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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Kent M$NEY- Becoming (Mixtape)"

Kent M$ney is the latest artist to come out of the Surf Club Movement, and after listening to his Surf Club debut project "Becoming", you'll understand why popular producer Boi-1da got on this, and why Mississippi's latest sensation, Big Krit, lended not only his vocals but his production skills to the project. Executively produced by Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe, the album also features TY$L ("Toot It & Boot It") and production from UPS.

“This project is everything I’ve been through and am currently going through that’s preparing me for what I’m Becoming” – Kent M$NEY -

"Chase N. Cashe - Vintage"

Hey rapper, you want some free beats from a platinum-selling producer? Check out The Surf Club's Chase N. Cashe's follow up instrumental mixtape to LoveEND called Vintage. -


Production and Artist credits for Surf Club Members include:

Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe:
Flo-Rida “Priceless”
PussyCat Dolls ”Love The Way You Love Me”
Lil Wayne ft Eminem “Drop The World”
Teyana Taylor “Translation”
Brandy “First & Love”
Chris Brown “Froze”
Stacy Barthe “Breathe Again”
Chili Chil “She’s Mine”
Chili Chil Feat. Stacy Barthe “Long Way Home”
Chili Chil Feat. Stacy Barthe “Big Pocket”
Surf Club “XtraOrdinary Love”
Surf Club “I’m In Heaven”
Diddy / Dirty Money “Hair Down”
Ester Dean “Baddest in the Club”
Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe ”Live For You”
Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe “Fall Out”
Macy Gray “The Sellout”

G-Unit “Kitty Kat”
Snoop Dogg ft. Chili Chil “Why’d You Leave Me”
Jennifer Lopez “Forever”
Trey Songz “House” w/ Chili Chil
Hayes “Big Boy”
Prince Charles “Straight Outta Compton”
Chili Chil “Window”
Chili Chil “Take It Low”
Chili Chil feat Donyea “The Way I Live”
Mary J. Blige “Stronger”
Stacy Barthe “Say It To My Face”
Stacy Barthe “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”
Surf Club “Fast Lane”
Surf Club feat Brandy “Change”
Surf Club feat TY$L “Cheers to the Hustler”
Surf Club “The Wood”
Surf Club “Surfin USA”
Surf Club “Pelicans”
Teyana Taylor “Move”
Teyana Taylor “Traffic Stop”
Teyana Taylor “Color Me Pink”
Teyana Taylor “Complicated”
Teyana Taylor “Young Girl”
Hit-Boy & Chase N. Cashe “Fall Out”
Macy Gray “On & On”

Chase N. Cashe:
PussyCat Dolls “Takeover the World”
Young Steff “Professional”
Young Money “Pass The Dutch”
Young Money “New Shit”
Chili Chil “December 2nd”
Chili Chil “My Angel”
Chili Chil “Tokyo Drift (Tell Me)”
Chili Chil “She Don’t Wanna”
Chili Chil “Still Me”
Chili Chil “She’s Just a Fan”
Chili Chil “Never Lonely”
Chili Chil “Cold World (Live Or Die)”
UGK Ft. T.I. “Wet Paint”
Yo Gotti Feat Lil Wayne “Yay On Every Block”
TY$L feat Chili Chil ”Back In Love”
Surf Club feat TY$L “Hello”
Chili Chil “Feel Like”
Phreshy “Stacks On Deck”
Phreshy “Phone”
Stacy Barthe “Drink My Pain Away”
Ty & Kory “Dead Wrong”
Ty & Kory “Dead Wrong 2.0?
NeaKo “Smooth Sailing”
YG “Ridin Like Me”
Phreshy, Kent M$NEY, & Chase N. Cashe “Warning”
Chase N. Cashe “LOVEnd”
Chase N. Cashe “EVoL”
Chase N. Cashe “Island Girl”
Chase N. Cashe “Soldi Di Anima”
Chase N. Cashe “M.O.N.E.Y”
Chase N. Cashe “SkyHIGH”
Chase N. Cashe “Alone”
Chase N. Cashe “One Way Highway”
Chase N. Cashe “Dubbin”
Chase N. Cashe “Have You Seen Her” Feat Chili Chil
Chase N. Cashe “L’Angeles”
Chase N. Cashe “Blow Your Head Up”
Chase N. Cashe “Stoopid” Ft Gucci Mane

Tiffany Evans “Laid Back & Chill”
Young Money “New Shit”
Surf Club “What You Like”
Chili Chil “Got My Swag”
Stacy Barthe “Without You”

Chili Chil:
Chili Chil “Space Indian”
Chili Chil “Cool Em Off”
Chili Chil “Party All Night”
Chili Chil “We Be Ballin”
Chili Chil “Down Boy Down”
Chili Chil “Listen”
Chili Chil “Ride The Bike”
Chili Chil “Drop”
Chili Chil “Get At Me”
Trey Songz “House” w/ Hit-Boy

Stacy Barthe:
Britney Spears “Blur”
Stacy Barthe “Drink My Pain Away”
Teyana Taylor “Move”
Stacy Barthe “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”
Stacy Barthe “Don’t Wanna Talk About It”
Stacy Barthe “Breathe Again”
Stacy Barthe “I Heard About You” Ft Lil Wayne

Kent M$NEY “Gangsta’s Story”
B.Mac “Shut Em Down”
B.Mac “The Money”
Finess “In It To Win It”
AudioPush “Standing Ovation”
Phreshy “Your Loss”

Kent M$NEY – “Becoming”

1. Truth (Intro) produced by Chase N. Cashe
2. “If I Ever” produced by Hit-Boy
3. “Gangsta’s Story” produced by G Ry
4. “Wish I Would’ve Known” (ft. TY$L) produced by Hit-Boy and M3rge for UPS
5. Steppin Out” produced by M3rge for UPS
6. “Nothing Like Me” (ft. Big K.R.I.T) produced by Big K.R.I.T
7. “Rollin” (ft. Hit-Boy) produced by Hit-Boy
8. “Did You Hear” produced by Hit-Boy
9. “Gotta Be” (ft. LFK) produced by Deezy for UPS
10. “See What I Did” produced by Boi-1da
11. “Decisions” produced by Yeezo for UPS
12. “Alright” (ft. TY$L) produced by Hit-Boy
13. “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” produced by Chase N. Cashe
14. “Hey” produced by Hit-Boy
15. “Becoming” produced by M3rge and Deezy for UPS



When you think of the name "The Surf Club" images of big waves, surf boards, sandy shores, scantily clad women and tropical drinks may come to mind. Those images have nothing to do with this brand of, The Surf Club. The Surf Club is a collective of creative minds who have come together from different parts of the country over the past 4 years to bring some of the most innovative and unique sounds to hip-hop and music in general.

Why the name Surf Club? The Surf Club is more than just a "crew" of artists. Surf Club is a part of a generation that fearlessly takes risks and does not shy away from being different. They have taken full advantage of the benefits of social interactions online and understand the value of working together in order to rise to the top. In their evolution as a group, they have added Chili Chil, B. Carr aka Sharkey, Ry, StaCy Barthe and Kent M$NEY to the Surf Club family.

Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe are the masterminds behind the production side of The Surf Club. Sonically, the duo has worked together to create music that incorporates an array of genres in an attempt to revolutionize the way we currently view Hip Hop music. They challenge themselves to create new sounds and concepts that will continually keep them a few steps ahead of the game. Surf Club’s talent and unique sound has helped garner the respect of many people in the music industry. Their consistency and dedication to their craft led them to make beats that eventually caught the attention of super producer Polow Da Don who believed in the Surf Club vision and sound.

Meanwhile, Hit-Boy and Chase made a connection on Myspace as well and Chase soon found a home at Zone 4 Inc. with his new partner Hit-Boy. Together, they have produced music for a number of artists in the industry such as the Lil Wayne, Young Money, Eminem, Pussycat Dolls, G-Unit, Keri Hilson, Mary J. Blige, Flo Rida, Brandy and P.Diddy. Chili Chil was also featured on Snoop Dogg's 'Ego Trippin' album on the song " Why Did You Leave Me". In the midst of working with other artists, Surf Club has taken the time to develop music for themselves as well. Their sound can be described as an abstract fusion of Hip Hop and world culture. Like the beach, their music is laid back, chill, and creates a space where listeners can be themselves and free their minds.

Earlier this year the group set out, to officially "brand" Surf Club as more than a production house by releasing their first artist base project, Chili Chil's 'Cold World'. The mixtape, hosted by DJ Don Cannon, was the first to fully feature a Surf Club artist. Production was handled by Surf Club with Chase N Cashe and Chili Chil himself providing most of the sonic backdrops. More recently, they debuted their second artist, Kent Money, with his 'Becoming' mixtape. Chili Chil offer's a raw blend of creativity, street and melody. Chase N Cashe call's Chil "a mix between Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and Max B." Kent offer's listeners a throwback feeling of early 90's lyricism and when added to Hit-Boy's production its a real blend of old school meets new.

What started out as a production team has grown into a multifaceted group of musical talent that collectively can sing, write, rap and produce. After years of making music they are beginning to receive the recognition they deserve. You will be singing along to a Surf Club hit before you know it. Welcome to the club.