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Supermodel Twins




LIMERICK four-piece Supermodel Twins have an unerring, breezy power-pop sensibility that suggests they are bronzed Californian surfer dudes rather than pasty-faced dwellers of the grey and dreary backstreets of Frank McCourt’s ‘Angela’s Ashes’.

Supermodel Twins are purveyors of perfect three-minute pop songs that combine intelligent lyrics about love, lust and loneliness with infectious melodies, sinful harmonies and dramatic guitar-crescendos delivered in a Beatles-style swagger. Influenced by the likes of Weezer, Nada Surf and Jimmy Eat World, Supermodel Twins’ sound brims with moments of wry genius that owes more to the genuine pop masterworks of The Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach than its modern day imitators.

The Limerick outfit have been busy perfecting their impeccably produced power-pop in recent months and just recorded their debut single ‘Footprints’ at Grouse Lodge Studios – a delectable slice of wry musical genius that explains why on the back of their first demo the band have already been hailed as “one of the most thrilling new Irish acts of 2008” (Green and Live, Limerick Live 95FM).

To date Supermodel Twins have completed 2fm sessions, featured on Tom Dunne’s ‘Pet Sounds’ as artist of the week, played the IMRO finals at ‘The Village’, Dublin, and have performed at ‘The Barfly’, London. They’ve received inspiring reviews, both live and on recordings, at home and overseas.

Supermodel Twins will strut their stuff this May when they unleash their debut single ‘Footprints’.


Footprints (Debut Single) Available for streaming at

Set List

1. Apartment.
2. You're Not What I Need.
3. My Girl.
4. Top Of Your List.
5. If I let You Go.
6. Change.
7. This Time Next Summer.
8. Buried In Pink.
9. Hilary.
10. One Step Behind.
11. Love On Its Own.
12. Footprints.

Set lasts 45 min.