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This band has not uploaded any videos



"SomeThing to clear your Palate"

Something to clear your palate? It can only be Cumbia o’clock courtesy of SuperPendejos! I’ve no idea what they’re saying, possibly something like “Frank was nice, he looked after his donkeys well, he smoked only a moderate amount, but then he went a bit mental and set up some ropes into a bizarre catapult system, and wanged himself into a tree. Frank es un plumcake. Whatever they’re saying, it makes me happy! - Ghettofunk UK

"Superpendejos "Ya Sta Qi" EP and remixes"

I could very easily say that one of the best nu cumbia teams of today is Superpendejos. Grammatically you will find my saying so as a correct statement and sonically you will find my claim to be correct as well. The really good news though is that their debut EP with Urban World Records “Ya Sta Qi” will be released this Friday June 22nd. The even better news is that I have it hear for you to listen to.

First I’d like to talk a little about the guys behind the group. David Miret street musician turned university educated music businessman and producer. Originally by way of Mexico he found himself to be working with Al Lindrum a familiar face among the Urban World Records team. This 3 track EP as stated above is Superpendejo’s debut with Urban World Records and also features 3 remixes.

It starts off strong with title song “Ya Sta Qi” with a deep driving baseline, plenty of horns, accordion goodness and a cumbia-house beat.

Then you’ll find yourself in an even heavier bass lined “La Princesa De La Cumbia” with blaring horns crescendoing in and stabbing like a deep house synth.

Last the album starts with birds chirping pleasantly before the “SP Airlines” plane takes off. The bass is most definitely cumbia in a nu form, the percussion as well, but the melody is what makes it different and unique from all the other nu cumbia out there. It’s spiritual to say the least.

Following the EP originals comes the remixes. First we here Fort Knox Five bring in a funky hip hop breakbeat to “La Princesa De La Cumbia”.

Next up is what Professor Angel Sound affectionately refers to as abuse with his moombahton remix of “La Princesa De La Cumbia”.

Urban World Records decided on labeling the third remix by Dixone as “BerlinCumbia”. I’ll go with that, I hear the Berlin influence and a bit of the cumbia. This makes for a unique dark sound that I personally really like and can relate a lot to.
- NuCumbiaExperience


Fuego!!!” and bright splashes of white light is what went on in my brain when the beat toSuper Pendejos‘ “Ya Sta Qi”kicks in! Healthily faster than most nu cumbia, Super Pendejos bounces along with accordion and horns in tow, a lilting break perhaps at a traffic light before a build & a drop later we’re on the other side of the border speeding off into the sunset.
Do yourself a solid and grab some of this dope contraband from our Favorite Goods Provider UrbanWorld Records while it’s still cheap: - The imported goods


Superpendejos "Ya Sta Qi" ep, UrbanWorld Records
With remixes from Fort Knox Five, Professor Angel Sound and DixOne.

Silver Bullit “TheMeter” feat. Fantabis and Shaka Loveless Superpendejos Remix - UrbanWorld Records

Watcha Clan “We Are One” - Superpendejos Remix
Piranha Records

Dj Shotnez “Nightime” Superpendejos Remix
Urbanworld Records

Superpendejos vs Steel Pulse “Smokey Cumbia”

Superpendejos loves Lizandro Meza “El Macho Pendejo”

Superpendejos loves Paco Silva & La Tropa Colombiana “Cumbia para bailar”

Coming soon in 2013:

Superpendejos “Transmission” Ep
UrbanWorld Records

Superpendejos “Afromystech”
Iboga Records

Los Chicos Altos “Chande” - Superpendejos Remix UrbanWorld Records

Professor Angel Sound “Cógelo” - Superpendejos Remix Post World Industries

G-Flux & Boogat “Moviembre” - Superpendejos Remix UrbanWorld Records

DJ Click “Sajan O” feat. Sajnay Khan - Superpendejos Remix No Fridge



Superpendejos is a constellation formed by artists Al
Lindrum & David Miret, who bounced into the scene in 2012 with their debut Ep “Ya Sta Qi” on UrbanWorld Records.

The Superpendejos universe is full of colors, sonic
landscapes, deep emotion, love, and awareness
activism... it’s a way of life.

The recipe is bouncing beats, folk sounds, tropical
flavour, spice up with bass for maximum dance pleasure,
stir gently with love, add the secret pendejo ingredients, and you have it!

After heavy work at their headquarters in Pendejistán,
this 2013 the Superpendejos are proud to present
Superpendejos Live.

Their live show consists of a full live electronic setup
using the latest technology combined with diverse live
instruments to create a new concept of performance.
A new fine blend of the most exquisite electronic and
organic sounds has been crafted, and is now ready for
you to enjoy..

When asked about their attitude to music they
"Once you realize we all are Superpendejos
life is so much easier".

Are you ready for the Superpendejos Live?