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"Is Rock n Roll really dead?"

I was at Toast Martinborough last November where the headline act is always wine, food and friends. The music usually comes in second or third, making it the support act. However, a peculiar thing happened. It was the end of the day and my friends and I were at TK Estate with a few thousand others.

The thing was, I found myself unable to hold a conversation because the band on stage kept drawing my attention. There was something about them, a charisma, a stage presence...the X-factor. Much like the experience of seeing Semi Precious Weapons live, it was the feeling that you were in the company of some future "Gods of Rock" and you couldn't help but stop and stare.

This almighty band that held my attention was called "Supermodel", a band from Wellington comprising of Mark Hanify (guitar, vocals), Rose Hanify (vocals, keys), Tony Kemp (drums) and Michael White (bass, vocals).

Their second single, Send me Dreaming, is quite an anthem and they're off for a headlining NZ tour next month, so get to see them before you have to fight to get tickets! Check out their tunes and tour dates here and get tickets here. Mark my words, New Zealand, they're the next big thing! - Chaz Harris -

"Supermodel Review"

New Zealand has a 99% literacy rate, is 17 hours ahead of Washington, DC, has 41 airports, and is home to 8% of it’s native Polynesian Maori peoples. Before I became aware of a band called Supermodel, I hadn’t thought to learn these tidbits of info. Supermodel has made me care! You can dub this group of four ‘rock’, but that seems too shallow of a description for what they do. They actually make us think of both George Michael and The Cure, yet sound not much like either of the two; it’s more about the feeling and the quality. “Send Me Dreaming” is an arm-waving anthem, with a sentimental lighters-in-the-air quality to it. “Walk of Shame” and it’s accompanying video form a clever public announcement on (excessive) drinking and partying and the dreaded morning after. Supermodel is currently on a national tour, and will hopefully go international soon after. Here’s another fact: Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. World, meet Supermodel. - DMMcompany


Walk of Shame (2008)
Send Me Dreaming (2010)



Formed in 2006 and collectively lead by the clear-voiced, half-showtune/half-crooner informed vocal delivery of their charismatic lead singer/songwriter Mark Hanify, Supermodel is the most invigorating new melodic rock act to emerge out of Wellington, New Zealand in recent times.

Structured around comparable musical traditions to those existed within by the likes of Queen, Muse and The Strokes, Supermodel is a four-piece band made up of Mark on lead vocals/guitar, his sister Rose on keyboards, Michael White on bass and Tony Kemp on drums. All top-tier singers, Rose, Michael and Tony provide lush backing vocals, fleshing out Mark�s melody and harmony centralised song-writing into powerfully vibrant stadium size arrangements. Lyrically dealing with the key themes of love and adversity, Supermodel make songs for soul searching. Emotive and moving, their music serves as a comforting reminder that more often then not, things will be alright.

All lifelong musicians, since inception, Supermodel have played support across the country to the cr�me de la cr�me of commercial acts in New Zealand, performing everywhere, from humble pubs in Wanganui to The cavernous TSB Arena in Wellington. Having opened for the likes of Midnight Youth, Gin Wigmore, The Feelers, Jonny Love, Frankie Stevens and Dane Rumble, Supermodel have entertained crowds of up to 15,000 at outdoor events such as The Jackson Street Fiesta, The Island Bay Festival and Toast Martinborough.

Recently featured on TV1�s Good Morning Show, Supermodel is currently drafting material for their forthcoming debut album. Building around well-received singles such as �The Walk of Shame� and their current release �Send Me Dreaming� (and it�s excellent Ivan Slavov directed/produced video clip), this June, following a national tour in May, Supermodel will venture to the UK to record with respected Welsh producer Greg Haver (Opshop, Manic Street Preachers) and make a few keynote showcase performances.

Having received extensive radio/TV support from the New Zealand B.Net, Kiwi FM and Juice TV, and with the unreserved backing of Opshop�s Jason Kerrison behind them, Supermodel are moving on a swift trajectory upwards. Mostly importantly though, they make songs they completely love; and given half a chance, so will you.