Super XX Man

Super XX Man


"If we're gong to choose 10-songs every week, let it be Super XX Man - something that few [other shows] are going to play." – Bob Boilen, host of NPR’s All Songs Considered ”If love had a sound, this would be it.” – Amy McCullough, Willamette Week


Tender Loving Empire is pleased to announce that it released the new album by Portland's Super XX Man – Volume XII: There'll Be Diamonds – in fall of 2008.

A marked shift from the gentle folk-pop sound that fans throughout the Northwest have become intimately familiar with Volume XII is, according to singer/songwriter Scott Garred, Super XX Man's "most sonically ambitious album to date."

The new album features thirteen songs "chronicling the lives of persons with mental illness," says Garred, a subject he knows firsthand through his work as a music therapist at the oldest psychiatric institution in his home state, the Oregon State Hospital.

Songs like "Medication" (the lead single from the album), "Little Leaf" and "Crazy People" showcase the world that Garred inhabits on a daily basis, one that he says has "expanded into the substance abusing, schizophrenic drifting world of the mentally ill."

Volume XII: There'll Be Diamonds will be released this fall and will be preceded in the summer by the album's first single, "Medication". The single will also feature a remix and a non-album track.

Garred has been releasing music under the name Super XX Man (pronounced "super double ex man") for 12 years on such reputable labels as Post-Parlo (Bright Eyes, Ben Gibbard), Peek-A-Boo (Spoon, Junior Varsity) and Hush (The Decemberists, Norfolk & Western).

His last two albums, Volume X: Collecting Rocks and Volume XI: A Better Place (both on Hush), have garnered Super XX Man some of their best reviews to date, including kudos from Amy McCullough of Willamette Week ("If love had a sound, this would be it.") and Bob Boilen, the host of NPR's All Songs Considered ("If we're going to choose ten songs every week, let it be Super XX Man.").


• Volume I cassette (self-released, 1995)
• Volume II cassette (self-released, 1996)
• Volume I & II CD (self-released, 1999)
• Volume IV CD (Peek-A-Boo Records, 2000)
• Volume V CD (Post Parlo, 2001)
• Volume VI: Collecting Rocks CD (Lelp Recordings, 2003)
• Volume VII: My Usual Way CD (Lelp Recordings, 2004)
• Volume VIII: It's a Super XX Man Pizza CD (self-released, 2005)
• Volume X CD (Hush Records, 2006)
• Volume XI A Better Place CD (Hush Records, 2006)
• Volume XII There'll Be Diamonds CD (Tender Loving Empire, 2008)

Singles & EPs
• Volume III 7" EP (Peek-A-Boo Records, 1997)
• Super XX Man & Eric Metronome Home CD (Post Parlo, 2000)
• Volume IX CD EP (self-released, 2005)
• Medication CD EP (Tender Loving Empire, 2008)

• From the Bullpen CD (Hey Buddy, 1997)
• Comp-Comp cass (Tape-Tape, 1998)
• The Peek-A-Boo Book of Spells LP (Peek-A-Boo Records, 2001)

Set List

40 - 60 minutes
Out for kicks Vol. XI
Lions heads Vol. XI
Baby song Vol. XI
With you Vol. XI
Rain keeps fallin’ Vol. XI
Coulee City Vol. VI or X
Generosity Vol. V or X
Lone star Vol. VI
Hey Louise Vol. VII
Usual Way Vol. VII or X
Collecting Rocks Vol. VI or X

New Volume XII Songs!
Crazy People
You Say
There’ll be Diamonds
Big Balloon
Little Leaf
What Lies Beneath
5A Problem
Psychotic Break
It’s now
Downtown Chapel
Cautious Like a Panther