sure juror

sure juror


sure juror, See hone. hone, tr.v. (h n) 1. to bring something to a state of increased intensity. n. (h n) 2. a tool with a rotating abrasive head, used to bore holes intr.v. (h n) 3. to long for somebody or something 4. to complain continuously


Sure Juror

Sure Juror is the manifestation of Jonathan Heathcote’s (originally of Cardiff, Wales) quirky, satiric, experimental (by way of nostalgia) pop songwriting. The self- titled debut album, planned for release by and support from New Jersey based Soundless Records in early 2005, was overwrought with release difficulties; inevitably, Jonathan parted ways with the label. But in the wake of the well-received album, a band was fashioned, nearly unconsciously, of Jonathan, David Pass, Sean Wheatley, Luke Martin, and Joe Sheehan to support the album. The music has been ambiguously and ambitiously described as “The Beatles covered by the Smiths with Kurt Cobain playing guitar and Beach Boys harmonies.” Sharing the stage with a wide range of acts from gospel/ hip hop to hardcore to folk, Sure Juror has been very well-received by all and will fit on most bills.


GAWd EP, sure juror

Set List

GAWd, Sleeping Pill, You'll Never Recognize it, Done Nothing, Ex-Cuties, The Drive Will Do You Good, Fussy, New Recruit, Social Cheerleader, Scapegoat, Emotional Bedwetting at The Heart of The Delaware, Parting Words, 7/9, Making Friends Has Never Been So Easy, An Over Reaction, Smut, Christmas Shopping...We Play an eclectic mix of covers ranging from The Beatles to the The Drive-in to The Cure. Our sets usually last 20-30 minutes depending on the crowd.