supersede is a high energy outfit - a must see live event - the songs are paramount & have an identity of their own ... let your ears do the listening ...


supersede's brand new single 'Set The Pace' features as Track 1 on the 'Grown Your Own : Upload One' Compilation out now on Foghorn Records

Originally launching themselves onto the scene as world-funk-big-band Korean BBQ & releasing their debut album 'Raw Prawn' early this millennium; members have come & gone, genres have been transcended, boundaries pushed & their flag updated to supersede

Influences - Ween, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead, Faith No More, The Beatles & everyone else ...

2006 saw the launch of 'The Next Life' EP - leading to a stack of airplay on community radio with 'Bellybutton', 'Dip The Honey' & 'Real Good Friends' impacting the airwaves right across Australia.

The new year will see supersede taking their live show back to their favourite venues to once again give their ever-growing fan base a good time, all-ways! The band's genre-hopping versatility & variety of members can see the line-up morph from a tight 6 piece outfit into a 10 peace force including horns, percussion and Belly Dancer 'Little Devi'.

supersede have regularly warmed the good hearts of audiences at Sydney�s premiere live venues - The Basement, Coogee Bay Live & The Annandale Hotel & even graced the stage at the Olympic Village. Opening spots supporting The Cat Empire, Katchafire, Skunkhour & Floyd Vincent have also provided the band with many new friends & fans.

Previous shows also include Jam For Genes Fundraiser (Bar Broadway), Surry Hills Market Day Festival, Hotel Bondi, The Cat & Fiddle (Balmain), Australia Day Festival (Marrickville), The Palace (Darlinghurst) EMI Xmas Party, Newtown RSL, Glebe Festival, The Bridge (Rozelle) Dont Give Up Your Day Job Charity Benefit, The Eastern (Bondi) Universal Xmas Party, The Rails (Byron Bay), Lennox Head Point Hotel, Bondi Icebergs & more...

"supersede ... one to watch for 2007" - O.Winfrey



Written By: Supersede

Kiss Me

I saw you at da disco, I said “Hey babe do you speak-a my lingo?”
She said, “Hey no man, I don’t understand a word you say”
I said, “Do you wanna swing it all weekend?”
That’s our common lingo, I like da way you shake that thing, Yeah

She said, “Let’s go down da beach, we can go for swim in da sea”
I said, “Hey yes girl, let’s dip skin in our birthday suits”
“Take my hand” We knelt down and we wrote each other’s names in da sand
That’s our common lingo, I like da way you shake that thing, Yeah

Bellybutton baby, alright
Bellybutton baby, yeah yeah
Bellybutton baby, alright
Bellybutton baby

Shimmy On

Now listen, children
Shake that bellybutton bell, bell, bell
Shake that bellybutton
All together now
Shake that bellybutton bell, bell, bell
Shake that bellybutton

I took my baby to da saloon, asked-a if she likes tequila
She said, “Hey boy, why don’t you mix me up a spritza”
I said, “Do you wanna mix it up all weekend?”
That’s our common lingo, I like da way you shake that thing, Yeah

Belly button belly, the belly belly belly
Belly button baby

Hey, We love you

The Big Blue Rock

Written By: Supersede

Saw a girl at the corner shop
She bought herself a lolli-pop
Tight Jeans and a mid-drift on
The way she moved it was hop skip jump

So I glide up to her spot
The closer I get it’s a hot hot hot
She’s a woman I’ve got to know, move in time goes slow
Lookin’ eyes we’ve got the flow, take her hand and I say let’s go

Now I’m having the time of my life
Living on The Big Blue Rock

Rock it

Back to the 50s
Breaking thru all those tears
Juke-box Saturday Night
Be-bop a Lu-la, Hold me tight

She’s my baby, she’s the one
Long Tall Sally, Rave on
We’re rockin’ to the monster mash, Splish Splash, Takin’ a bath
Feelin’ fine in 59, Good Lovin’ you are mine

I’m living, living on the Rock
Living, living on The Big Blue Rock


Set The Pace

Written By: Written by Supersede

Do you ever wake up in the morning
Feeling like, I don�t know who I can trust?
You are a goon living in a fairytale
Now get back into place and take your seat on the bus

Sky-scraping concrete
We are dancing on the wall
Catch me, rock a bye baby
I am screaming as I fall

Set the pace (Generate)
Human race (Set the pace)
Set the pace (Generate)
Human race (Set the pace)

Set � The � Pace

High�s the sky-writer
Who is preachin� to us all
Catch me, rock a bye baby
I am screaming as I fall

Set the pace, set the pace, set the

Dum De Doo
Know what you�re going thru
Is this what God intended for you
Feeling Alright?

Grow me some Bionic eyes
And some wings that I will fly
All the women in my life
All wanna clone me before I die

When the wind blows the cradle will rock
Rock a bye baby, Rock a bye bye


The Next Life EP (July 2006)

Set List

1. Bellybutton
2. The Big Blue Rock
3. Breakdown
4. The Coconut Song
5. Dip The Honey
6. Dr Hop
7. The Eternal
8. Evil Things
9. Get On Top
10. Grass Skirt Girl
11. The Mexican
12. No Kitty
13. Oh Well
14. Real Good Friends
15. Say That You Know
16. Set The Pace
17. Screaming Soda
18. Sunrays
19. Under The Sun
20. Uplift
21. Worlds Gone Mad

+ a few covers