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Season of the Bird - 2007

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How often have you been told that a certain new band is so fresh and original only to be let down? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Everyday hundreds of people find disappointment in this same form. Fear not my loved one; here is the answer to your prayers. The Nashville based band, Supernatural Disaster, has emerged on the scene with one of the most original and entertaining sounds in the industry. Best of all, the band is able to create amazing radio friendly hits that are truly unique without even blinking an eye. It has been said that, “Supernatural Disaster sounds different, but without trying to be different.”

The music displays a wide range of influences ranging from classic rock, jam bands, blues, adult contemporary, psychedelic, bluegrass, heavy metal, and jazz. Some of the band’s favorite artists are Neil Young, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Frank Black, Jack White, John Coltrain, Megadeth, The Band, and Iron Maiden. However, to the untrained listener, it is difficult to pick out these influences because they are hidden so well within the unique blend of sounds created by the band’s diverse love of music. The formula for yielding such amazing songs is to take this motley of influences and combine it with one of the most talented and young songwriters today.

The songwriter for Supernatural Disaster is Stephen Phillips. Many marvel at his ability to write great song after great song without sacrificing quality at a rate that most songwriters would kill for. In addition to writing the songs, Stephen serves as the lead vocalist, guitar player, and piano player for the band. While generally quiet and reserved, he shows a remarkable ability to really connect to the audience during live performances. He opens himself up to the crowd and through his clear love for the songs, manages to remind the audience what it is they love about music as well. The rest of the group features Phillip's cousin and life long partner in music, Tyler "Bush" King as well as Josh Ayers on Bass, his brother Dylan Ayers on Percussion, and Leo Taylor on Drums. Most importantly the members of the band have always been best friends and it is apparent that their ability to connect with one another while playing music is a direct result of their ability to connect with one another off stage through the strong friendship found within this group. While many consider the individuals in Supernatural Disaster to be weird or somewhat off, most would refer to them as deliciously eccentric individuals that one cannot help but to love.

Four of the five members of the band began playing music together in a high school metal band based out of their hometown of Oneida isolated in the mountains of East Tennessee. This band included Stephen, Josh, Leo, and Tyler “Bush” King. Bush was the lead man for the group and continues to play music with the boys of Supernatural Disaster while even lending his abilities on stage as backup vocalist and guitarist on many songs. After escaping their secluded hometown the metal band was forced to split up as they all went their different ways. However, after a couple years, all the members plus Dylan found themselves living in the Nashville Area. By this time, their musical preferences had expanded far beyond heavy metal and it was not long before the guys were ready to start playing music with one another again. After a couple of years of jamming and recording over 40 original songs that band was ready to release their first album titled, Season of the Bird. The band recorded the album at One Tree Studio in Nashville, TN and soon had professional copies of this extraordinary album ready for sale. The album can be found on many download sites such as iTunes as well as being available at many record stores in the country upon request. This was all done and paid for by Supernatural Disaster, which goes to show the commitment to their goals and love for the music.

Currently Supernatural Disaster is in the process of promoting their brand new album, and will be playing many live shows throughout the country in efforts to spread the word about this pure form of music to everyone possible. The future looks bright for the band and many may attribute it to their love and devotion to the music that is not limited to their songs, but instead all music in worldwide. The reason why Supernatural Disaster is able to create such beautiful, diverse songs comes from their appreciation of all forms of music as well as a desire to avoid the mundane and keep things fun and interesting not only for themselves, but also for those who enjoy music as much as they do.