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"Listen to Me"

Listen to me

I know after a couple weeks of overindulgence in wine and women and song and such, the last thing you want to hear about is a dinner time musical variety show that takes place in a bar, but you really should pay attention to this.

There is this musician in town that goes by the name Super Robertson. And super he is. He is a founding member of the avant-garde jazz-rock outfit Roadbed, runs the Canada Lynx record label, and is presently involved in two of the city's more intriguing musical projects, 21 Tandem Repeats and Supersimian. And while these are all fine and noble contributions to our local music scene, the greatest debt we owe this artist is for his Super Robertson Supper Show.

You see, the Super Robertson Supper Show isn't your usual fare. Yes, the show usually features two or three local performers, but there is also a bit of extra-musical entertainment.

As Robertson puts it, "At the supper show, when the curtain gets pulled, you never quite know what's going to appear."

Between sets, Robertson has conducted aerobics classes, delivered sermons, given quizzes to the audience, and hosted clinics on burlesque dancing. Once, he even gave an audience member a haircut onstage while one of the bands played. Need I say more?

So stop worrying about your continued overindulgence. It's okay to go to a bar and have dinner in January. If it makes you feel better, walk there. But honestly, maybe your New Year's resolution shouldn't be to lose weight, drink less, and save money. Maybe your New Year's resolution should just be to get out of the house and go do something different once in a while. And my friends, the Super Robertson Supper Show is different.

Catch the Super Robertson Supper Show every Wednesday at the Railway Club, 7:30 to 8:30.
RC JOSEPH - 24 HOURS (Jan 4, 2006)

- 24 Hours

"A night out"

"The headline entertainment did not disappoint. 21 Tandem Repeats led by Super Robertson and an arsenal of tunes that could destroy the most prolific of songwriters gave the audience an infectious groove and soft-spoken wit to sip on. "
- Lynx Paw Courier

"Never Wanted to be anyone"

"The album opener, “Come Again,” is the strongest track—a gloriously breezy and catchy semi-pastoral backporch gallop celebrating the upside of the downer life: the authentic sense of freedom and parity found in good friends and good times. And who can’t get behind that?"


"Never Wanted to be anyone"

Now, having just issued their second release and with work already begun on the third, the band is “trying to claw their way into the Canadian music scene radar.” Given the strength of Never Wanted…, that shouldn’t be too great a problem. While at times the record does meander into rather loose, experimental territory, generally it is held together fast by folk-infused country rhythms, catchy guitar picking, and an easy-going lyrical sensibility. This is a west-coast take on the Canadian alt-country scene that so far has largely been centred in Quebec. Good time mellow jam tunes. - spillmagazine

"Never Wanted to be anyone"

"The beautiful guitar riffs are worth listening to."

"...cute, catchy guitar riffs..."

"...nice guitar work..."
- University of Western Ontario Gazette

"Never Wanted to be anyone"

Vancouver singer-songwriter "Super" Robertson wants his group to be the quintessential Canuck band and their sophomore album may find more than a few converts to his cause thanks to their witty, guileless and sometimes folksy mid-tempo tunes. The loose sounding arrangements and uncluttered production add to the charm. - What's on Winnipeg

"Canadian Act's are acting Canadian"

A story ran in the local paper 24 Hours with the idea that Canadian bands are relishing in their own identity.

The article stated "An act that can easily lay claim to this rediscovered Canadian rock tradition is the decidedly groovie-yet-folkie 21 tandem repeats". The article went on to say "21 tandem repeats has the sound and soul that could make Neil Young think about moving back". - 24 hours


"Never wanted to be anyone" 21 Tandem Repeats 2007
"How the tiger got lionized" Supersimian 2006
"The ocean is Life" 21 Tandem Repeats August 2005
"Last dance @ the Shockcenter" ROADBED 2004
"Autopilot" ROADBED 2003
"Knockout hits" ROADBED 2002
"Represented" Roadbed 2000
"ChickenEP" Knockin' dog 1997
"Simplex" Knockin' dog 1995


Feeling a bit camera shy


It was around 1990 when Mark Allen Robertson was doing a degree in Cell Biology at the university of Western Ontario when his sister bought a guitar. He started playing it and left it on the living-room sopha, he was then chastised for improper guitar care and banned from playing it, so he went out and bought a guitar. the guitar he bought was a piece of crap that had serious intonation problems and couldn't be tuned so a week later he returned it for another.

He learned how to play by making up songs about everybody he knew and giving them mixed tapes with a few songs about them in the middle. The drive to make up songs proved strong and upon graduation he formed a band and moved out west taking the name Super Robertson, a nod to his favorite reggae star "Super Cat".

Robertson took a job as a mailman and set to work on a body of work that includes 9 full length CD's that have been pressed and numerous tapes and secret recordings. His decision to stay and work in Vancouver has had it's plusses and minuses... having not toured and gotten out there he is relatively unknown and has yet to really be heard but on the positive side he is financially stable, happy, and has developed his own style of song involving simple truths.

He is happily married with a young daughter and two more little girls about to be born, and he plays live music every wednesday night in Vancouver at the legendary Railway club from 7:30-8:30PM at an event called the Super Robertson Supper Show.

His latest release with his band 21 tandem repeats "Never wanted to be anyone" has received modest airplay on CBC radio and all of the records on his "Canada Lynx records" label have been selling digitally through CD baby distribution.

His greatest strength is in music collaboration as he tends to bring out the best in people, perhaps he may make a decent producer one day.