supersixty brings a twisted pop sensibility to songwriting that is backed by a hard hitting rhythm section. Each member brings a unique perspective to the music as there is little, if any, overlap in tastes.


supersixty formed in the summer of 2005 and within 2 months was spending far too much time and money in the studio. After countless all-nighters, the band emerged with 9 solid tracks that embody their unique take on the hard rock sound. A full length cd, all on red, was released in the Winter of 2008.

The live show is both engaging and evocative, delivering a mix of emotion and intensity from start to end. Guitarist Tony Manfredi creates a thick wall of sound that is perforated by the driving backbeat of bassist Bob Bonea and drummer Sam Lonigro. Vocalist Tim Plocinski delivers with a powerful voice that swings from relaxed to
aggressive as the music ebbs and explodes.


rock it down~EP 2006
body songs~EP 2007
All On Red~LP 2008

Set List

our sets range from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on how long a venue will allow us to play. we have almost thirty original songs from our 3 years together, which we feel confident enough to pull out at any time in a set.
we do play some cover tunes, but only if the mood strikes could hear anything ranging from the doors to the butthole surfers....and they all have our own personal stamp on them.

hurly girl
people like us
triple bridge
slip down south
red 23
body song