Super Volcanos

Super Volcanos


Recording experienced rock trio in their mid twenties. This music is the result of a long and intensive writing process. We are looking for label support for a full length album and touring. We want to make a career in music, and this cd is our ticket.


We are available for NY local support shows, we would like to send you a press kit with our cd, reviews, and photos for your review. If you have any connections to record labels please feel free to forward this email. Thanks.

download ep here:

We are an unsigned shoegaze/synth/rock trio from New York and we have recently recorded and engineered a self-released EP demo from our studio in rockland county. We are serious musicians, we love making music, we are 24/25 years old and playing the first important shows of our careers and right now more than ever with shows coming up at Trash Bar, The Knitting Factory, and Crash Mansion we could use your help, any exposure you could bring to us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy these recordings.

James Wolff

NY Band with Buzz! also the text of the review is posted below!



Written By: James Wolff

here comes the science,
behind the magic of our attraction, instant attraction,
this is the question,
behind the moment,
that we captured,
instant attraction
I am a philosopher,
without a subject,
a question searching for its answer,
I am a twisting,
twisting tornado,
where ever I go,
instant attraction,
this is the question,
that eats away at,
my lonely spirit,
from the inside,
twisting the magic,
behind the feelings,
draining completely,
twisting my being,

twisting tornado of questions,
and not answers, no not answers,

twisting tornado of questions,
and not answers, no not answers,


Instant Attraction, Demo EP 2:18
Jupiter, Demo EP 5:06
Firestorm, Demo EP 2:48
Scientific American, Demo EP 4:41

Set List

We have a 12 track 45 minute CD we can perform live.