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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Oohlalala Song Review"

"Super Monster take three las instead of two. This song ain’t chic; it’s instead a song a little about losin’ it, part skiffle, part Velvets, part Clap Your Hands. "You can’t be sure if it’s all in your mind," Mr Monster warns us, but there’s no trepidation in him. He knows "we’re gonna make it right to the end," and indeed the electric guitar carries us all the way to the song’s final minute, to the arrival of the "ooh la la la", the cake and flowers, the new friends and fresh smiles and all the ingredients for a new mixed drink. (We’ll call it the Thursday.)" - Said the Gramophone

"oohlalala - mp3 of the week"

Super Monster's "Oohlalala" is featured as mp3 of the week on for the week of April 1. WOOHOO! -

"Garage Monsters"

Garage Monsters
Vintage indie: Super Monster recaptures the magic through their own
interpretation of the garage band motif

Let us escape into nostalgia. Go ahead, take out those old photo albums and sit yourself down in the Laz-y-Boy, it is time to remember the 1990s.
Before we had iPods or even CDs, we had cassettes. Before we had reality
television, we had MTV actually playing music. Before we had trendy
social networking sites, we had the garage. An iconic place if ever there
was one, the garage encapsulates the ideal spot for every young person to
take refuge. It was a hang out, a club, an entire subculture, even
creating for itself its own stylistic music category. It was youth

Super Monster, initially started as a one-man band side project, is now
comprised of Joseph Weiss (guitarist, lead singer, a reportedly avid
reader and the original monster), Matthew Berger (drummer and best
friend, BFF for those in the know and by that I mean any thirteen year
old anywhere, to the previously mentioned Weiss), and Christoph Knaplund
(bassist and a former pacific northwesterner himself). Based out of
Brooklyn, New York; Super Monster is bringing us back into the glory days
of the garage. A relatively new band, only forming in 2006, they have
already released two EP’s, a compellingly appropriate cassette entitled the “Super Monster-TAPE”, played a lot of shows in between (interestingly
enough, they avoided playing the traditional venues in favor of the more
intimate house party), and now, on their first tour (a mammoth 13 shows
taking them all across the United States) Super Monster is bringing
their folksy homemade sound to the rest of us.

Surf-rock guitar, imperfect Violent Femmes style vocals all enveloped in
the youthful Polaroid of the Lo-Fi sound. Their familiar, under produced
resonance is easily relatable. They even have a song devoted to the
iconic “Oohla” (it is, of course, called “Oohlalala”; a summery, upbeat
tune that claims that “We’re gonna make it right to the end” they almost
have you believing it too). Super Monster is a cross between a less
experimental Pixies and an even more Lo-Fi Mountain Goats. They have
created for themselves a sort of surf meets folk aesthetic.

Yes, while the days of youth may be long gone for some of us, the days of the garage will live on forever. Super Monster, the sojourners of that
good old-fashioned garage beat, will see to that. - Spokane, WA Newspaper

"CMJ Tuesday Night in the Tank"

Industrial Park Records, the East Williamsburg-based label run by John Biz, a workhorse of a man who not only spent the entire showcase last night at the Tank — where the risers and folding chairs made the small bar seem more like rehearsal space than anything else –- introducing and promoting the artists, thanking everyone who’s been supportive of them, but also performing two sets himself. He’s certainly no one-trick pony. Besides Biz, who first appeared onstage as part of the Woodie Guthrie tribute band National Seashore and then with the punk-influenced John Biz & the Rolling Stallones, trippy duo Norris and a Bob-Dylan-esque set by Joey Weiss (aka Super Monster) both provided solid examples of what the label can do. - ALLMUSIC


Super Monster- TAPE (30 min. cassette tape of home recordings)