Equal Parts Melody and Crunch. Undeniable, Unique and destined to be one of the most popular band in the world. Radio ready. Supersofar has had the most played local band single on both Major Utah Station - KBER (Helmut) KXRK (Portia) One of the biggest bands along the wasatch front.


From the land of mountains & saltflat deserts comes Supersofar, a Salt Lake-based 5 piece who's refreshing sound and accessibility, trips you through melodic vocals and instrumental dynamics, ranging from as heavy as the sky falling to atmospheric like wide open space and all points in between.

Formed in 2002, Supersofar quickly became a noticeable name locally and regionally with strong word-of-mouth, and impressive area gigs.

Supersofar is W. James Woods, vocals/ guitar/ piano; Bob Hanson, Drums/ samples/ vocals; Mike Stipanov, guitar/ vocals; Marc Hanson, guitar; David Briggs, bass/vocals; Jonni Lightfoot, bass (also of Air Supply); known for their melodic approach in songwriting, they continue to ride the wave to success and show no signs slowing down. Their popular Blessing Of The Curse and SUM garnered many favorites with the fans, including, "Mind Your Manners," "Ocean Breathe," “Circles,” and "The Mess”. 2008 brings the release of The Drama Club EP, a fresh approach with this effort, focusing more on songwriting, production, and musicianship, etc. “We are constantly growing as a band, individuals and as song creators. Everybody has a hand in that pie, a good song never goes out of style” James explains. Their songs hit you as catchy without being novelty and uplifting without being pompous.
Supersofar continues their craft with a fervent following in their wake. Thanks to hard work, determination, radio and ever growing web presence, Supersofar is definitely a band to put on your radar.

Supersofars live shows are joyous, intense and powerful with undeniable chemistry. The band Indeed hard to categorize, and songs impossible to keep out of your head.



Written By: W. J. Woods

Pardon your soul, please excuse me
I’ve been stumbling around. yes, I’ve got someplace to be
I’m struggling fancy, and I’m stuck in the deep
I’m in the middle of two ends I can’t see

You’ve been running circles; you’ve been running around
Running places where you know you won’t be found out
Where you stand out, where you hide out
And no one knows

She screams in red
So much deceiving
You wanted the same thing
You wanted to be, you wanted somewhere to be
You’ve got it, you’ve got it

I’m facing it all I’m facing it clean
I’ve got nowhere to go and now I’ve got no one to be
A little scared about it all, a little weak but I’ll take the fall
And when I’m nervous then I’ll say

I’ve been running circles
I’ve been running scared I’ve been running with you
I close my eyes, save my breath
Hoping that it’s over when she screams

Mind Your Manners

Written By: W.J. Woods

So if I drive right back to where you are
Would I get there to find you waitng long
Would we remember it at all
The more I chase the more it follows me
The city lights they seem to get it on as they lead me on

I must be much closer to where you are
You might find me nervous, you might find it
So mind your manners
Mind your manners

I bite my lip and tremble too
It's time the wait deserves a mercy kill
and I hoped you'd feel it
I brush your hair to find your eyes
It's time I see yourself the way you are and I hoped you see it all

We can't be much closer than where we are
You might find me nervous, you might find it
So mind your manners
Mind your manners


The Drama Club EP- Sept. 2008
Blessing Of the Curse EP- '07
SUM LP- '05
Segue E.P.- 2004
Day Stealer LP- 2003

*2005 Top 5 most played locals on KBER 101 Radio Salt Lake

*2005 "SUM" CD named #2 in Top 10 Local albums for 2005 by KXRK X96 Radio

*2004-05 Began participating in AMP from Mountain Dew college radio promotion.

*2003- Salt Lake City Weekly- Slammy Awards- James Woods- Best Male Vocalist

*2003- Salt Lake City Weekly- Slammy Awards- SUPER so FAR- Artist of the year

*2002- Salt Lake City Weekly- Slammy Awards- James Woods- Best Male Vocalist

*10/19/2003 The song Day Stealer is # 21 out of

Set List

Primarily Originals
occasional cover

Sets can be 1/2 hour to 3 hours.