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We are from the planet CYNOT 3. We play a brand of music called SPACE WAVE ... It is a good mix of punk rocka dn new wave and very kid-friendly.


Supernova began on a faraway planet called Cynot 3. The inhabitants of Cynot 3 were peaceful people who spent their days relaxing and treasure hunting for tinfoil. Then one fateful day in 1989 Cynot 3’s sun went supernova and the inhabitants were forced to flee. Art, Dave, and Jo, fled the explosion in an escape pod and crash landed on Earth.

They took up habitance in Costa Mesa, California where they began live rock shows defining their sound as “spacewave.” People of Earth often attend Supernova concerts adorned in tinfoil that is lovingly hurled at the band throughout their set. Beginning in 1992, Supernova released a series of 7” singles on various indie labels that became popular on college radio and in the indie music scene. Along with the singles, early on, Creature Booking set up nationwide tours for Supernova to help spread the spacewave.

Many Earthlings have been touched by the Supernova experience. Independent film maker, Kevin Smith included the band’s “Chewbacca” song in the cult film classic “CLERKS.” Bill Nye “The Science Guy” had Supernova perform on his Disney TV show, and the band’s song “Math” was included in the B-movie classic “Tromeo and Juliet” by Troma Films (makers of Toxic Avenger). In 2007 the band was asked to perform their song “Up and Down” on the Nickelodeon TV show Yo Gabba Gabba and on 10/14/07 Supernova was featured on the “Good Morning San Diego” TV show where they performed live in the studio.

Supernova signed with Amphetamine Reptile Records and in a joint venture with Atlantic Records released their debut album “Ages 3 & Up” with the first single ‘Vitamins’ receiving radio airplay in major markets across the nation. Their sophomore album “Rox” (also on AmRep) was supported by additional tours of the U.S. and Canada. Their third full length album “Pop As A Weapon” was release by Sympathy For The Record Industry. Along with the albums and singles, Supernova has appeared on numerous compilations from both indie and major labels.

Supernova’s nationwide tinfoil collecting missions (e.g. tours) have included, the original Warped Tour, followed by further appearances on Warped three years later and again in 2007, and the Bamboozle Left musical festival (2007 & 2008). In addition to the Warped missions and Bamboozle, Supernova has toured with amazing Earth bands such as: Buzzcocks, Aquabats, Presidents of the U.S.A, Reel Big Fish, Boss Hogg, Supersuckers, Cows, the Red Aunts and supported Deborah Harry and Dick Dale.

The band’s name is so irresistible that recently a corporate empire tried to commandeer it for their very own. Supernova called upon the forces of uniformed Earthlings (attorneys) to assist in a battle full of rock stars, TV moguls and spacemen. The battle was hard-fought, but in the end the judges of Earth ruled for our heroes from Cynot 3. Yes, there really is justice on planet Earth and now the globe knows there is only one Supernova in the rock-n-roll galaxy.

Supernova has established a dedicated following that stretches from coast to coast. They continue collecting tinfoil from hordes of Earth kids, playing spacewave and refining songs for their fourth album. After the people of Earth witness a live Supernova performance, they come away with a newfound respect for tinfoil (could it be the discounts offered at the door to those bearing tinfoil?). Such accomplishments fuel Art, Dave and Jo pushing them even further into the outer realms of spacewave.

Live Long & Pop Star!



Written By: Supernova

Chewy is that you?

Up and Down

Written By: Supernova

I'm spinning like a yo yo


Various 7' singles from 1990 - 1995
LP/CD - Ages 3 & Up - Atlantic/AmRep Records - 1995
CD - ROKS - AmRep Records 1997
CD - Pop As A Weapon - Sympathy For The Record Industry - 2000
7" - Diga Queso - Rococo Records - 2007
LP - ROKS (with an extra track) - Rococo Records - 2008

Set List

Our sets feature MORE TALK/LESS ROCK. We usually play 15 - 20 songs per set and the lengths are 30 - 45 minutes in a support capasity and 60 minutes in headlining capasity.