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This band has not uploaded any videos



"This Is Our Jam: Super Minotaur, "Thug Killings""

“Thug Killings,” a track where lines like “come at me bro” address cultural violence, and the drug references are as tongue-in-cheek as it gets. This isn't to say these lo-fi punks are somehow profound, but the self-aware immaturity does come off as charming if you're in the right mood. Then again, an EP called Hawaii Pee probably isn't for everybody. - Refinery29

"Super Minotaur – “Locals Only” (video premiere)"

"Much like the music itself the video is very much so a DIY affair.... a bizarre yet tongue-in-cheek portrait of a shark funeral.... some water, some fire, and strangely enough some blood shed as well. Dig on it...." - Portals Music

"audio stream :: Super Minotaur > Thug Killings"

Hopefully, Super Minotaur will come East and play some shows in NYC at some point in the not-too-distant future. - Gimme Tinnitus

"Premiere: Super Minotaur's Werewolf"

"Werewolf" is a ripper with a great guitar riff, but it reminds me more of 50s surf movies than of John Landis's classic 80s horror-comedy. - Chicago Reader

"(Premiere) Super Minotaur: "Thug Killings""

Taken from their upcoming Hawaii Pee EP, Chicago area based three piece Super Minotaur’s “Thug Killings” crystallizes this phenomenon as a thoroughly self-aware mix of dead pan exposition and sensationalist anecdotes of drugs, violence, and machismo slogans. It’s a little bit 60 Minutes and way more rock and roll. The big drum rolls and just-so distorted guitar melodies smack of a mid-90s malaise signal that this track, just like its distant gangster rap cousins, is quintessentially party music and the who gives a shit attitude that motivates the track makes it as fun as it could be overly heavy. So, party on and such. - International Tapes

"Super Minotaur > Locals Only"

Straight outta South Bend, IN comes the “80's hardcore meets beach pop” of Super Minotaur. Cold Slice Cassettes (of Chicago) recently released the self-titled cassette which has 9 tracks and only lasts 19 minutes. - Gimme Tinnitus

"Gossip Wolf"

New Chicago/South Bend trio Super Minotaur recently posted a free demo of sloppily fuzzed-out punk on their Bandcamp page, and they've already found a fan in Odd Future and Wavves PR rep Heathcliff Berru! Logan Square/Humboldt Park label Cold Slice Cassettes will release their debut full-length, Dead Dino, on Tue 3/20. - Chicago Reader

"Super Minotaur at the Empty Bottle"

There’s a certain early 90s alternative pop rock desperation lying somewhere underneath all that fuzz. The vocals nearly disappear in the mix, but what you do hear bleeds a certain sarcasm that heavily reminds me of Bruce McCulloch of Canadian comedic quartet Kids in the Hall. The end result is only fit for plenty of slam-dancing. - Loud Loop Press

""Mosh on your commute with the fuck-you anthem of 2012""

"While it’s the proven song structures and unbeatable riffs that are responsible for the entertainingly vicious bits that make you want to start a pit of one in your living room, there’s also an interesting power-pop-taken-back-into-the-garage dynamic here." - Impose Magazine

"Mosh on your commute with the fuck-you anthem of 2012"

If someone remade Repo Man or Return of the Living Dead tomorrow, Super Minotaur self-titled would have a track or two on the soundtrack. - Impose Magazine

""Super Minotaur hit the ground running with their first LP""

"Super Minotaur fuel the sunny, fuzzy surf-pop songs on their debut full-length, Dead Dino, with the speed and adrenaline of hardcore punk." - Chicago Reader


'Phantom Brat' demo on bandcamp (2011)
Super Minotaur s/t (2012, Cold Slice Cassettes)
Hawaii Pee EP (2013, Cold Slice Cassettes)

We've been played on WZRD Radio 88.3 FM, WMXM 88.9 FM, Newton Radio, and other independent stations.

Our s/t is on iTunes, Emusic, Band Camp and Spofity.



In October of 2011, Shane started Super Minotaur as a solo hardcore revival project, recording the first "Phantom Brat" demo by himself on a Tascam Portastudio. Shane showed a song he recorded to Adam, his long time friend who had came home from college in December and they recorded a two song demo. Super Minotaur was now a duo. After sending the demo around, Super Minotaur signed with Cold Slice Cassettes to release their debut full length, which was a self titled cassette. They recruited their buddy Leni to join the band and record the tape. They are now a trio. The self titled album came out on March 20, 2012 and was accompanied by a headlining show at Chicago's The Empty Bottle. Since the release of Super Minotaurs debut they have performed at many venues in Chicago including The Empty Bottle, The Whip, WZRD Radio, Cal's Liqour, and many more. Super Minotaur is now set to release the follow up to their LP, Hawaii Pee EP. Hawaii Pee will come out on 12" vinyl in early 2013 on Cold Slice Cassettes.