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I am deticated to change, influence & motivation! Change of train of thought; through God, anything is possible! Influence: Hip-hop today guides people, more important YOUTH, in the wrong direction, no substance. Motivation:The key ingredient to CHANGE thru INFLUENCE, hence-Supreem Thawtz.


Supreem Thawtz, born as Troy Rowell debuted his first completed song in 1984. The song titled “The Bubble Rap” was used to smash other playground Mc’s at his elementary school in Poughkeepsie, New York during recess, bus rides and unsupervised classroom time.

Twenty three years later, Supreem has written countless songs and developed content much deeper than bubbles. His experiences and those of the people closest to him have given this artist a broader understanding of life which he masterfully illustrates through his lyrics. Supreem spent most of his life in New York where he says he learned most of what he knows and loves about hip-hop. He has also lived in Atlanta and Chicago. His regional exposure has given him diversity and a prospective known by few.

“I wouldn’t call myself a conscious rapper”, Supreem says, but his words definitely communicate more than a rhythmic pattern. As you listen to songs like “Still Everyday”, “Amazin” and “Beautiful Life”, you quickly realize that Supreem brings vocabulary and emotions that have been missing from hip hop for far too long. His hard hitting vocals, use of metaphors, and skill crafting the English language into a style that is truly unique, make him; if nothing else…one of a kind.

So what influences Supreem? From the old school artist like NAS, A Tribe Called Quest, Poor Righteous Teachers, De La Soul, Rakim and KRS One. Who motivates Supreem? Artists like Common, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli and The Roots, he says. “Artist like them remind me what hip-hop was called to be and help me feed my desire even in a time where hip-hop seems malnourished.” Heard it all before? Well, maybe, but when you hear this artist you’ll soon realize he brings the best of both worlds. His some-times gutter delivery will have you on the edge of your seat…but not ready to “pop off”. His lyrics express his accountability and his passion for change.

“ I think with a dry eye but cry on paper and pray my tears stimulate and motivate a change…”
-The Truth, Supreem Thawtz

In the summer of 2007, Supreem Thawtz was re-introduced to his love of hip -hop music by an old friend, “Kenny Red”. Kenny encouraged Supreem to pursue his raw and undeniable talent by spending the next several weeks putting together lyrics to showcase his unique style. Supreem spent the following month going through his archives of past work, and developing new content that spoke to the growth he had experienced. When ready to present his body of work his strong vocal chords were met by deaf ears and an absent friendship that once existed.

More determined than ever Supreem sought the help of a higher power and placed his trust in it, and his talent. Supreem worked with multiple producers and artists’ over the next several months and by years end, had completed enough tracks to make his debut album while balancing the challenges of supporting his family and pursing a higher education.

"Pressure" is real tight, man; those verses are crazy!!!
- Quid-

“Nice man - Sounds gritty & street while being cosmic and intellectual at the same time - Good job homie.”
~Sway -

“I'm Lovin' that joint entitled: The Truth.”
-Jura Shaheed-

By the arrival of 2008, Supreem went public with his work, releasing “Pressure”, “The Truth” and “ Better said than done”. The feedback was incredible and assured the artist that he indeed had a place in the violent and misogynistic world of so-called hip hop artist he knew from today. His role? That of an architect. The firm foundation of the art he once loved had become cracked and unstable. “I call what I do ‘Movement Muzik’. There’s a lot of fast food out there, but I’m serving steak and potatoes-get a plate! Hip-hop needs a new direction, and I’m here to help take it there.” Supreem says.

If you want to know more about Supreem, visit He is also working on the release of his debut album The Other Side’ which he says consists of DJ Premier type production infused with early Kanye West, layered with gritty but potent lyricism crafted around God, love, family, politics, and the occasional flaunting of clever wordplay.


No tracks have any air play currently. I have released songs on-line via MySpaceand youtube.
Public Announcement (P.A.)
Get'em High
Str8 No Chaser
Life (Head F1st)
The Rebirth (DOA Remix)
The Truth Pt. 1

Set List

Have yet to do a set-Have performed at random for personal parties/back yard settings. When those occur, I perform 5 songs.
Beautiful Life
Do U C
I've only Taken pictures for my Press Kit. My attire I describe as casual urban wear.