Surf City

Surf City


Fast indie pop in the vien of The Clean and The Chills meets Broken Social Scene and Animal Collective.


2007 has been and exciting year for Surf City. The release of their debut EP has seen a host of exciting opportunities arise. The first single 'Records of a Flagpole Skater' has been number one alternative radio in New Zealand for months and even in the commercial charts. The same song has been nominated for rock song of the year at this years New Zealand b-net music awards. Then there were the shows with Battles, Shy Child and the Australian tour in September.

Surf City first came in to existence when bored friends Davin Stoddard and Josh Kennedy met at a party in Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand in 2004. Tired of the heavy avant-garde music that was prolific at the time Stoddard and Kennedy teamed up with Josh’s brother Jamie and Logan Collins to form the band. Originally called The Fibs and then Kill Surf City their fascination with fast guitar pop and the early 80’s sound of Dunedin soon saw them develop their own unique and catchy sound.

Known as Kill Surf City for the last 3 years they recently shortened their name to just Surf City. As the name is a throw back to an old Jesus and Mary Chain B-side a couple of other bands in America and the UK had adopted the same alias. With the likelihood of overseas travel in the future and to avoid subsequent confusion the name was changed.

Following a couple of tours of New Zealand, a support show for Dinosaur Jr, numerous day jobs and several flat evictions Surf City released their debut self titled EP on Arch Hill Recordings in New Zealand on August 6th 2007. The majority of the six song EP was recorded in 2006 in various lounges and bedrooms around Auckland. Some in Eden Terrace and Kingsland and most of the vocals at Davin’s mum’s place. After the mixes were finalised by Murray Fisher, Davin hunted out infamous American artist Steve Keene to produce the EP’s artwork. Keene has created paintings for bands like the Silver Jews and Pavement and was more than happy to design for Surf City. With the direction of ‘chickens, guns and the desert’ Keene has created a perfectly colourful haphazard scene.


Surf City EP

Set List

Dickshakers Union
On the Dole
Records of a Flagpole Skater
French Ghetto Blaster
Headin Inside
Canned Food
Mt Kill
Free the City