Dante' aka SuperStar Taay

Dante' aka SuperStar Taay

BandHip HopPop

Hip-Hop! with a twist of Pop, Urban and Dance. Party music for all ears. Distinctive stage presence like no other.


In an industry saturated with rappers and emcees, it’s easy to become jaded when introduced to a “new” artist. As the movement finally meets mainstream, it is imperative to inform the public that Dante is far from novice. With witty rhymes, slick punch-lines, an extremely polished flow, and melodic voice; she intends to inject new life into a genre that seems to be two heartbeats away from flat lining.

Yes, Dante is indeed a hip-hop artist, but her sound is influenced by a variety of genres – including but not limited to rock, pop, jazz, and country. This becomes quite evident when listening to her music: Her ability to glide over a beat is uncanny – with a flow that is unmatched and a thing of beauty.

Blessed over the years, Dante has had the opportunity to rhyme in ciphers with Lil Mama, record and perform songs with Babs Bunny of MTV and Diddy’s Making the Band, open for Trey Songz in Virginia, not to mention the numerous showcases she has won locally (NY) and nationally. Currently and what some may say, most prestigious; she has worked with Grammy nominated Producer, DotDaGenius (the man responsible for Kid Cudi’s ‘Day N Nite’) on a number of songs for her latest release, “Square In A Circle (SIC).”

To close, Dante does not intend on being labeled within one particular sect. As they say in the art world, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – This is exactly how she looks at music. She makes music for everyone in some shape or form, and hopes the public can love the product she is serving as much as she loves delivering it.


Official Mixtapes:
Square In A Circle (2009)

Official Singles:
(2011) "Mean"
(2011) "SIC Radio"
(2011) "Walk It"
(2011) "Dance (Like A White Girl)"
(2011) "Cool"

Set List

1. Superstar Taay
2. Mean
3. SIC Radio
4. Walk It
5. Hustlin' To Get Change
6. What Happens (MIA)
7. Break Up (Interlude)
8. Slump
9. Dance (Like A White Girl)
10. Cool

Varies with time slot.
Performance is usually 20 minutes or more.