saan solo

saan solo

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

An MC's MC, saan solo effortlessly combines his classic lyrics with live music, DJ'ing, and soulful singing from his musical friends, to present an unparalleled stage show that leaves fans clamoring for more. His audience is treated to a unique interactive experience that resonates strongly!!!


Raised during and heavily influenced by the formative years of the hip-hop culture, saan solo is a seasoned underground MC whose vast experience and background vault him to the top as one of hip-hop's most original, clever, and wittiest lyricists. His music is organic and thought-provoking. It has been compared to Common, De La Soul, The Roots, Black Star, Little Brother, A Tribe Called Quest, and Nas. Early influences include KRS-ONE, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, LL Cool J, and Run-DMC.
saan solo left Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1990 to embark upon his educational and musical ambitions at Michigan State University. While there, he did independent street promotions, co-executive produced the campus hip-hop radio show, performed at numerous shows, and collaborated/performed with some of the Midwest's hottest producers and MC's.
After graduating, saan solo returned to Kalamazoo as a math/hip-hop teacher to give back to his community. He was a member of the groundbreaking band, the Urbanights-traveling as far away as Tokyo to perform. He was also featured in the Source for his music and the hip-hop class he created. That class led to saan solo serving as a consultant to school districts nationwide and presenting at national conferences on using hip-hop in the classroom. It was also during this time that saan solo engineered /recorded over 50 songs for his students.
In 2004 saan solo released his debut album "Brainstorm" to critical acclaim, selling 5,000+ copies mostly at shows and 'out of the trunk'. Long considered an MC's MC, this project helped him receive recognition as a superior lyricist. saan solo relocated to New York City in 2011 to continue his teaching career and start a band. Since then, he has done numerous live shows, garnering respect and attention from industry insiders and casual fans. His long awaited second album, "Bringin' '88 Back", is set for a Summer 2013 release.
Please listen to the music and enjoy- it is infused with classic rhymes, live instrumentation, a DJ, and soulful singing.


"Bringin' '88 Back" (LP)- Summer 2013
"Brainstorm" (LP)- 2004