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""Planted" review, by Michael Roberts."

Super Seed

By Michael Roberts
Published on June 02, 2009 at 1:57pm
The latest project by Lazyface vets Aaron Rocha and Andy Anderson doesn't qualify as an enormous departure. Planted, the subject of a Friday, June 5, CD-release party at the Gothic Theatre co-starring the Alan Baird Project, Quillon and the Side Project, embraces the mainstream via classically structured pop songs replete with sincere melodies, tinkling piano lines and self-consciously "tasty" guitar solos; the ones sprinkled throughout "She's On to Me" put me in mind of '70s-era fern bars and tightly rolled twenty-dollar bills. Rocha's perky chording and exuberant bah-dah-bahs on "Trip" will push the Jason Mraz button in many listeners, and even comparatively soupy material like "Okay by Me" is never less than catchy. But the music's so slick that it tends to slide right off.
- Westword

"Super-Seed @ Gothic Theatre"

By Cory Casciato in MP3 FreeloaderFriday, Jun. 5 2009 @ 1:01PM
If exuberant, classic pop is your thing, tonight's CD-release show from Super Seed should scratch your itch nicely. The band, which comprises several former Lazyface and 5 Complaints members, has gotten some radio play on 93.3, broke into the top ten in the 2007 Hometown for the Holidays competition and won an MTV2 contest. Tonight, the band is releasing Planted, a seven-song disc that Michael Roberts described as "classically structured pop songs replete with sincere melodies, tinkling piano lines and self-consciously 'tasty' guitar solos" in his review this week. Decide for yourself by downloading "Trip" after the break, then catch them tonight at the Gothic Theatre, with Alan Baird Project and Quillion in support. - Westword


We have one EP 7 song disc about to be released called "Planted" We have not attained radio airplay yet. Music is streaming on myspace.



Super- Seed is a group that has combined strengths from two former bands. Aaron Rocha (Vocals and Piano) along with Andy Anderson (Lead Guitar) have journeyed from their former band Lazyface. Playing side by side these two have had the opportunity to headline the best venues in Denver. Having songs played in regular rotation on Channel 93.3, making top ten bands in 2007 Hometown for the holidays, and winning an MTV2 contest which enabled these two a playing opportunity at Fiddler's Green opening up for Linkin Park's Project Revolution. Combined these two have written songs that bring out power and great reviews by the toughest critics in the Denver area.

Just when Super-Seed thought they had superior strengths, Matt McKibbin was brought into the mix as former front man of Littany and 5 Complaints. His vocal ability and his strong unique bass playing catapulted song writing to a new level. Bringing in fantastic Ideas to the band and allowing not one, not two, but three amazing song writers to collaborate and create the songs we soon will share with all. His dedication to being the best has enabled this band to reach for their goals and produce the strongest and best songs that any of these members have produced thus far.

McKibbin brought in beat-maestro Corey Bergeron on drums. A former drummer for 5 Complaints and Nicnever commonly called "Stunt Man". His unique ability to play off set rhythm's, while tactfully laying the foundation for your feet to tap has contributed very much to the entire band. Holding the pace as Rocha and McKibbin flow the vocals to tell stories of life's adventure, struggles, and hook-ups, up's and down's, and all around's, knowing that their songs can relate to the common peer. While all that is going on Andy rips you apart with ingenious lead guitar riffs that are sure to be catchy, and delivered with the most professionalism you can find in a lead guitarist.

As we all joined together, played together, and wrote together, our music was something more than just a hobby. It was a life that we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. It was Magic. Even at that time we didn't know what would become, but we knew it would be something good. We struggled with band names and wanted something that could really reach deep with our desires.

What were they? To go beyond our former bands, to go beyond our former lifestyle, to go further than we have ever gone, and to be the best that we could ever be, thus became us......... Super-Seed