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Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Atlanta, GA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Supreme BG Interview with *Unsigned Female Artists""

1. Who is Supreme BG? What makes her different from other artists?

In order to answer that question we must first ask what is Supreme BG. Supreme isn’t just a person, or brand but a way of life. It’s the excellence in which you carry yourself, setting you atop the lyrical and musical heap. The idea, the statement that I am from a city where you must be special, gifted, and hustle ready to be your greatest self. The notion that I am independent, therefore I am authentic. The gall to say and believe that I was born with a message and world shall receive it by any means necessary. And last but certainly not least, the will and drive to smash the doors open and show that what I have and who I am is here to stay. Now that is Supreme BG.
The difference between me and other artist is the fact that I’m not a trend chaser. Id rather be so confident in being myself that I in fact set the trend that being your true self is actually the coolest you can ever be.
2. Have You Ever Faced Any Challenges During Your Time In The Music Industry?
The Biggest Challenge I’ve Had To Face In The Music Industry By Far Is Going From A Duo($Mokin Acez) To A Solo Artist. Not Only Did I Lose A Music Partner But I Also Lost A Business Partner. The Workload Doubled And I Pretty Much Had To Start Over Building Another Brand. It Felt Like All The Years Of Hard Work,Sacrifice,And Growth Went Down The Drain Very Quick. Ill Forever Cherish My Time With The Group. It Gave Me My Start And Taught Me A Lot About Music And Life.
3. At What Age Did You Start Pursuing Your Music Career?
I Started To Record At The Age Of 19. I Started To Pursue Music As A Business And Take It Very Serious At About The Age Of 24.
4. How Did You Come Across “Unsigned Female Artists” If You Can Remember?
I Definitely Came Across “Unsigned Female Artists” On Instagram. I Immediately Recognized The Attention They Were Putting Into Not Only The Promotion Of Their Own Social Media Presence But The Promotion Of The Artists They Truly believed In. I Immediately Know It Was Something I Wanted To Align Myself With And Reached Out. From The First Encounter It Was Genuine And Much Appreciated.
5. Who Are Some Of Your Influences?
First And Foremost My Mother Who Is And Has Always Been My Inspiration. She Is The Strongest Person I Know And That’s Man Or Woman. My Grandmother Who Is A Rock And Perfect Example Of A God Fearing Woman. And My Father, Who Has Always Been There For Me. He Has Taught Me So Much And I Will Forever Live In His Example. As Far As Musical Influences, The List Can Go From Birmingham Alabama To Birmingham England! From Bobby Womack And Curtis Mayfield To Scarface And Nas. From Parliament And Barry White To Ugk And Warren G.From Dirty(Alabama Rap Duo) To Mint Condition! “Ya Kno I Cant Live without That Funk Mane!” I’m Just A Soulful Individual.
6. How Long Have You Been Making Music? What Are Some Goals You Hope To Achieve?
I’ve Been Making Music In My Head Since Birth.I Started Actually Recording At The Age Of 19. My Biggest Goal Is To Make A Lasting Impact On Not Just Hip Hop But The World. Some Other Goals Are To Continue To Fully Develop My Label,The Black & Supreme Company. Also,Sowing Supreme Seedz,My Non Profit Organization Which Does Work In The Community With People Of All Ages With A Special Attention To The Youth. My Main Focus Is To Continue Learning As Much As I Can So That I Can Continue To Grow In Not Only The Business Of Music But Life In General.
7. If You Wouldn’t Be Making Music, What Else Would You Be Doing?
To Be Honest I Dont Know. I Cant See Myself Doing Anything Else. I’m Sure Its A Few Things I Could Be Doing That Would Be Less Stressful Than Being An Independent Artist But My Heart Cant Foresee It. Although I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Teacher And Girls Basketball Coach. That Actually Is Still One Of My Goals,To Sponsor And Coach A Young Ladies Basketball Team.
8. How Do You Record Your Music, Like What Puts You In The Mood To Write And Record?
For The Most Part I Do All Of My Writing In The Studio. I Need That Vibe. I Need To Hear The Music Loud Coming From All Angles. And Then Of Course The Usual Back And Forth Walking With The Medicine In The Air. After The Beat Has Played A Minimum Of 205 Times I Have Something Representative Of Supreme Bg In Song Form. Something Authentic.
9. Why Do You Think It’S Hard For Female Artists To Make It In A Male Dominated Industry?
Anything That Is Already Dominated By A Certain Group Is Going To Take Some Strategic Effort To Infiltrate. We As Women Have To Be Consistent And Persistent With What We Say And Do. We Cant Be Out Here Looking For A Handout Or Acceptance From Somebody Yet In The Same Breath Want Their Respect.We Have To Demand Respect.And Not Necessarily With Aggression. We Have To Carve And Create Our Own Path.
10. What’S An Everyday Motto That You Go By? What Advice Would You Give Other Artists Wanting To Make Music?
“To Be A Leader You Must First Make The Sacrifices Others Wont Make.” I Came Up With That Quote While Working The Overnight Shift Stocking At Wal-Mart Over 5 Years Ago. I Tore Off A Piece Of A Box And Wrote It Down So I Wouldnt Forget,Something That I Still Have To This Day. I Live By That Quote And It’s Very Broad To Me.If Ever I Get Discouraged Or Feel Overwhelmed This Is Something That keeps Me Going. Im Making The Sacrifice I Need To Make To Achieve The Level Of success I Want To Obtain. At No Point Should I Feel So Pressured That I Cant Hold My Head High And Keep The Promises I Made To Myself And My Family Sacred.
The Most Important Piece Of Advice I Can Give To Other Artists Wanting To Pursue A Career In The Music Business Is To Be Unapologetic. Meaning Be True To Yourself At All Cost. Make The Kind Of Music That Feels Good To You. Don’t Try To Follow Any Trends To Be Accepted Or Get On Quicker. Trust And Appreciate The Grind And The Process. The Process Is What You Want. Anything Fast Wont Last.
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"Sex and Hip Hop the Documentary Featuring Dj.Doseville and Stud Music World"

“Sex & HiP-Hop “The Documentary“

September 20th, 2016 by Shawn Dunn, Admin
Freedom of Expression Magazine and Tisa Edge had an opportunity to catch up with CEO DJ Doseville and some the dopest lesbian rappers of the Stud Music World-Movement (SMW) at the premiere of Sex & Hip Hop The Documentary. In attendance was Kin4life, Kim Joyce, Tex Banga, London The Accomplished and Supreme BG, just to name a few who were all featured in the documentary. Here is how it all went down!!!
Tisa Edge: You put on a phenomenal Sex & Hip-hop documentary, so please tell us what inspired you to do this?
DJ Doseville: The reason behind SMM was to bring to light Masculine-Identified lesbian female rappers, in the LGBTQ community known as “Studs.” Me being a club promoter since 2009, constantly in the clubs seeing these artists that are very talented and doing their thing, but not getting the proper the respect and recognition they deserve. These women refuse to transform themselves just to be someone other than their “True” selves, just to be heard, or seen, for that matter. It’s true that this rap game industry is currently dominated by mostly men. Unfortunately, they are not asked to change or compromise who they are just for a hit record.
Tisa Edge: Tell us one quick thing we can do as a community to support this movement because watching the documentary, I had a lot of things going thru my mind. What can we do to help you and the artists get out here and get the recognition they deserve?
DJ Doseville: The community standing behind and supporting us, and spreading the word!
DJ Doseville further explained that women today are being oversexualized and women are more than a sexy body and pretty lips. The real question should be; do you have talent? She added, “Just because they don’t portray themselves in a sexual kind of way, which she quotes “what the industry wants- “Sex” because it sells!
DJ Doseville may be on to something. Let’s take Young M.A. for example. She began her rap career staying true to herself. Even two years ago, “Yung M.A., Rell Markz, and LA Danger(Redlyfe) “Brooklyn-freestyle video was all over the internet with over half a million views to-date on youtube “I mean she went in.” That’s what I thought the rap game was all about. Talent. Now look at her, she has the street buzzing with her hit record “OOOUUU” which goes hard in the clubs. Did she change who she was just to meet the industry standard? Absolutely not, and she’s being sought out everywhere, from promos to performing in clubs, she what’s hot right now. - Freedom Of Expression Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Supreme BG is an artist that will connect with and captivate any audience from ages 5 to 75. The authenticity that is displayed through the creative process of crafting and then bringing a song to life through soul reaching performance can not be denied.

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