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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFTRA

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2015
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"Punk Goes Beach Boys: A Look At Surf Dads"

Surf Dads is a two-piece indie/punk band from Los Angeles, California that will rock the wax off your surfboard! The band has mastered mixing hard-hitting progressions, dreamy leads, and poppy melodies together so well. The duo released a total of three EP’s between April and July earlier this year and has used the rest of it to tour extensively through the US and Canada, as well as being featured on festivals and even a podcast from London.

Their latest release, A Nice Boy, is easily a Different Head favorite. The EP features four tracks, lasts 14 minutes, and was written and recorded in 9 hours. But don’t let that fool you the songs are very well written and performed. I urge you to click the links and check out this awesome band! - Different Head

"The People You'll Find At a Surf Dads Show"

Yeah that’s Surf Dads. Heard of them? No? You will. Surf Dads are Chris Dimas and Gage McGuire. One lives in California while the other is rooted in Saskatchewan. With the miles between the two they’ve managed to put out three EP’s, the last of which, A Nice Boy, was completed in just 9 hours. Spending more time apart than together, they still manage to write, record and somehow make some amazing music without ever really being in the same room. On their first tour, it’s clear when they do get together some crazy shit goes down. They are a spectacle that will have you screaming, hitting and feeling a little a violated by how into it you got. From the moment they climb on stage, these prairie boys are already thinking of ways jump off of it.

Last Friday, hidden in the back of The Central amid the cluster of Christmas lights, red velvet curtain and a slight burning smell, the boys of Surf Dads played their second out of three nights in Toronto. Branding The Central with their sounds from Regina all the way to California, the band also brought out some characters.

These are a few of the people you’re sure to find at the perfect chaos that is a Surf Dads show.

The Mosher

We see you. Hear you. And we sure as hell feel you. There are two kinds of people who mosh. The considerate–someone who only involves those who are into being slammed, punched and wetted by beer. He does his thing and winds down before anything gets too crazy….and then there’s the that other guy. The one who would be screaming and shoulder slamming at T-Swift. He lives to take things to the next level, because after all, it’s not fun until someone’s bleeding, right? We get it you’re into having fun and showing the band your love but tone it down a smidgen because the next guy is there too.

The Guy Trying Not to Spill his Beer

Can you spot him? The mosher is his natural enemy. He’s just trying to have a good time. He’s too old to partake in the moshing but young enough to spend his Friday’s at a show with moshing. He’s close to the front nodding along as if the lead is an old friend telling him a good joke. All the rambunctious kids jumping around don’t bother him, as long as they don’t spill his beer. 8 dollars is expensive after all!

The Teen with a Good Fake ID

Psst. Your age is showing. You have a damn good fake ID, but you’re a little too, well, wild. He stays in the back trying to look in his element and invisible until the show begins. Rushing into the darkness at the stage edge, he takes his rightful place and enjoys what is, to him, the most exhilarating evening. He’s here because he heard his cool older brother talk about what a “sick show” it would be. Alas, he now knows it’s true.

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Guy

This is the one unlucky guy who ends up with the bloody lip and he wasn’t even in the moshpit. He just wanted to be close. So as the set goes on he moves closer and closer to the front cautiously making sure he’s not in anyones way. Too bad that the band jumped off of the stage and low and behold, goes straight for him. A few pushes later, perhaps a spilt drink, he’s right in the middle of it all.

The (Slightly) Ashamed Girlfriend

She’s fun, likes good music, beer and those random back alley bars. She lives for shows with the unknown. But once her boyfriend meets up with his bros and begins head-banging she retreats to the side and settles into the booth for the night. She doesn’t look at the band as they rush the crowd as they thrash, eventually ending up sweaty, hoarse and satisfied. Instead, she looks at her boyfriend right there with them, yelling, jumping and conjuring up what tomorrow will be the world’s most epic hangover. In the end, she decides to jump up and get in on the fun, but the crowd is too wound up and she normally ends up one of two ways: in her boyfriends arms, or being the baddest thing on the dance floor. - Jesus's Sister

"Surf Dads Ready Canadian Tour, Premiere New Video"

The members of summery garage-pop outfit Surf Dads are split between Los Angeles and Regina, but in the coming weeks, they will favour their Canadian roots when hitting the road in the coming weeks.

The outing begins on September 18, when the band's L.A.-based Chris Dimas will join Gage McGuire in his hometown of Regina. From there, they will head east, playing a show in Winnipeg followed by a string of dates in Ontario and Quebec.

All told, they have 14 Canuck shows within two and a half weeks, and the tour eventually wraps up on October 4. After that, they have a couple of Saskatoon dates with Library Voices. See the schedule below.

Scroll past the schedule to check out the premiere of a live performance video for "Beach Dreams," a sunny rock tune with a riff reminiscent of "Please Please Me." The clip was filmed in a bathroom by Anastas Maragos. The band said in a statement, "We thought it would be a fun idea to set up all of our gear and record us playing in a bathroom. It was violently hot, but ended up working out okay." This song comes from the recent EP A Nice Boy.

Tour dates:

09/18 Regina, SK - O'Hanlons
09/19 Winnipeg, MB - The Handsome Daughter
09/20 Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo
09/22 Barrie, ON - Foxx Lounge
09/23 Ottawa, ON - Avant Garde Bar
09/24 Quebec City - QC - Le Knock Out
09/25 Montreal, QC - Piranha Bar
09/26 Montreal, QC - Barfly
09/28 Kingston, ON - The Toucan
09/29 Oshawa, ON - The Moustache Club
10/01 Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee's
10/02 Toronto, ON - The Central
10/03 Toronto, ON - The Bovine
10/04 Subury, ON - The Townehouse
10/23 Saskatoon, SK - Library Voices *
10/24 Regina, SK - Cultural Exchange *

* with Library Voices - Exclaim!

"Surf Dads "Beach Dreams""

Although they may be geographically split between Regina and Los Angeles, dynamic duo Surf Dads have still managed meld musically and put together their third EP, A Nice Boy. Before the record drops tomorrow (July 9), though, Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to a brand new track called "Beach Dreams."

Composed of Regina-based Gage McGuire and L.A.'s Chris Dimas, the prolific pair dropped their debut Denny's EP in April of this year, following it up with Dark Dads the next month. Now, not even two months later, comes A Nice Boy — a fresh set of songs written and recorded in a mere nine hours during Dimas' last visit to Regina.

One of those tracks is the super summer-friendly "Beach Dreams." Jangly guitars, upbeat drums and bratty, sun-soaked vocals definitely give off more of a West Coast vibe than a prairie one, and you can hear it for yourself below.

Scroll past the band's upcoming tour dates of Western Canada and hit play to get sonically transported to the shore by Surf Dad's "Beach Dreams."

Tour dates:

07/10 Saskatoon, SK - Le Relais
07/11 Winnipeg, MB - The Handsome Daughter
07/12 Regina, SK - The Club
07/13 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar
07/14 Kelowna, BC - Fernandos
07/15 Vancouver, BC - 333
07/17 Vancouver, BC - The Cobalt
07/18 Vancouver, BC - Railway Club
07/19 Revelstoke, BC - The Last Drop Pub
07/31 Calgary, AB - Broken City
08/01 Saskatoon, SK - Vangelis - Exclaim!

"Dark Dads EP- Surf Dads"

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of money or an outstanding environment to record a cool album. The guys from Surf Dads just proved that. Their Dark Dads EP was recorded “half in a garage in Regina, half in a container in Hollywood”, and as both places are more than 1.500 miles apart from each other, it probably was a tour de force to make this record happen.

‘So Alone’ is the first track on their freshly released EP. It sounds like a kind of happy punk to me, but with some Steve Albini/Shellac-esque guitars. The vocals in the chorus make it also really catchy. ‘Ain’t In A Drought’ gave me goose bumps with the guitar melody and its delay bouncing all around the room. This is another very straightforward song, but that does not make it less of a song. It features some great drumming, ditto guitar playing and some cool vocal parts.

‘Counting Sheep’ is a faster-paced song and reminds me of some ordinary high school punk music, but Surf Dads do it a lot better. Soundwise they are more interesting and the song in itself is a good one, but maybe a little poppy. ‘Mystery/History’ is already the last song of their EP. The guitars and the vocals complement each other very well. There’s another very cool chorus in there, where the sweet ooh’s of the vocals collide with the screaming in the background. The break in the middle is rather abrupt, but that makes this song impressive and intense.

If you want something different, something that is still easy and fun to listen to, here’s your chance. Grab their EP now, it’s free on Bandcamp, but if you have a couple of dollars in your pocket, feel free to pay for this EP. It’s worth it.

Favourite track: ‘Mystery/History’ - Short Cut Music

"Six Records CMM Wants You To Know"

This is just a flat out excellent record from this L.A. based melodic rock n roll band. "Get Away" is full of punchy hooks and in your face angst and it continues on "California Dream" which features a powerful blast of 3 chord guitar fury and top notch vocal harmonies. "Muscle Beach" is even quicker with it's full on punk rock n roll form in full effect. The E.P. closes with the more laid back sounds of "The Coast" which features guest vocal duties from Mattea Columpsi adding an excellent touch to the track and rounds out the E.P. on a high note leaving me wanting more. Highly recommended!!! - Custom Made Music

"Surf Dads Ready Summer Vacation EP"

Based between Regina and Los Angeles, Surf Dads have learned to make the most out of the time that the duo do actually get to spend together. The pair recently reconvened and laid down a new four-track EP, going by the timely title of Summer Vacation.

Due out on July 29, the latest set of songs was recorded in just three days — dedicating one evening to writing and structuring, another evening for drums and rhythm guitars, and then a full day jam packed with bass, lead guitar, lyric-writing and laying down vocals.

It was a quick but fruitful session, and you can hear a sampling of the final product in the form of a new song called "Holding Back." It's an upbeat, summery slice of surf-rock that should help anyone ring in the school's-out holiday season.

If you want to spend part of your own summer vacation catching the band's live set, the details for their upcoming shows are listed below. Scroll beyond those and hit play to give "Holding Back" an inaugural spin. - Exlaim!

"Surf Dads 'Summer Vacation' EP Stream"

Despite recording their latest EP in the landlocked prairie city of Regina, Surf Dads manage to channel some seriously beach-worthy musical fun on Summer Vacation.

Exclaim! recently premiered the lead single "Holding Back," and now we're giving you the chance to hear the rest of the EP before it's officially out next week.

Jangly guitars and breezy harmonies weave their way through opening cuts "Found Yourself in Thailand" (featuring a guest appearance from Dagan Harding) and "Holding Back," though "Yesterday's Clothes" takes things in a slightly heavier direction with some extra fuzzed-out garage rock vibes. It's followed by one last blast of peppy pop-infused rock'n'roll on "The Way She Does," bringing the bright, brash set of songs to a satisfying close. - Exclaim!

"Surf Dads Yesterday's Clothes"

Surf Dads wash up on our shores once again. This time it’s a grungy noise pop tune, with a touch of sludge. The lyrics are a head-scratcher though. My interpretation is that the protagonist is a down-and-out street person who is hoping people will recognize him (or her?) for what they used to be. - Ride the Tempo

""Summer Vacation" Review"

Summer has officially ended. For those who were fortunate enough to have one, the memories of a summer vacation are becoming as blurry as the nights you spent on vacation. Lucky for us, Regina’s Surf Dads (the ~cool~ dads) are here to remind us of summer vacay all year round with their very fun EP.

Summer Vacation sounds as reckless as the hot sun and unorganized time of summer – especially when you were young – made you feel. With their ragged pop-rock style, Surf Dads salute Weezer, Blink-182, and other like-minded bands you would blast out of the crappy headphones that came with your Sony cd Walkman. All the good stuff is here: gang vocals, fiercely delivered power chords, and sizzling guitar solos.

A girl (probably more than one) is the major figure in this Summer Vacation. She’s on the mind of the surfers during their depressive state wearing “Yesterday’s Clothes” – a song that early on explodes with a screaming guitar solo, shaking off the food dried on the aforementioned clothes. She’s the reason for the unabashed heart eyes in the vibrant “The Way She Does,” and for the jitters on “Holding Back.” On opener “Found Yourself in Thailand,” Surf Dads’ muse is lost. She’s eager for a change of scenery and decides to find herself in Thailand but just runs into trouble. It’s a hell of a catchy song and a fantastic eyeroll (the repetition of “did you find yourself in Thailand?” gets snarkier each time it’s said) at those who are certain they will “find” themselves in another country.

Summer may be over but Summer Vacation is a year-round listen. Surf’s up. - Grayowl Point

"Gig review and photos: Surf Dads at The Hideout, Toronto"

Who: Surf Dads
Where: The Hideout, Toronto
When: 6 May 2016
In one word: Intense
Surf Dads are a surf punk band originating from Regina, Saskatchewan, taking major influences from bands like Wavves and Weezer. A band with an impossible start, Chris Dimas was living 2800 kilometers away from Gage McGuire. After exchanging iPhone recorded demos, Chris and Gage met up to record their first debut release ‘Denny’s EP’. Almost immediately afterward, Surf Dads received record label attention, and signed to Split Tape records. A few new EPs later, and the band is embarking on their first tour. In between everything, they have also found time to shoot two live videos, one of which is in a bathroom, and the other in a Mr. Sub. Surf Dad’s Canadian Music Week experience was a long one, playing 7 shows in the span of 3 days. I had the opportunity to catch their last set of the festival at The Hideout.
The sound of Surf Dads is fun and energetic. It combines the intensity of punk music with the catchiness typical of surf music. The band is well rehearsed, fast paced and creates well-rounded songs that gives them a large and powerful sound. Altough they play a typically loud set, they know how to bring the intensity up a notch from 10 to 11, making the intense parts really stand out from the rest of the song, and also, from other bands in the genre.
The singer of Surf Dads, Gage McGuire, has a voice that fits the band perfectly. Though singing while playing rhythm guitar can be challenging, he managed to do both while giving off a good amount of stage presence. His instrumental energy was emphasized onstage when he dropped to his knees while playing guitar. Being a small live show, the lyrics were a bit difficult to decipher. However, they were loud enough for me to tell that he was always on pitch, and had a punk tone to his voice that really added to the band’s sound, and he gave off a good shout when needed.
The lead guitar riffs are always creative and well placed, showing skill well not doing anything outlandish that would throw off the song entirely. For me, a sign of a good guitar player is when they write parts to fit the music they are playing, rather than overdoing it with however much technical ability they have. Though I do not know the extent of the guitar players ability, I do know that everything he played complimented the song, without drawing any major attention away from the other parts of the band, keeping the song sounding full.
Bass was consistently well done. Nothing too outlandish, keeping the parts tame and holding down the root of the song, well also throwing in a nice riff every so often to keep the song interesting. The bass players screaming vocals really threw some spice into the mix and added a nice level of unpredictability.
The drumming is where Surf Dads really excels. The drummer, Chris Dimas, preformed complex fills with ease. He played quick pounding kick drum parts, while remaining on time and fast paced without a single slip through the whole set. At a drop of a hat the drums become bone crushingly intense, giving the song even more of a punch, more so then anything I’ve heard in a surf punk band.
Surf Dads, like their music entails, has good stage energy to match their performance. I would say the main contributors to this are the singer and the drummer. Ideally, I would like to have seen more energy from the lead guitar player and the bassist. That being said, the stage they played on was relatively small, and the crowd for their set had no energy for them to go off of, so that could have contributed to the stage energy.
If I had one complaint about this band, it would be that the band does not do anything radically different musically from other bands of the genre. Though their music is well written and pretty original, the predictable chord structures and melodies make it pretty formulaic. That being said, if you’re watching them to have a good time, they’re perfect and really capture the feel and sound that a surf punk band should offer.
All in all, Surf Dads played a great set, and you should definitely go see them live for yourself if you ever get the chance. Currently, they are on their way to Liverpool to play the Sound City festival. You can check out their music on Sound Cloud. - Music Vice

"CMW 2016 :: Surf Dads"

Take whatever you think you know about Surf Dads, then fuck it.

Because their live show is louder faster harder and better than literally everything you’ve heard from them before.

They start strong – fast guitars and even faster drums – and they don’t slow down from there.

Despite technical difficulties – no working mic at the start of their set, guitar straps breaking left right and centre – they put on a crazy high-energy show. They bombard you with a wall of sound, and pepper some surf-y undertones and lots of punk overtones throughout their noise-rock set.

Beyond that hard-rocking sound, Regina-based Surf Dads are a crazy tight band. Experts on stage, they hit every note and every perfectly placed pause in complete unison. It’s like they were born to do this together – actually, they probably were.

The group also keeps the audience on its toes – slowing down, slipping into a more of a surfy-type sound, before exploding into that insanely intense wall of amazing noise.

Surf Dads are great on record, but do yourself a favour and go see them live.

Get more Surf Dads on Facebook and Bandcamp. And for more photos from the show, check out our Facebook page. - Razmataz Mag

"Take a break with Surf Dads' Summer Vacation"

This past summer, everyone’s favourite surfy punkers released their fourth EP, Summer Vacation. Surf Dads’ latest, which was written and recorded in just three days, is more skater punk than what you might expect, but surfy undertones and lo-fi sensibilities prove this duo knows what they’re doing.

The four-song EP opens with “Found Yourself In Thailand”. It’s quick-paced, with heavy marching drums, and slightly distorted with surfey keys. The sharp, edgy vocals call out angrily to a mysterious woman: “She’s got a bottle for the night / It’s all that makers her feel alright / Did you find yourself in Thailand?”

Next up is “Holding Back,” which offers some fuzzy distorted guitars, right off the bat. Pounding drums drive the song ahead, flowing with few breaks. It makes for an oddly comforting tune, even as it builds in intensity.

“Yesterday’s Clothes” follows, with its echoey vocals and distorted guitars. The song soon splits out into a lovely wall of sound, before suddenly breaking into a stronger, angrier tone. It finishes off with a new skater-punk edge that suits the duo really well.

Finally, “The Way She Does” rounds out the album. But don’t be fooled by its cheeky, growling vocals, distorted guitars and crazy-fast drums—this track is a love song: “The way she does / is what I love”

Surf Dads is playing a show in their native Regina on October 15. If you’re in the area, check ‘em out—you won’t regret it. Get more Surf Dads on Facebook and Bandcamp. - Razmataz Mag

"Surf Dads - Summer Vacation EP"

It’s the middle of summer and you haven’t found the perfect garage indie rock summer soundtrack. Look no further, your search is officially over! Two-piece indie/alternative band Surf Dads have returned with their new EP - Summer Vacation. The new release heads in a different direction then A Nice Boy which seemed to be centered around a struggling relationship and unavoidable heartbreak, but it doesn’t stray from their familiar garage rock surf sound that we love.

It all starts with “Found Yourself in Thailand” which features Dagan Harding. Shouting, disorderly vocals compliment the impulsive guitar line to create the messy garage rock sound Surf Dads never fail to deliver. The song pokes fun at recently graduated youth who go travelling to “find themselves” in distant lands, “she thought she’d find herself spiritually / but what she found is a mystery / now she roams the streets looking for a bottle.” However, in place of self discovery, they've found themselves partying, drinking and consistently staring into the bottom of a bottle.

The count into “Holding Back” prepares us for an upbeat tune that trifles with the hesitation attached to flirting and skirting around taking things to the next level. It’s a desperate song about not wanting to screw up as Gage hopelessly belts out, “spill my drink as I walk to / spill my drink as I talk to / why can’t I just seem to be exactly what we would need.” I think we can all relate to these lyrics, having been in situations where our bodies may not be accurately representing what our minds want them to do.

“Yesterday’s Clothes” paints the picture of sweaty bodies dancing close enough that they’ve molded to one another. There is a palpable tension in the air with this song as Gage sings, “Hey / whatcha doin that for / can you do it some more.” This provoking chorus climbs from low to high resonating in our ears before carrying into, “I’m in yesterdays clothes hoping no one knows / I am beat and worn I hope it doesn’t show,” depicting that same dance floor as a battlefield. The contrasting shouting to soft-spoken vocals to end the song subtly illustrates the dangerous dance before the bedroom.

The last song on the EP, “The Way She Does,” kicks off with that typical jangly surf guitar sound that brings us through the verse until a well placed drum fill kills the vocals prepping us for the atmospheric chorus. “The way she does, is what I love,” sings Gage accompanied by falsetto background vocals that compliment his aggressive tone. The dysfunctional ending sounds like a warning alarm but there’s nothing to be worried about with this EP. It’s fun, it’s flirty and it’s free; perfect for summer.

You can find the self proclaimed dads who presumably surf at Grilledcheeseapolooza Festival in Kindersley, SK on August 18th. Make sure you listen to their new EP Summer Vacation, now available on bandcamp and iTunes! - The Nu World

"Grow Up and be Surf Dads"

Regina, Saskatchewan [SK is one of the giant provinces - in Canada - just north of Montana and North Dakota, in between Alberta (where Calgary is) and Manitoba (where Winnipeg is, like the Winnipeg Jets)] is the home town of dynamic duo Surf Dads, who have a new 4 track EP out called Summer Vacation. Throughout their new EP, Surf Dads echo little bits of Wavves ("Found Yourself in Thailand"), Japandroids ("The Way She Does"), and other genre stalwarts like Local H and Weezer. Regina (blossoming population of 250k) is an odd place to find your love of surf, but with one member living in Cali, and the other with his feet firmly rooted in the Canuck life, they've managed to pump out three EPs while basically not living even remotely near one other, let alone practicing, or anything - kinda like The Postal Service, except not famous, and with real instruments. Maybe one of them is the "surf" and the other is the "dads"...? Beats me. Or maybe they are the co-presidents of the Greater Regina Surfing Club and organize yearly trips to different locales like Costa Rica to catch waves, kinda like how Florida has so many snow ski club while being a zombie and gator infested swampland. With little to no info available I can invent just about whatever I want, but I bet one of those is pretty close to being right. Here are all four tracks from the Surf Dads EP Summer Vacation, ripe for outside summertimeyness. - Feli Says Listen

"Laut und mitreißend: Surf Dads und LIRR. in der Döser Börse (Konzertbericht)"

Vor kurzem erst haben LIRR. die zweite Auflage ihrer „Ritual“-EP veröffentlicht, auf der sie eine kalte und gleichzeitig kraftvolle Mischung aus Post-Hardcore, Punk, Screamo und Emo zelebrieren. Ihre Musik ist irgendwie anders und gerade deswegen auch so interessant. Am vergangenen Freitag spielten sie dann ein Konzert in der Döser Börse in Cuxhaven – einem winzig kleinen Punk-Schuppen in meiner alten Heimat.

Dort übernahmen sie den Support für Surf Dads aus Kanada. An einem Abend also LIRR. endlich mal live sehen, dann auch noch eine neue Band kennenlernen und das alles in intimster Club-Atmosphäre – der Abend war für mich geritzt! Traditionellerweise beginnen Konzerte in der Döser Börse erst sehr spät (LIRR. fingen um 22:30 Uhr mit ihrem Set an), sodass ein stressfreier Konzertabend mit reichlich Mexikaner und Bier sozusagen von der Live-Musik gekrönt wurde. Aber der Reihe nach:

Die Surf Dads fangen an zu spielen, während ich noch an der Theke stehe. Fix eile ich vor die Bühne, will zur Seite gehen und schwupps: Ich hab den Mikrofonständer von Sänger Gage McGuire umgeworfen. Warum sowas immer ausgerechnet mir passieren muss – die Wege des Herrn sind unergründlich, oder so ähnlich.

Die Panne brachte die Gruppe jedoch nicht ins Straucheln, stattdessen wurde ordentlich Dampf gemacht! Sie spielen Pop-Punk, der immer nach vorne geht und vollgeladen ist mit Energie und Spielwitz. Sie bewegen sich fernab nerviger Selbstironie und Kleinkindhumor, mit denen sich Pop-Punk für mich im Großen und Ganzen stets ins Abseits stellte. Das gefällt und haucht dem Genre, das in den letzten Jahren für tot befunden wurde und nun so langsam wieder in Fahrt kommt, irgendwie etwas neues und motivierendes ein.

Obwohl Surf Dads noch eine sehr junge Band ist, haben sie bereits vier EPs via Bandcamp veröffentlicht, sodass die Truppe über eine knappe Stunde hinweg aus dem vollen greifen konnte. Songs, wie „Holding Back“, „Found Yourself In Thailand“ und der Set-Closer „Mystery/History“ lassen das Publikum, das einen immer besseren Draht zur Gruppe findet, aufhorchen.

Am Ende des Sets wurden die Surf Dads richtig vom Publikum gefeiert. Da hat eine Band alles gegeben und ordentlich überzeugt. Auch für mich war klar: Das hat sich gelohnt! Dafür verlässt man die Hansestadt doch gerne mal. Sowohl für LIRR., als auch für die Surf Dads, gilt: Wenn sie in eurer Nähe spielen: Hingehen! Im Laufe dieser Woche spielen die Surf Dads beispielsweise übrigens zwei Auftritte beim Reeperbahn Festival und LIRR. werden Heisskalt auf ihrer Tour in einigen Städten supporten! - Noisiv

"Track Of The Day: Surf Dads // Holding Back"

Opening their track ‘Holding Back’ Surf Dads count us in. “One. Two. Three. Four!” we hear shouted, in that slurred way musicians hollar at their bandmates, like a pub covers act after a few too many £2.10 pints of Marston’s Smooth bitter.

Thankfully, that’s the extent of the Dads part. The rest is all Surf. At the other end of four lies the sort of summer anthem that has you feeling nostalgic for moments that never happened and for a version of yourself that never existed.

With lyrics that play with desperation and self-doubt, music that sounds distinctly more positive and plenty of oohs, ‘Holding Back’ sounds like the best of Wavves, with added polish and less whining.

On the ‘Summer Vacation’ EP the track’s taken from, Surf Dads prove themselves as more than a cookie cutter surf band. Here, however, they allow themselves to rely on a tested formula and it works in their favour to create an unforgettable standout single.

The Canadian duo combine the ever popular “jangly guitar” with its childhood best friend “breezy melodies” to create a beach-worthy single that feels familiar in the ‘I like this a lot, it sounds a bit like other things I like a lot’ way that’s totally forgivable when you’ve got enough charm and skill – and Surf Dads have got plenty of both. - When The Gramophone Rings


A Nice Boy - EP (2015)
Halifax Street
Beach Dreams
Sleepless Tonight
Nothing To Offer

Dark Dads - EP (2015)
So Alone
Ain't In A Drought
Counting Sheep

Denny's - EP (2015)
Get Away
California Dream
Muscle Beach
The Coast (ft. Mattea Columpsi)



Surf Dads is Canada’s latest up and coming independent act. Originally separated by 2800 kilometres and a country apart, it was through iPhone demos that Surf Dads was birthed. Releasing three EP’s over the span of three months, Surf Dads has proved to be nothing short of a workhorse band.

Touring relentlessly, including a stint with mid­-fi indie darlings Library Voices, their first year saw them play nearly 100 shows throughout North America and the UK. After appearances at festivals such as M For Montreal, Canadian Music Week, The Great Escape, and Liverpool Sound City, they have honed their skills on the road and have cultivated a live show that will have you dancing and leave you wanting more.

Described as "Weezer on speed," Surf Dads plays fast and loud, often leaving the stage bruised and bleeding with broken guitars to match. Their sound and style is more akin to West Coast acts than that of the Canadian Prairie towns of which they were raised.

After spending a month touring Europe in support of their brand new EP "Summer Vacation", Surf Dads are readying their full length debut "All Day Breakfast" coming out April 7/17. Recommended if you enjoy Wavves, Bully, Cloud Nothings.

Band Members