Sureda’s music is like an endless journey via original compositions based on different musical influences (Celtic, Mediterranean, Latin, jazz, etc.). Most of the songs are in Spanish. They are all sung by Annie Sureda-Castello, in her light, transparent voice. She writes most of her songs herself


Writes the music and lyrics of most of the songs she sings.
Was born of Spanish parents and discovered her passion for music at the age of eight, when she started writing songs in Spanish and Catalan. She began writing poetry and prose at around the same time.
At the age of eleven she won first prize in a singing contest in Lier (Belgium) with songs of her own composition. This gave her the opportunity to record her works.
She studied music theory, guitar and singing at the Royal Academies of Antwerp and Schaerbeek.
Graduated in “Linguistics and Cultural Sciences” from the Johannes-Gutenberg university in Germersheim, Germany. Following her studies she founded her own group: SUREDA.
She has attended various workshops and advanced courses: -
Classical singing with Belgian singer Lieve Suys,
Romanian music with the Romanian singer Anca Parghel,
Jazz in Dworp (Jazz studio/Antwerp).
She has written (and continues to write) poetry: -
"Colores de la juventud"
"Mar y Mundo"
“Speeltuin Hamoir”
In November 1998 the "FIDOF" (Los Angeles International Singing Federation, USA) selected her song, "Nuestro Puente" (Our Bridge) from entries from over 35 countries (500 songs) for inclusion in their new CD.
Annie has been very committed to her project “Arcos y Puentes” for some years, carrying out cultural exchanges with Latin America. She also started up the festival “Arcos y Puentes Roots Rallye” in the Pays d’Othe.
She lives in Mexico City and has today a wonderfull Mexican group.


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Set List

1.Esperarem (Lyric:Annie Sureda-Castello/arr. and music:Gwenael Micault)
2.Baila Tentación: (Lyric and Music:Annie Sureda-Castello/arr. Gwenael Micault)
3.L'éveil du farfadet: (Music and Arrangment By Gwenael Micault)
4.A la Derobee: (Music and Arrangement by Gwenael Micault)
5.Deje de esperarte: (Music and Lyric: Annie Sureda-Castello/arrangement: Gwenael Micault)
6.Somos Amapolas (Music and Lyrics: Annie Sureda-Castello/arrangement: Gwenael Micault)
7.Todo Nada: (Music and Lyrics: Annie Sureda-Castello/arr. Gwenael Micault)
8.Sense Tu (music and lyric: Annie Sureda-Castello/arr.Gwenael Micault)
9.Volaras (Musis and Arr.:Gwenael Micault/Lyric: Annie Sureda-Castello)
10.Nuestro Puente (Music and Lyric:Annie Sureda-Castello/Arr.:Gwenael Micault)
11.Bull Bogerias: (Music and Arr. Gwenael Micault/ Lyric: Annie Sureda-Castello)
12.Els cinc follets: (Music, arr. : Gwenael Micault)
Androwplinn: (Mus.and arr: Gwenael Micault)
13.Mes que un día: (Mus and Lyric: Annie Sureda-Castel