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"Edmonton Journal"


3 and-a-half out of 5 stars

Starfish Puncher. The South Side Bastards. Icy Hand of Death. The Discovery Channel. Beef Bolt and the Tube Steaks. No Joke and the Intergalactic Comedians. Ron Jeremy's Ass Lint Orchestra. Urethra Franklin and the S.T.D.'s. Enema M.

When guitarist/vocalist Cory Burgett, drummer Derek Loewen and bassist Josh McHan formed a band, they turned to the Internet to get thier name. The local rock trio ran an online contest, asking Web users for ideas--and Superseed was the winning suggestion.

"In light of the stellar entries, it seemed like the most family oriented," says Burgett, "But Superseed has its connotations too."

Superseed didn't require any help to write the 10 songs for thier self-titled debut. Burgett and Loewen, who also drums for Feeding Like Butterflies, are both graduates of Grant MacEwan's music program and know how to write catchy, Bon Jovi-style tunes with metal-flavoured guitars and gritty, yet melodic vocals.

"I barely get pissed off and write a big orchestra around it," says Burgett. "I find I tend to write about relationships or lonliness. I'm not really a lonely guy--I'm a twin. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm scared of being alone, but I find I can really hit the nail on the head when I write about it. I also tend to write about self-actualization. I'm a positive guy. I like to write about being happy."

Get happy at Superseed's CD release party on Wednesday, Feb. 19 at the Urban Lounge, 8111 105 St.

Tickets are five bucks at the door. - Sandra Sperounes

"SEE Magazine"


After dropping their self-titled debut album four-or-so months ago, record labels have been chatting up Superseed like they were drunk university girls. Well, perhaps not quite like that, but Superseed is in talks with nine labels and, among them, Universal is very much liking what they're hearing. Not too shabby for a one time cover band from Edmonton.

Not ones to rest on the laurels of their first release, Cory Burgett(vocals/guitar), Josh McHan (bass), Derek Loewen (drums) and Dave Orsten (guitar) are already steeped in pre-production for their next album, which they hope to start recording later this month. For their follow-up release, Superseed are trading in song diversity in favour of a more focused sound. "What we've really tried to do with the new material is try to streamline it a little bit. There's a little less funk and a little less slow stuff and more just mainstream rock," Burgett explains. "We've got over 30-35 songs we're working on right now, you know, trying to get those up-to-par so the labels will make a move on us."

In conjuction with setting down tracks to impress record execs, Superseed are trying to win fans in their hometown and, from the sounds of it, it's going pretty well. "We played once at the Sidetrack Cafe in Edmonton, and everybody there said 'You guys are the calibre of band we want in here,'" states Burgett. "That's because the songs, I guess, really translate well live. And so, in addition to playing catchy stuff and more mainstream rock, we want to make sure the songs have punch and are dynamic live."

Apparently, their hook-laden, radio-friendly sound has caused some surprise and confusion among show attendees, spurring some people to say to Burgett, "'Holy crap, you guys are independent?'" Not for long folks, not for long.

- Thea Varvis


April 20th, 2005

5 out of 5 stars

"I didn't pick picked me", declares Superseed's singer and songwriter, Cory Burgett. The band was originally formed in Edmonton, Canada in 2001. After a lot of hard work they released their debut album, entitled "Superseed" in February 2003. This disc proved to be a well-rounded heavy rock and pop collection that helped the band earn a name for themselves in the industry. "We're very hopeful of the future of this band," says Cory, "We just plan on sticking to our guns and doing what's worked for us so far."

They began working on new material in September 2003, for what would be their forthcoming EP entitled "Writing Words". The 'Writing Words EP' was released in late 2004 through Hivesound Records. It contains six new songs, and two bonus tracks, which are re-recorded songs taken from their debut release.

Being a Canadian myself, I was very interested and enthusiastic when I was asked to do a review for Superseed, a Canadian band. After finding out more information about the band and listening to some samples from their website, I became even more intrigued and was sure I'd have a fun time reviewing their newest EP. I can definitely say without a doubt I can listen to this disc from start to finish and still be wanting more. As I always like to stress the album has a good variety so I'm sure the listener won't get bored as the album progresses. If I had to write a recipe for what Writing Words contained it would have to be the following: catchy hooks, head bobbing, crowd jumping, harmonic choruses, blended with a melodic dash of alternative rock, hard rock with a twist of punk. A solid stand out track on the album would have to be 'My Old Life' In February, CBC's satellite radio station "Galaxie", added it to their weekly playlist The station can be heard throughout the world in restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, fitness areas, and many other public and private establishments. The song has great guitar work, which 'kicks it up a notch' when the harmonic chorus punches through. Another stand out track with an amazing harmonic and melodic chorus is 'Grace Us'. This track has also played a big part in generating publicity for the band. 'Grace Us' has earned Superseed national exposure through the Canadian Music Week songwriting contest in which they were finalists. Two of my personal favourites on the EP are 'Don't Leave The Light On'.and 'Thinking Of You' They have everything I look for in an outstanding track. Driving guitars, excellent percussion, melodic, harmonic and powerful choruses, groovy bass and killer vocals. I would definitely recommend either of these songs for a radio single. I think they will get as much of a positive response and exposure for the band as the above aforementioned tracks already have.

Overall I think that Superseed's 'Writing Words EP' is a musical masterpiece. It's jam packed full of good music from start to finish. If you are a fan of the rock or hard rock genres this band is definitely for you. It's like hard rock with punk vocals, minus the whininess, excellent stuff. I think the band has come a long way in the four or so years they have been together. They have solidified their style and brand of rock, and are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. In April 2004 they were invited to play JUNOFest which was held in their hometown of Edmonton, where they have been featured, as one of Edmonton's most promising rock bands. Things couldn't be looking better for this band, who are planning a Canadian tour. Look for more from them in the future. - Matt

"The Gateway (University of Alberta paper)"

February 12th, 2005

Sometimes it seems like you'd hear a lot more about a band had they not formed in the geographically isolated netherworld of music that is Edmonton, Alberta

Such is the case of Superseed, a local four-peice that rocks a lot harder than they apparently get credit for. Their latest album, Writing Words, is a blend of harder rock with conventional sensibilities from a group that can sing, drum, and play guitar without going overboard and killing a track. Songs like "My Old Life" and "Grace Us" especially stand out as successes, but the entire eight-song record leaves you feeling like you should be hearing more about this band.

What's more is that Superseed managed to produce their sophomore effort just a year after their debut, while avoiding the all-too-often-seen trap of rushing an inferior recording to the market. For all the raving, Writing Words is arguably nothing we haven't heard before, but for a local band's second album, it's pretty damn good. - Michael Larocque

"SEE Magazine"

February 3rd, 2005

TUNING IN - The Industry takes notice of Superseed

Playing Saturday, Feb. 12 @ The Power Plant (U of A campus)

Meet Cory Burgett, network administrator by day, rock star by... day. At least it feels like he’s halfway there, what with the media duties that the Superseed front man suddenly has to juggle. Growing media and industry attention toward his band’s latest EP, Writing Words, finds the guitarist/vocalist fielding interviews during his workday. There’s good reason for this: the song "My Old Life" was added to full rotation on FREQ107 in Winnipeg, and Burgett just got off the phone with a DJ from CHOM-FM in Montreal.

"The guy there was super excited," exclaims Burgett, "he was like ‘you guys have an awesome record. I don’t know how many people in the industry have heard it yet, but you guys should get it to them’."

Getting thrown on the same playlist as Nickelback and 3 Doors Down means that the industry has taken notice, and not only commercial rock stations; representatives of prominent booking companies like the Agency have recently been sniffing around the quartet.

"We had someone at our CD release at the Starlite and he was super impressed, like, ‘I’ve heard you guys before, heard your Canadian Music Week tune, I had no idea you guys were as good as you are. If you guys were in Toronto I’d sign you on the spot, but unfortunately you guys are in Edmonton, and it’s harder to break a band from Edmonton.’"

That’s a common theme in the Canadian music world, and Burgett, a veteran of the industry roller coaster ride, has heard it before. Economics dictate that the foursome keep plugging away at day jobs and school while honing their craft, but they’re also watching carefully for the opportunity to advance. Burgett will be happy to grab for the brass ring–he just wants to make sure it’s on the band’s terms.

"I find that everybody in the band is happiest when we’re in it for the right reasons, like, ‘Let’s just make music that we like, and let’s make sure we’re taking things forward and not back.’ The common thinking in the band is that every song we write is better than the last. For the last six months that’s been the case. Every time we come together to finish a song we all unanimously feel that it’s a better than the other songs we have." - Tom Murray

"The Manitoban"

February 23rd, 2005

3-and-a-half out of 4 stars

Okay, so groundbreaking it ain’t. But Writing Words, the second release from Superseed, is an eight-song EP that can certainly satisfy a listener looking for quality modern hard rock.

Superseed, the emerging Edmontonian independent sensation that has just recently made inroads into Winnipeg radio through FREQ107, has put together a promising collection of tracks (and potential singles) on this disc. The compositions and lyrics are suitably well-written, with a few of the songs — Tarnished, Don’t Leave the Light On and the current circulating single My Old Life — establishing themselves as particularly engaging. It helps, too, that Cory Burgett’s lead vocals are a perfect fit for the genre; when listening to the disc, something just seems intrinsically right about the way his singing lends itself to its aural surroundings.

Being an EP, of course, Writing Words only clocks in at just over half an hour long; what there is on this disc is great, but the listener may simply feel that there just isn’t quite enough of it. And I couldn’t help but notice that, even though there are only eight songs on the EP, the band already shows signs of repeating itself from track to track.

Nonetheless. Writing Words is, overall, a very worthwhile purchase — the kind of heavy modern rock that Chad Kroeger seems to nab for his record label every so often. Here’s hoping; I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing a lot more of these guys. - James Howard


"Writing Words EP" - January 2005
"Superseed" debut - February 2003

Radio Play:
"Born Nothing:Die Hero", medium-rotaion, Fall '05, FREQ 107 (Winnipeg, MN)
"My Old Life", light-rotation, Spring '05, CBC-Satellite (Toronto, ON)
"My Old Life", light-rotation, Spring '05, 94X FM (Prince George, BC)
"My Old Life", medium rotation, Spring '05, FREQ 107 (Winnipeg, MN)
"My Old Life", feature-play, Spring '05, C-JAY (Calgary, AB)
"My Old Life", feature-play + interview, Spring '05, CHOM-FM (Montreal, QB)
"My Old Life", feature-play, Spring '05, The Goat (Lloydminster, AB)
"My Old Life", feature-play, Spring '05, C-FOX (Vancouver, BC)
"My Old Life", feature-play + interview, Spring '05, SUN-FM (Grande Prairie, AB)
"My Old Life", feature-play, Spring '05, 100.3 The Bear (Edmonton, AB)
"Grace Us" radio play, Summer '04, 100.3 The Bear (Edmonton, AB)
"Tarnish" radio play, Spring '04, 100.3 The Bear (Edmonton, AB)
"Sexandrinking" radio play, Fall '03, 100.3 The Bear (Edmonton, AB)
"Tarnish", radio play, Starchoice *852, Sundown (AB)
"Now", radio play, Starchoice *852, Sundown (AB)
"Sexandrinking", radio play, Starchoice *852, Sundown (AB)
"Over Now", radio play, Starchoice *852, Sundown (AB)
"Hey Loser", radio play, Starchoice *852, Sundown (AB)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in 2001, Edmonton's Superseed has overcome it's share of challenges and growing pains to arrive at it's finest form yet in 2006. Engaging songs, kickass live shows, and outstanding musicianship continue to mark Superseed's territory in the post-grunge/modern-rock genre they call home. The band have two CD releases under their belts so far: 2003's "Superseed" debut, and 2005's "Writing Words EP". Both were key to introducing the band to a growing number of fans, to Canadian rock radio, and to the industry. A new release, as yet untitled, has been in the works since early 2006 when the band decided to put a pause on playing live to fully focus on the new record.

"We are concentrating on the songs first and foremost", states group leader Cory Burgett. Joining in the cause (Oct '05) is former Social Code (Universal) guitarist Dave Hesse who observed "These guys have a solid songwriting core and can play and's something that's hard to find these days." Pushing the heavier sounds in the group is twin brother Cary Burgett who joined Superseed on bass after fronting Edmonton bred metal act El Cid for years. On drums is Fletcher Nichol, whose hard driving beats are a perfect match for the over-the-top sound of the group. The resulting chemistry shows in Superseed's songwriting depth, experience, and integrity: all factors which give the band a strong edge to succeed in the modern music industry.

Previous highlights include:
- Showcased at Canadian Music Week '04 when their song "Grace Us" was a regional finalist in the National Songwriting Competition.
- Showcased at JUNOFest '04 in Edmonton.
- Received national radio airplay/features on 9 stations across Canada in 2005 for thier CD "Writing Words".
- Opening slots for Poison's Bret Michaels, Social Code, Staggered Crossing, Tal Bachman, Tin Foil Pheonix (604 Records) + others.
- Performed for 2500 people at Klondike Days 2005 in Edmonton.
- Added to "Rock for a Reason" compilation (feat. Alter Bridge, Finger 11) in 2005.
- Received many rave reviews for CD releases ranging from 4/5 star to 5/5 star ratings.
- Performed on Edmonton's "Big Breakfast" Television program 2003 and 2004.
- Performed on Calgary's "Big Breakfast" television program 2004.

Look for a new release from this up-and-coming Canadian rock act early 2007. Two new songs (still un-mastered) to be released on the new record, "These Memories" and "Can't Turn Back Time", have been including in this EPK.

Superseed writes, produces, and records all it's own material.