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"Indie spotlight:Superstar 9000"

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"Featured artist of the month: Superstar 9000"

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"Indie spotlight:Superstar 9000"

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Turn The Lights Off ft. Ka'Leo
100,000 Miles
In My Zone



Who is SuperStar 9000?

“When I write I tell a story and my story makes sense unlike a lot of artists who just try to create sentences that rhyme. I rap about what I know or what I’ve been around I don’t try to fake the funk.”

Superstar 9000 is an American Hip-Hop/Rock recording artist and writer from Atlanta, GA. Superstar was born and raised on the Eastside in the Decatur, Stone Mountain area. The Georgia born musician started showing an interest in music at the age of 12 years old. As a youth Superstar knew he wanted to be on stage performing for audiences all around the world. Superstar 9000 got his start in music by performing in local latent shows and artist showcases throughout the South.

Thus far Superstar 9000 has been featured in several magazines and has traveled the country performing in hundreds of venues. Superstar 9000 has a major fan following with well over 90,000 followers and well over 108,000 fans on Superstar’s diverse musical skills and talents have made believers out of many nonbelievers. He has an unmatched hustle and has been grinding his way through the Atlanta music industry scene for several years. Superstar 9000’s style can only be described as universal and out of the box.

Superstar 9000’s newest single ” Turn the Lights Off” has easily grown its own wings and taken off like a wildfire. “Turn the Lights Off” is a motivational song with an infectious hook and energetic track. The Atlanta Emcee has been bust performing and he’s currently working on another mix-tape along with several video projects for this summer. To date Superstar 9000 has collaborated with various mix-tape DJ’s such as; DJ X-Rated, DJ B-Dub, DJ Aaries, DJ Nez and DJ Kayo just to name a few.

Superstar 9000 is ready for mainstream success as a Rock and Hip-Hop artist/ performer. In a time where much of what we listen to is cookie cutter, manufactured talent, it’s refreshing to hear an authentic artists like Superstar 9000. Superstar is bringing some versatility back to the game with his fuse of Rock and Hip-Hop music.The Super Ent. Recordings artist is currently in the studio working on new music with a new reality show/sitcom in the works. Get ready for the Super Ent. Recordings Movement.