Superstar Productions

Superstar Productions

 Hollywood, Florida, USA
BandComedyChildren's Music

Superstar Productions uses popular Parody songs from the 70's, 80s and 90's to help recount fables such as the three little pigs, Hansel and Gretel, Jack & the Beanstalk and Little red riding hood. Based in South Florida, We cater our Stage productions to Family events throughout the world on tour.


Superstar Productions has been providing family entertainment to the south Florida community since 1988. Initially a party entertainment company, Superstar Productions quickly advanced to provide entertainment services at city events, libraries and public schools. Teaming up with two-time latin Grammy winner, Paul Hoyle, Robert Guerra, founder of Superstar Productions created the "Tiki's Adventures" Series. Performing their productions in New York at Westbury Music Fair as well as performing for military bases throughout the world through the US ‘Armed Forces Entertainment’ program.
Superstar Productions continues to expand in the entertainment industry. In September 2008, Rob Guerra, , produced a Spanish television show entitled “En mi casa Hablamos Espanol”. With the success and experience of this production, Guerra has scheduled the tapings of his “Tiki fairytale” series beginning in the spring of 2010.


The Following CDs, DVDs have been produced and sold through Superstar Productions:
Tiki's Three Little Pigs
Tiki's Hansel and Gretel
Tiki's Jack & The Beanstalk
Tiki's Little Red Riding Hood
Tiki Loves America
Tiki's Holiday Adventure
En Mi Casa Hablamos Espanol
Tiki's sing-a-long Adventure

Set List

Our Current touring 45 minute show is "Tiki's Three Little Pigs. In this production, songs include "Straw Shack " Sung to the tune of "Love Shack"
"Stick Hous" Sung to the tune of "Our House"
"Brick House" Sung to the tune of "Brick House",
"Hungry, I'm the wolf" Sung to the tune of "Hungry like the wolf",
Blowing down your house" Sung to the tune of "Burning down your house.
"I will Survive" Sung to the tune of "I will survive", "Twist and shout", "Jailhouse Rock", "Whose afraid of the Big Bad wolf", "So long Goodbye"