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Ser radical, etimológicamente, significa ir a la raíz de algo, a su corazón, al centro. En tiempos de fusión globalizadora, hay corrientes y artistas que prefieren ir directamente a la raíz, al núcleo que mueve sus inquietudes. Es éste el caso de SuperstereO, nuevo proyecto tinerfeño que bebe con sabiduría y buen hacer de las fuentes más genuinas y puras del funk y su inagotable espectro sonoro. Liderados por el guitarrista Jonás SuperstereO, la banda reúne a algunos de los más experimentados músicos de Tenerife que, tras un concienzudo trabajo de puesta a punto, editan Funk that!, debut de sonido potente que anticipa los vibrantes directos del grupo, en los que los efectos de pedal de wah dan paso a una abierta invitación al baile. Suena al lado más hedonista y bailable de Earth, Wind & Fire, a la sensualidad insinuante de Isaac Hayes y hasta la elegancia de un Curtis Mayfield, para completar una primera entrega de funk que no hace prisioneros, funk que va a la raíz, funk radical. Funk that!

Being radical means searching for the root of something, for its core, its centre. In times of globalising fusion, there are trends and artists that prefer to go ahead to the root, to the core of their concerns. This is the case of Superstereo, a new Tenerife’s musical project that takes its knowledge and good work from the inspirational sources of the true and pure funk and its infinite palette of sounds. Leaded by the guitarist Jonás Superstereo, the band holds some of Tenerife’s most experimented musicians who, after a long work in-the-making, release Funk That!, a debut album with a powerful sound that anticipates the band’s live performances where the effects from the wah pedal give way to an open invitation to dance. This sounds like the most hedonist and danceable side from Earth Wind & Fire, the sensuality from Isaac Hayes or the charm and savoir faire from Curtis Mayfield, completing a first release of take-no-prisoners funk, funk to the core, radical funk. Funk that!


The music

Written By: Jonás

I walked from Downtown to Fashion St.
I've heard the music of the black man
now It was kick on me

Millions of stars, shining-shining over me
I've seen the planets playing funk
fun-fan-too-funk to hear

Hey Johnny! Nice to see you man
plug it on your bass and play that boogie again...

Tonite is the night with the light on your brain
let's play together that sound, at the discotheque...

Sunny-sunny, feeling the vinyl sense
Sunny-sunny, DJ come on let's dance
Sunny-sunny, crashing the beat inside
Sunny-sunny, the music's on my mind

I wanna be stoned Johnny, fancy a joint?
the music makes me happy but I'm feeling bored
dancing on the scene and breaking my heart, it's true
she's Billie Jean on stage, Johnny what can I do?!

Around and around with my gin and my joint...
I've got a ticket in my pocket to that funky sound...


Beat of the sound

Written By: Jonás

I've had a cool sensation
when she walked by my side
Tonite, I feel so stoned and
we are all good friends
nobody can deny it...

We are all good friends
somebody have some water?!

Party people, happy people
rythm all night long,
everybody's searching
dark side of love...

Have you ever feel
the fabulous power's sensation
when your feet are catched by the
beat of the sound...?

Beat of the sound, beat of the sound
don't let me down tonite
until dawn come to us!

...with every little movement
of your body now!

She's dancing, waiting for the good boys time
she's breaking every little thought from your mind
don't make me smile, don't let her get away
at least, while my joint makes me glad!

Sweety-sweety faces waitin' the next joint
I'll belong to you before that I feel down

Dinner at eight

Written By: Jonás

She's comin' some minutes late
just like I supposed
I know the ladies treatment…

Really like you supposed?
is really like you supposed?

Is my fourth cup of wine
some people smilin' around me
while I turned in red

Maybe you'll must go on…
you can disguise with the phone…

The night…, good
the touch…, good
the wine…, good
what have I done badly?

The bill…, please!
the food…, great!
bad luck…, next time!
I'm gonna back home with my mom…!

Tonite the lady's in my box
have dinner at eight
fast love on the road

I've been waiting for a long time girl
I love every move
when I see her walkin'

Some flowers in a japanese vase
a personal touch
and five for the waiter

Turn off my mobile telephone…
cause I don't want indiscreet calls…


Written By: Jonás

And she said:
"I love you, why do you go?
please let me be your babe
you will never find this love
with any other girl...

The friend, the ardent look, you know...
the affection that you've robbed
It doesn't matter anything,
if I give you my whole world

You must be thinking about
your destiny, my love...
the problem now for me is...,
my future seems so cold

There's something that I want to say
before you cross the door
I'll be waiting you forever
and it doesn't mind me at all!"

Funk that!

Written By: Jonás

I'm sure, believe in me
when they filled the sky of stars
right in front of me

I could see the music's power
like a picture movie
with a funky soundtrack!

Funk that, funk-funk that! She said...
Funk me, funk me please! You know...

Then he took his instrument
and powerfully he answered
with this sound man..., listen!

Power funk

Written By: Jonás

So many things, who knows?
maybe..., I could do it tonite
at the funk show

So many lights, don't stop!
all the people is coming
louding the same vibe!

They're wait-waiting the Funk Star
but they don't know that he is so far...!
I was just a substitute tonite
and now I'm gonna take the power-funk...!!


Written By: Jonás

Cop goes so fast just behind of me
what a brilliant teeth
mirror I can see

The fact is I'm gonna take away
these jewels man, because
my babe is waitin' for me

catch thieves you alone
stop press over me
everybody knows

my car's prepared by "future's men"
for this driver and "The snatching nite tales"

I'll see you again
before than you wait it
you really think I need
these diamonds

How can I explain
that you can understand
I'm livin' with the most
expensive love-whim

She's happy livin' nude at home
demanding every kind of love
I know, I'm just a love machine
but I'm crazy with this love, is real

So Cop, I have to say goodbye
I'm gonna press the nitro-button man
don't worry, you musn't be afraid
when you see my car burning and disappearing!


Written By: Jonás

I'm goin' to find her
thinkin' all the things
that will happen tonite

Look that spider web!
Look and run away!

Step by step, I know
the next word flowin'
softly from your mouth

Don't be a fool again!
You will fall I guess!

But I think I felt in love...
don't ask me if I'm sure man!
I'm gonna play her song...
now shoot me spider
while I play that groove yeah...!

I know the spider's hungry
I can see her big black eyes too
Don't know how I can give up
I felt into her hairy claws...

Don't know how I can give up
I felt into her hairy claws...

Stop mom!

Written By: Jonás

Damn! Mama said: Honey boy
take care with the sweetest gifts
that you're gonna found

Will shine and dance, honey boy
remenber when I say that
you are my only love...

Stop mom! I said
Stop mom! You know...
I'm full of that,
and I'm hungry mom...!

Now, while I walk feelin'down
I'd like to have listened you
but it's too late mom.

What is that?

Written By: Jonás

Everybody must be thinkin' about
where we are...?
Have you ever think how long
is the space...?!

Good vibe, high time,
everything's fine
somebody can explain me
what is that?!

What is it that is called infinity?
do you really believe that is endless?!
What is it that is called infinity?
do you believe we'll be cosmic riders?!

I know, every separate parts..., it's ok
then I go back home and I think that:
“well, the infinity is so, so big but...
who is risin' up that?!, now please man!”

What is it that is called infinity?
do you really believe that is endless?!
What is it that is called infinity?
do you believe we'll be cosmic riders?!

Flyin' around U

Written By: Jonás



Funk That!-2007 (Mckenzie Muzik/Tenmusic)

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