivotman and Erotic Universe - hitting its stride with $UPERMER¢ADO’s convictive blend of melodic rock, soul vocals, precision guitar metal, and low gut-crunch groove.

Prior to those bands, Mercado led the early ‘90s with Chicago band Mindbomb, which scored a seven-figure deal with Mercury Records and toured the US and Europe with legends such as KISS and Rob Halford. Mindbomb was also featured in many major motion picture soundtracks, including the classics “Cliff Hanger” starring Sylvester Stallone, and “Kalifornia” starring Brad Pitt. Mindbomb disbanded in the late ‘90s.

$UPERMER¢ADO features the lineup of singer/guitarist Matt Mercado, drummer Gregg Potter, bassist John Skender, guitarist Michael Ray Garrett, and rapper/soul singer Cliff “Killa Kat” Hunt. Potter, a one man drumming extravaganza who has also had experience in the major label world, and Skender, a rock veteran with intricate bass licks and solid grooves, have played with Mercado since 1998. Garrett, a working man’s shredder and G.I.T., in-your-face fret master, and Hunt, a soulful-voiced singer with an urban street feel, are the newest recruits, completing the band’s diverse sound.

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Supermercado "Scary Baby"
"Scary Baby" added to 154 College radio stations March 2006.
Featured on internet radio stations like "".

Set List

1. Ditch Kitty
2. Scary Baby
3. Sparkz
4. Segue
5. Supermercado
6. Turn It On
7. Tried 2 Save u
8. Bitch @$$
9. Cult Of Personality (Living Color)
10. Highway Star (Deep Purple)
11. Leather Me$$iah
12. Pookie