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"Destined for success"

Ambition can take a person many places and for this young artist, it’s going to take him to the top. He rocks clubs all over Florida with his unique sound. A Pittsburgh native, LeChon Wilson, a.k.a. Sure Wil, has a music style all his own.

Growing up listening to artists such as Marvin Gaye, The Chi Lites and Michael Jackson, Sure Wil is pushing his music as far as he can. Sure Wil grew up on the North Side of Pittsburgh and moved all over the city. “Trying to make it in the business is hard in general, I think its better here [Pittsburgh] than a huge city.” He is the definition of an all around artist.  He doesn’t just do music; he also does spoken word poetry.
“I’ve always been a fan of music; my mom was the one who got me into it.” Sure Wil explains. She passed that love on to her son. Sure Wil has an obvious passion for music and being an artist.
Sure Wil attended the Civic Light Opera School for performing arts. He then entered the Marine Corps and left Pittsburgh. “I’ve traveled to Europe and Spain, the time goes really fast,” he said.
Sure Wil could be compared to hip-hop artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Common, or Mos Def. When asked why he chose the type of music that he did instead of what is widely popular now, he said, “I didn’t really choose. My music depends on how I’m feeling at the particular time. I have no aspirations to be like other rappers.”
He writes his own music, and when he gets inspiration, he immediately starts writing what came to his head.
When asked what advice he would give to young artists coming into the music business, he said, “Make your own path, be original. If you make music because you love music, people can tell that there is passion in what you do.”
Sure Wil’s music has even made it across the world, so look out for an upcoming show here in “The Burgh.” His debut CD “Liphenmuzik” is scheduled for spring 2009.
Sure Wil is destined for success by sheer will. - Nexus A. Ransom

"Life in Music"

Orlando rapper Sure Wil has traveled all over from D.C. to Spain, but he keeps himself grounded through his music that comes off as truthful and insightfully pretentious.
I understand that your mother was in the entertainment business, how did that influence you to pursue music??She started off as a record collector, and she had her own TV show back home in Pittsburgh. She would take me on set sometimes, I was just amazed, people really knew her, I think that’s what started my interest.
I understand you lived in Spain for a while, how did that affect your music??There’s a lot of different sounds in Europe, a lot of techno stuff that I could really appreciate. And as far as the Spanish music goes, definitely.
And afterwards you moved to D.C.?When I got out of the military, I went down to the D.C. area. I started performing down there, down in 14th and Barnun.
14th and Barnun? How would you describe that??I would say it’s really neo-soul, poetic atmosphere. A lot of love, people show you a lot of love.
When’s the first time you performed on-stage??I started off in chorus as a kid, I have been performing ever since.
What’s your routine before a show??I try to just go over my music and try not to forget the words. I’m not too nervous when I get up there, and I think people can pick up on that energy.
How would you describe the Orlando hip hop scene??I think the Orlando hip hop scene is a lot more then people know, there’s a lot of good artists. It’s really bubbling talent.
You borrow a lot from your past experiences, how do you feel it makes it easier for your audience to relate??I think it’s really easy because a lot of people come from split homes and I talk a lot about that stuff in my music. Normally what I do is I listen to a song and whatever that song makes me feel like, those are the type of words I interpret. Recently I did a song called “Anybody Wondering” and the song really touches on some of the things people think about but nobody every says.
As far as your debut album goes, that’s coming out later this year??It’s aimed for later on this year, it’s called “Life in Music,” not necessarily my life though. You’re going to hear stuff that is the softer side of me and then you’re gonna hear stuff that makes you say “Wow, I didn’t know he could be that callous.” - Robert Vilchez


I am releasing a single this spring called " You with me", with a follow up song called "Ginseng Love. My debut mixtape " The Remedy " is scheduled to be released in spring 2009.



The creative soul known as Sure Wil was born September 20, 1980 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a child his mother was a record collector and later on ventured into the entertainment world hosting her own T.V. show on Pittsburgh's local television scene. Immediately an interest was formed.

Following in the footsteps of his mother, he is the founder of INTRICATE MINDZ ENTERTAINMENT, balancing his ideas as an entrepreneur and his passion as an artist. Known for speaking outwardly about his memories as a child, and his international military adventures, he finds music in the cycle of everyday life. Living in the south west region of Spain, he was introduced to an extremely different culture bridging the gaps between music here in the United States and Europe alike, showing himself as a true rarity.

The artist practiced honing his performing skills in none other than Dc's own Barnun on 14th & U, where he quickly gained popularity on the streets that Marvin, Gaye once stood. Filled with an arrangement of metaphors he's comparable to the best of hip hops royalty thus far. Though known for his lyrical prowess he is also a incredible writer & poet. Previously recognized for his dancing,vocal & design abilities as well, critics are well challenged classifying him in only a hip hop genre.

"Sure Wil" is an artist in it's truest form. Much of his music has crossed universal boundaries in Europe, Japan & Germany to name a few. So if you've heard " Flow like the wind", or " Miss you", you know that he likes to take you into his past & present on a melodic journey. Reminding you of the ups and downs, smiles and tears that we all experience from day to day. His greatest tool is his ability to link understanding and respect from all genres of music to all walks of life. So If you like what you've heard so far, his debut Mixtape "The Remedy" is scheduled to be released in spring 2009.