Powerfull melodic rock music. Energy burst with a twist of mellow ballads. A real rock group living for the music and the band. Always capturing the crowd giving a wicked live-performance.


SURFACT is an incredible talent. The songs are amazingly strong, the lyrics adds debth to the music. The band is less than 2 years old, and have already made great songs enough to make 2 records. SURFACT is a charmy good looking band. It has the right rock attitude without being arrogant or self-satisfied. The way SURFACT wins the crowd no matter where and who they play for, is unheard of. SURFACT wants to bring back real rock, they are mainly influenced by the Grunge area. Names like: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains are great inspiration to the group.


SURFACT has in this moment released 2 demo's. The first one is completely sold out and the newer one is about to be printed again, because of request. SURFACT has without being signed by a label, managed to get 3 singles on P3, the biggest radiostation in Denmark, and the only one taken seriously. It is the tracks: End of me, Reasons that we fall and Amber. Both demo's have topped the upcoming charts on the web: Soundvenue, and Mymusic.
The first Ep: March 2004: I've seen so much beauty but I haven't had my share.
1: Meanwhile
2: Feel lost
3: End of me
4: Crystal lady
5: Step into the light

Second Ep, February 2005: Surfact

1: Amber
2: Reasons that we fall
3: Sugarcane
4: Meanwhile
5: Divine
6: Feel lost (live)

A new smashhit of a rocksong will be added to the new print of the cd.
Some of Surfact's music is available for streaming on:

Set List

We play typically one hour and 10 minutes.
Setlist (as we play this wednesday in concert)

Step into the light
Reasons that we fall
Different side of me
Feel lost
Soul slide
Way home