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"International Online Music"

"The guitar and bass work is the stuff of immense skill and professionalism and the vocals are an epitaph to Julie Lange's sense of mouth-to-mic perfectionism...Sanctuary roots out some really smart grunge and rock guitar riffs to suppport the vocals that are equipped with enough passion and endurance to make the applause from a stadium audience deafen entire populations. What's particularly obvious is Julie's outstanding penchant for vocal diversity. Each track lends itself to the same kind of versatility phenomenon she employs in her considerations of what's required to make the song truly innovative. Julie Lange does all that with seemingly effortless ease folks!"
-Colin Lynch
- DMG Publishing


" By All Means "
Genre: rock
reviewed by Madalyn Sklar
SUPERSTRING is one of those bands that comes along and blows everyone away. Their sound is so refreshing that it makes me wonder why we aren’t hearing this on the radio. Oh yeah that is because radio sucks! Singer Julie Lange really shines on this album. She is enchanting, leaving me wanting much more music from this band.

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Dallas , TX - Madalyn Sklar

"Renegade Radio"

sometimes you get lucky when you're listening to music and for whatever reason a song reaches into your heart and pulls out a lot of memories. underground from superstrings "by all means" cd reached right in and from the very first note, to the strings lightly haunting the background if you listen closely enough, to the words that hit home from the very first one - this song captures so much from our own "private lives" that make you wonder if it wasn't so private after all.
i got to meet the band at the t-rock monthly bill virgin megastore signing w/chaz of (check it out!) and then watched them that night at firewater (almost done with the ads, bear with me) and was impressed enough to put them on my "yes" list, meaning I will need to make it an effort to go out and see this band again. i did manage to get a cd from brenda, their manager (hi brenda!) and listened to enough to make curious my favorite song. well, right up to the point where underground came on and it fell quickly to a close 2nd.

not content to simply have a cd running around the world, the band is quite involved in videos ranging from a video for their song "if you want it", but were also filmed at the nokia theater in times square during the cpl world tour finals covered by mtv. a 20 minute short film called "object of their affliction" and a rockumentary "life with superstring" are both in production now. You can check it all out at Taylor'dProductions MYSPACE page (last ad - i promise!!!)

By definition, a superstring is the basic element of the particles that make up the universe. They are the musical vibrations of the cosmos.

the band itself consists of julie lange on vocals, kell curtis, lead guitar, miguel pierre fair on bass, taylor tatsch on guitar and cooper heffley on drums. if you simply listen to the cd you'll catch one side of a very talented band. you'll be entertained, you'll be happy you're giving the indie artist the chance - superstring won't let you down and that's for sure. but you need to make a definite effort to see this band live and when you think you're about to hear led zepplin, you are, like you've never heard it before and julie doesn't back down an inch on vocals. put this band on your "yes" list to.

in the end, there are certain reasons i stick with all this. it's work - a lot of it sometimes. sitting and just catching my breathe leaves me feeling like i'm falling behind and never as far along as i think i should be. sucks being a dreamer. : ) but when listening to "by all means" i calm down in traffic. i get into the music and lose the world around me i listen to the words of the shot and hear a story told in just a few words, to suddenly hitting rewind and going back to curious and then of course, underground. i remember why.

music that lets you get lost, just for a minute. a voice that's more than easy to listen to and songs that just come together so well with the compliment of talent that makes up superstring as a whole.

welcome to renegaderadio, i know i'm going to enjoy your stay!

- Iceberg

"Northgate Music Festival Band Capsules"

Superstring's live show is a visual and sonic assualt on the senses. The Dallas band combines a progressive rock sound with elements of art and fashion shows that is as pleasing to the eyes as to ears. Lead singer Julie Lange's training in opera and jazz adds another dimension that showcases the band's one-of-a-kind live shows. - Eagle Staff


2007 Currently in Recording Studio
2005 Superstring - By All Means






Hailing from Dallas, TX, the female fronted power pop/rock band SUPERSTRING has never approached the music industry by traditional means. Their momentum spring-boarded when cohorts from the Dallas film industry heard their initial recording of the song "If You Want It". Shortly thereafter, what was merely a song, became a visually stunning, international award-winning High Definition video (which also premiered to an international audience on the HD Cable Network, HDNet, during the True Music program.)

The band then hit the studio to complete their first full-length album, "By All Means", in November 2005. SUPERSTRING also struck a chord within the video gaming industry by being invited to perform at the MTV/Blender Magazine sponsored Cyberathlete Professional League – 2005 World Tour Grand Finals at the Nokia Theater in New York’s Time Square. The band is now scheduled to write a theme song for upcoming video game “Severity” produced by The CPL and Escalation Studios - set for release in 2009. Currently, the band has released a 4-song EP entitled "Pull Me Apart" and will be coming off their West Coast Tour in August 2007. A full-length album is due in the Fall of 2007.